Fun Dating and Relationship Quizzes

Published June 7, 2019
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Dating and relationship quizzes can be fun, useful, or both. Take a quiz on your own or as a couple to see what's working in your love life and what's not. Each quiz will take you to a new page where you can start answering questions right away.

Just for Fun Love Life Quizzes

Some quizzes are truly meant to be entertaining or give you a good laugh. These little love tests are great for fun with a group of friends.

Who's Your Celebrity Soul Mate?

Find out which famous someone you might be destined to love in the celebrity soul mate quiz. The results give an ideal male and female celebrity partner, so men and women can take the quiz. All you have to do is answer eight simple questions to find out which Hollywood hottie is right for you.

What Zodiac Sign Is Your Best Match?

Use the old pickup line "What's your sign?" to your advantage when you already know which zodiac sign you're looking for in a mate. Answer 25 questions in the Zodiac compatibility quiz to see which zodiac sign your ideal partner should have.

What's Up With Your Ex?

If you've recently gotten out of a relationship or still think about an old love, these quizzes are perfect for you. Find out "Does my ex still love me?" in ten easy questions then take the does my ex really want me back? quiz to confirm the answer. Triple check the answer by taking the will we get back together? quiz to see if you and your ex still have some unfinished business.

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When Will You Get Married?

If you've been fantasizing about your wedding day, but don't have the bride or groom yet, take a prediction quiz to see into your marriage future. The when will I get married? quiz features eight questions then lets you know at what point, if ever, you're likely to get married. Take it a step further and find out "What day will I get married?" so you can start planning now.

Quizzes for People Who Are Dating

Whether you're casually dating or in an exclusive dating relationship, fun dating quizzes can help you make good decisions about who gets your attention.

Introspective Dating Quizzes

Part of dating includes knowing yourself and your dating strengths. Take these quizzes to find out more about yourself as a potential partner.

  • Find out if you're a little too into someone with the am I obsessed with my crush? quiz.
  • Guys, have you every wondered "What kind of boyfriend am I?" Take the quiz to find out!
  • Lots of people love romance in a relationship, take this simple quiz to find out "Am I romantic?"

New Dating Relationship Quizzes

You've been on a few dates and maybe even decided to be exclusive, but was it the right move?

  • If you're not sure where your relationship is going, it's time to take the am I in the friend zone? quiz to see if there's relationship potential.
  • A new relationship compatibility quiz can give you clarity on whether this new relationship is good for you.
  • Find out "Is he falling for you?" with simple questions about how your guy acts towards you.
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Love Quizzes for Singles and Couples

If you've got some really strong feelings brewing for someone, it might be love. Use fun love quizzes to see if the "L word" is appropriate.

Is it Love?

Love can look and feel different to each person. Try out a quick quiz to see if what you're feeling is actually love.

  • Are you in love with your best friend? Answer ten questions to find out.
  • Answer a few questions about his behavior to discover "Does he really love me?"
  • Find out what her behavior really means if you're wondering, "Does she love me?"

Is Love Enough?

Sometimes two people love each other, but still aren't sure the relationship can last. Find out if love is enough to keep you together.

  • If you love someone, such as a best friend, but haven't taken the relationship step yet you find out "Are we meant to be together?" before making a move.
  • The true soulmate test lets you know whether your partner was made for you or not.
  • You're in a relationship and think you know each other, but how well do you know each other?
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Take this quiz to decide if you're soulmates.

Quizzes About Marriage

Whether you're close to marriage or already marriage, these tests can give you some insight into the lifelong commitment.

Are You Ready for Marriage?

Find out if your marriage material and prepared for such a big commitment with the are you ready for marriage? quiz or the am I ready to get married? quiz.

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Decide if you're ready for marriage with this quiz.

Is Your Marriage in Trouble?

If your marriage is feeling unstable, these simple tests can help you see what the problem might be.

  • Is it you or is it him? The does my husband really love me? quiz and Is your spouse unhappy? quiz can help you figure it out.
  • Take an inward look with the am I controlling in my marriage? quiz.
  • See if your instincts are right and find out "Is my spouse cheating?"
  • Your answer to "Should I get a divorce?" might be a little more clear after taking the quiz.

Quick Dating and Relationship Polls

If you're looking for some quick quiz-like fun, participate in a single-question poll and see how your answer compares to others.

  • Weigh in on whether you believe with the love at first sight poll.
  • Share your virtual dating experience on the online dating success poll.
  • See how many people answered "yes" on the staying in a cheating relationship poll.

Have Fun With Love Quizzes

Quizes about your dating life or relationship are fun to take and can give you valuable insight into your love life. The results of any online quiz should be taken lightly and help guide decisions, not make decisions for you.

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