Divorce Announcement Guidelines and Wording Examples

Published June 19, 2020
Couple getting ready to announce divorce

Ending a marriage is difficult, but a thoughtfully worded divorce announcement can help newly divorced couples tell others they've decided to part ways. Use these guidelines and examples to make the process of writing your own divorce announcement a little easier.

Divorce Announcement Wording for Couples Without Children

If there are no children involved, these examples offer a simple way to deliver the news without revealing details or placing blame.

"After a lot of soul searching, __________ and I have decided to divorce. This decision did not come easily, but we believe it's the right choice for us. We part with mutual admiration and respect for each other and thank you for your support as we work through this difficult time."

" __________ and I have decided to part ways and divorce. We wish each other the best in life and appreciate the time we've spent together. While we will no longer be a married couple, we are committed to maintaining our friendship."

Divorce Announcement Example for Couples With Children

If there are children involved in the divorce, these divorce announcement wording examples show everyone that, although you have divorced, you and your ex-partner are still united in raising your children.

"After carefully considering what is best for ___________ and I, and for our children, we have ended our marriage. Although we are no longer a couple, we are still united as loving parents and will continue to raise our children together. We respectfully ask that you honor our family's privacy and refrain from commenting."

"__________ and I would like you all to know that, after exhausting all other options, we decided it was best to divorce. We are committed to raising our children jointly and remaining respectful of each other. We encourage all of you to continue your relationships with each of us. There's no need to take sides, and we both appreciate your support as we begin the next chapter of our lives."

How to Announce Your Divorce by Yourself

Unified divorce announcements are best if you and your spouse are able to cooperate with each other. If you're not able, you might choose to make a solo announcement. Consider following one of these examples.

"Life doesn't always turn out the way you expect it to, and my marriage has come to an end. I wish __________ a full and happy future and hope to enjoy the same myself. If you wish to send messages of support, please send them privately."

"I never thought I'd have to make an announcement like this, but __________ and I have divorced. Looking back, I'm thankful for the good times we've shared, and I wish __________ the best in life. I respectfully ask everyone to refrain from making any public comments."

Announcing Your Divorce on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram divorce announcements have become more common. If you decide to use one or more of these platforms, consider filtering who can see the announcement so it's not available to every person who's following you. You can post one of the announcements above, but there are a few other things you can do to make it clear you're no longer married.

  • Change the personal status on your Facebook account to single or divorced.
  • Change your name to reflect your single status if you took your former partner's last name.
  • Post a short, simple message like "My partner and I have finalized our divorce and appreciate your support as we navigate this difficult moment."

Divorce Announcement Guidelines

There are no official rules of etiquette for posting a divorce announcement, but according to an interview published at Wevorce.com, Peter Post (grandson of Emily Post) doesn't think they're a good idea. Even so, it's up to you to decide what you want to do, and these guidelines and tips can help you make an informed decision.

1. Make a Private Announcement to Immediate Family

Talk to your immediate family (children, parents, etc,) about the divorce first before posting an announcement. They should hear this news from you directly and in private.

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2. Consult Your Ex-Spouse

Talk to your ex-partner about making a public announcement. Decide if you'd both like to write one together or handle it separately.

3. If Possible, Write the Announcement Together

Writing your announcement together might not be easy, but it's best to have your ex-partner's- full input and cooperation. This can help you keep the relationship between the two of you as civil as possible. Neither of you has to feel blindsided, and you can show everyone that you're ending the marriage as amicably as possible.

4. If Needed, Write a Solo Divorce Announcement

If your ex-partner doesn't want to announce the divorce with you, you might choose to create an announcement on your own. Keep the wording respectful and offer the basic information without elaborating on what lead to the decision. Include a statement wishing your former spouse well and, as a courtesy, let them see it before you send it out to loved ones.

5. Choose Your Wording Carefully

Keep the announcement brief and civil. Do not go into details about why you're getting divorced because that information is generally private. It's also best to avoid joking about the situation because some people might not understand and find it offensive. As the examples above show, simple wording delivers the essential information that the marriage has come to an end without casting blame on either party. If you take that route, you should be able to avoid writing something you might regret later on.

6. Request No Comments

If you're posting your divorce announcement on social media, consider asking everyone to refrain from making comments and to respect your family's privacy at this time. You might also request that messages of support be sent privately, and you could change your status settings to only allow certain people to see your status if you want to keep the announcement more private.

7. Share the Announcement

Finally, try to share your announcement at a mutually agreed upon place, date, and time. This way the two of you can prepare ahead to deal with responses. You can make your divorce announcement via your social media accounts or even by sending out notes, individual or group emails, cards or letters, whichever you and your ex-partner prefer.

What You Say and How You Say It Matters

Take time to think about what you want to say. Then write it out and let it sit for a few days. This will give you time to rework your divorce announcement wording as needed before you share it with anyone else. Try to mark the end of your marriage with the kind of class and thoughtfulness such a monumental life change deserves.

Divorce Announcement Guidelines and Wording Examples