100 Fun Activities for Couples (That You'll Both Love) 

Published April 25, 2022
couple tending vegetable garden

When you create shared memories of wonderful adventures with the one you love, you're well on your way to building a lovely life together. That's why couples that play and make marvelous memories together are often the ones who stay together. Wondering about activities you and your significant other can do together that you're both sure to love? Get inspired by exploring a list of 100 fun activities for couples.

Fun Couple Activities at Home

Couples don't even have to leave home to engage in a wide variety of fun activities. There are a lot of great pair-friendly at-home entertainment options.

  • Book a private chef to come into your home and teach the two of you how to prepare a special meal.
  • Plant and tend a vegetable garden in your yard; or set up a small container garden on your patio or balcony.
  • Make your backyard bird-friendly with stocked bird feeders and birdbaths, then start birdwatching together.
  • If you're feeling super adventurous and want to attract pollinators, work together to take up backyard beekeeping.
  • Invest in a tandem bicycle and pedal around your neighborhood at a leisurely pace.
  • Set up a basketball goal or a volleyball net in your yard and play together.
  • Set up a pair of telescopes in your backyard and explore the skies together.
  • Choose a two-person board game that you both love, such as Scrabble or Backgammon, and play on a regular basis.
  • Choose a home improvement project to work on together, such as building a deck or replacing the tile in your bathroom.
  • Work together to build an outdoor kitchen, then create lovely alfresco dining experiences to enjoy together.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Couples

couple on tandem kayak in lake

Outdoorsy couples can enjoy a wide variety of scenic or sporty activities and adventures.

  • Go on a nature hike at a State Park, National Forest, or another beautiful destination with established trails.
  • Invest in a tandem kayak (or a pair of solo kayaks) and explore the local river or lake.
  • Purchase a motorized boat and spend your weekends cruising the waterways together.
  • Go fishing together, either from your kayak or boat, or from the shoreline.
  • If you and your significant other enjoy hunting, join a hunting club as a couple.
  • Go to an equestrian center and spend a day together horseback riding.
  • Is there a flowing river near where you live? Spend a day tubing or rafting the river.
  • Spend your leisure time touring the town on a pair of motorcycles, or ride together on a single bike.
  • Invest in a Jeep and head out for off-road adventures, or get involved with a Jeep club as a pair.
  • For the ultimate trust fall adventure, go skydiving together.

Fitness-Focused Activities for Couples

couple biking together in park

Getting some exercise is more fun when you do it with the one you love rather than tackling the task on your own.

  • Run or jog together a few days per week.
  • Enter 5k (or longer) races in and around your local community.
  • Take a martial arts class together.
  • Join a gym together so you can lift weights or take exercise classes together.
  • Go rollerblading after work a few evenings each week.
  • Go on long- or short- distance bicycle rides as a pair or in a group with other couples.
  • Join a rock climbing gym and learn how to scale rock walls together.
  • Get a joint swim membership and get in the habit of swimming laps together.
  • Take ballroom dancing classes together at a local studio.
  • Practice yoga together on a daily basis (or at least a few days each week).

Friendly Competition Activities for Couples

friends in bowling league

For ongoing couples fun, get involved in activities that involve regular opportunities to compete to win.

  • Join a bowling league for couples.
  • Join a coed softball league as a pair.
  • Get involved with a darts league for couples.
  • Take up disc golf and begin competing together in amateur tournaments.
  • Get involved with a pool or billiards league and play in weekly matches on the same team.
  • Join a tennis club and compete in the couples circuit.
  • Work together to train your dog to participate in agility competitions.
  • Find a local restaurant or nightclub that hosts a weekly trivia night and join the fun as a team.
  • Is there a bingo hall in your local area? You will have a blast competing for cash and/or prizes.
  • Love to play cards and have money to spare? Go to a casino and try your hands (pun intended) at the blackjack or poker tables.

Skill-Building Activities for Couples

Couples who build skills together tend to spend a lot of time together. They become even more intertwined sharing what they learn in class.

  • Take a class together to boost your knowledge of a shared hobby, such as enrolling in a Master Gardener class if you both enjoy gardening.
  • Learn to speak a new-to-you language by attending a class or completing a home-study program together.
  • Take flying lessons and work together to each earn a pilot's license.
  • Do you love to make each other laugh? Build on those skills by signing up to take an improv class together.
  • Take a cooking class together focused on a type of food that you both love but don't know how to cook (such as a pastry class or a specific type of cuisine).
  • If you and your loved one share a passion for adult beverages, consider taking a mixology class together.
  • Learn how to better protect yourselves by jointly attending situational awareness or self-defense classes.
  • Boost your personal protection skills by taking firearms safety classes.
  • Get creative together by learning an intriguing art form, such as pottery or watercolor painting.
  • Do you both dream of starting a small business together someday? Take entrepreneurship classes together via the local Small Business Administration (SBA) office.

Community Involvement for Couples

couple volunteer at animal shelter

There are a lot of fun ways for couples to get involved with the community. Participating in community organizations together can be a great way to strengthen your bond.

  • Get involved with a community theater group together, whether by performing in shows, building sets, selling tickets, etc.
  • Jointly volunteer with a local animal charity or pet adoption group by helping care for the animals or assisting with fundraising efforts.
  • If there is a political candidate that you both really want to see elected, go to their campaign headquarters together and sign up to volunteer.
  • You don't have to advocate for a specific candidate to get politically involved. Instead, the two of you can volunteer with a nonprofit that focuses on boosting voter registration.
  • Work together to get your dog appropriately trained to be able to do visits to nursing home residents who could benefit from company and companionship.
  • Is there a local festival that the two of you love to attend every year? Get more deeply involved by volunteering to help organize or staff the event.
  • Participate in a walkathon together to help raise money for a charitable cause that matters to both of you.
  • If you're passionate about the environment, join the Sierra Club together and start attending your local chapter's meetings and special events.
  • If you're both passionate about helping young people, volunteer with a youth development group like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America or Boys and Girls Clubs of America.
  • If you and your beloved have musical talent, volunteer to perform at an assisted living facility to entertain the residents.

Travel Adventures for Couples

couple taking selfie while traveling

Sit down with the one you love and create a bucket list of places that you'd like to visit, then start to work through the list as your time and budget allow.

  • Schedule an annual cruise vacation just for the two of you, choosing different ports of call each time.
  • Rent or purchase a camper and hit the highway for the RV road trip of your dreams.
  • Are you still kids at heart? Head for a theme park and hold each other tight on the scary rides.
  • Pick a place that Amtrak travels to and explore the countryside between home and there from a passenger train.
  • Do you both love a musician or band who's on tour this year? Go see them play, even if you have to travel a few states away.
  • Passionate about vino? Carve out time to go on a vineyard tour with the one you love.
  • Take a weekend trip to a big city and spend a weekend dining at fabulous restaurants and exploring world-class museums.
  • Pick a few long weekends for getaways and take turns planning whirlwind adventures for the two of you.
  • When you travel to visit family, add on a few days just for the two of you at the beginning or end of the trip.
  • Invest in quality backpacking gear and head into the backcountry for a few overnight adventures.

Staycation Activities for Couples

couple trolley bus ride

You don't have to go out of town to play tourists. These fun staycation ideas will let you see your hometown or a nearby community from a new perspective.

  • Purchase season tickets to a theme park or water park that's within an hour or two of your house, then visit time and time again.
  • Take a bus or trolley tour of the biggest city within an easy driving distance of where you live.
  • Keep track of the touring theater productions, comedy shows, and concerts that are coming to your area, and go to as many as the two of you can afford.
  • Take a look at your town's tourism-focused website and make a list of the attractions you haven't visited yet, then go to them one by one.
  • Park at the closest airport to where you live, then summon a cab as if you had just arrived. Ask the driver to take you to a must-try local restaurant.
  • Commit to visiting a new-to-the-two-of-you locally owned restaurant once per week (or month). Take turns selecting the restaurant.
  • Over time, work your way through all of TripAdvisor's highest-rated local activities and attractions for your hometown and surrounding communities.
  • If you live near the coast, book a private deep-sea fishing excursion for the two of you to enjoy together.
  • Invest in an annual membership to your local zoo. Visit several times each year so you can see the animals during different seasons.
  • Work together to write and post Google reviews for all the tourist attractions in your local area that you visit together.

Retail Therapy for Couples

While shopping for groceries is more of a chore than a fun activity, some retail-related adventures can provide hours of entertainment.

  • Are you both early risers? Spend Saturday mornings in search of the best yard sales in town.
  • Hit up estate sales in your area if you're both passionate about vintage finds.
  • Periodically hit a route of antique stores within a few hours of your house in search of items to add to your collection.
  • Scour thrift stores with your beloved in a quest to discover the ultimate bargains.
  • Check out local stores that carry overstock and return merchandise to find great deals on brand-new items.
  • If you're both super-committed to being extremely frugal, go dumpster diving together (if it's legal in your area).
  • If the activities above leave you with more stuff than either of you know what to do with, open an eBay or Etsy store together and start selling.
  • If you like the idea of cashing in on the bargains you find but don't want to deal with selling online, then sell via a local consignment store.
  • Visit open houses for dream homes or vacation properties like ones that you hope to someday buy together.
  • Do you dream of owning a sports car? Maybe you can't afford one just now, but that doesn't mean you can't take one on a test drive together!

Romantic Bonding Activities for Couples

couple hotel bed and breakfast meal

When you're looking to boost the romance level in your relationship, consider these fun and romantic bonding activities for couples.

  • Schedule a couples massage, either at a spa or by booking a mobile massage therapist to come to your house.
  • Book a room at a spa hotel within a short drive of your home and spend a weekend indulging yourselves.
  • Go back to the place where it all began by recreating your first real date together.
  • Set up a backyard fire pit seating area. Snuggle beside the fire to watch the sunset while sipping wine or roasting marshmallows.
  • Create a relationship scrapbook that showcases the many activities and experiences the two of you have shared as a pair.
  • Take an overnight trip on a passenger train and book a sleeping car so you can experience the romance of old-timey rail travel.
  • Schedule a weekend just for two at a romantic bed and breakfast that looks and feels like a scene from a historical romance novel.
  • Revisit a special location, such as the hotel you stayed in the night of your wedding, or the restaurant where your marriage proposal took place.
  • Spend time soaking in a hot tub together as often as you can. If you don't have a Jacuzzi at home, seek out hotels that have one whenever you travel.
  • Whenever you stay in a hotel with your beloved, book the honeymoon package so you can enjoy the romantic extras intended for newlyweds.

Plenty of Options for Partners to Explore

While you might not find everything on this list to be appealing, chances are there are dozens of activities that are just right for you and the one you love to explore. Plus, reviewing this long list is sure to inspire even more activities; after all, there are options galore. Whether you take turns deciding what to do or you choose activities together, it's important to select things that appeal to both of you and that you will truly love doing as a pair.

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