4 French Kissing Demonstration Video Clips

Updated March 21, 2018
French kissing couple

If you're worried about kissing like an amateur, worry no more. Learning how to French kiss well is easier than you might think. All you need are some pointers to show you how to rock your sweetheart's world.

French Kissing Videos

If you're one of those people who learn by watching, the following how to kissing videos offer a mix of great visuals and step by step demonstrations of French kissing that are completely PG.

Mannie and Genecia

This French kiss video demo gets straight to the point. It includes written tips for creating a pleasurable experience, hovered over the couple kissing.

Sensual Kissing by Koreandramakiss

This channel slows the process of French kissing with an intimate, playful approach.

How to French Kiss Properly by WaysAndHow

This kiss demonstration video is a little on the silly side, but can give you a good visual on how it's done.

How to French Kiss by Howcast

This final video features a dating expert. For each piece of advice, she starts of by telling you what to do and finishes by showing you.

The Art of French Kissing

Kissing can naturally transition into French kissing when you're kissing someone you're in love with. If you've never Frenched someone before, these steps will show you how to do it well enough to impress your partner.

  1. Slightly moisten your lips, tilt your head to the side a little, and begin with a few warmup kisses to help put the two of you in the mood.
  2. Part your lips slightly, and gently draw just one of your partner's lips between your own as you kiss so all your lips interlock a bit as you go. You can also shift the tilt of your head occasionally to vary the position of your kisses.
  3. Now lightly run the tip of your tongue over one of your partner's lips. This is just a little tease of what's to come.
  4. When the moment feels right, and you'll know it by your partner's response, gently push the tip of your tongue into your partner's mouth.
  5. Seek out the tip of your partner's tongue, and tenderly brush against it with your own. Your partner will typically respond by returning a little of that tongue action.
  6. If it feels right, deepen the kiss by moving your tongue a little farther into your partner's mouth to make more contact. Draw on the tongue now and then for an additional thrill.
  7. Pull your partner into a closer embrace, and allow your kisses to naturally become more passionate. You can also trail some of those kisses along your partner's jawline and neck, especially in that sensitive area right beneath the ear lobe, before you make your way back to his/her lips.

Tips to Make Those Kisses Even Better

Learning to French kiss is one thing, but you don't want to stop there. Use these tips to go from being a good kisser to being a great kisser.

  • Aways make sure your mouth is clean and your breath is fresh. Bad breath and a sour tongue can kill the desire to share kisses quicker than just about anything else.
  • Don't be sloppy. French kisses are naturally moist, but your partner doesn't want to wind up slathered in saliva.
  • Take your time. Let the intensity of your kisses build up, and let them ebb and flow so your partner doesn't feel like you're on a mission to drill into his or her mouth.
  • There is such a thing as using too much tongue, so make sure you're not gagging your partner. If it feels like you're straining when you extend your tongue, chances are you're going too far and need to pull it back a bit.
  • Don't forget to breath through your nose. Take a moment to tilt your head in the other direction or take a sexy pause to gently tug your partner's lip between you teeth. These actions give you both a moment to catch your breath.
  • When it's time to stop kissing, don't just stop abruptly. Gradually wind down the intensity of your kisses until you're back to those warmup kisses, and just let them trail off with a sigh.

Practice Makes Perfect

French kissing is one of those delightful activities that you have to practice if you want to get really good. A little honesty doesn't hurt, either. Entrust your partner with the fact that you're new to Frenching, but eager to learn. Some people find it a turn on to teach their partner something new, and that lesson can turn into a thrilling experience for both of you.

4 French Kissing Demonstration Video Clips