Fun Things to Do Before You Get Married

Published April 2, 2019
Woman tandem skydiving with instructor

Whether you're heading toward the altar soon or you figure marriage is on the horizon at some point, every now-single person should have a bucket list of fun things to do before they settle down. Tackling a bucket list together can ease some of the stress of wedding preparation for engaged couples.

Bucket List for Couples

Having some fun as a couple before tying the knot can strengthen your bond and help you remember why you're planning on marrying each other in the first place.

Take an Earlymoon

An "earlymoon" is like a honeymoon, but it happens before the wedding. It's meant to help relieve some of the stress of wedding planning while also giving a couple the opportunity to just spend some quality time together. While some couples take extravagant earlymoons that rival a honeymoon, others simply take a couple of days to connect while camping, traveling to a nearby city, or even taking a staycation in their own city. The location doesn't matter so much as long as the couple can relax and have fun together.

Have an Adventure

After marriage, many people slow down on adventure since they have someone at home and they feel more responsible. Now is the time to go do all those adventurous things together - not only for the fun of it, but also to bond over your shared experience.

  • Skydiving
  • Bungee jumping
  • A challenging hike
  • A long bike trek or road trip
  • Get tattoos or piercings together
  • Whatever you both consider an adventure - especially one you wouldn't do if your loved one implored you not to.

Visit Your Hometowns

Take your soon-to-be-spouse to your hometown to show them where you grew up, and visit their hometown too. Visit all the places they used to hang out when they were younger and talk about the memories that helped form who they are now - and do the same with your hometown. Not only is this fun, but it can be quite revealing.

Find Out About Your Future

Visit a psychic or Tarot card reader to ask what your future together will hold. Either record the reading or right down notes immediately while it's fresh in your mind so you can revisit this moment as your future progresses. Perhaps make it an anniversary tradition - compare how your married life has turned out against what your psychic predicted, and remember back on when you were an engaged couple trying to find out about your future.

Challenge One Another

Working together toward a mutual goal can be a lot of fun - and an experience that brings you even closer together. Make bold proclamations about what will happen before you get married and work toward that goal enthusiastically. Here are some ideas:

  • Before we're married, we'll both be able to run five miles without stopping.
  • Before we're married, we'll renovate the backyard into a more peaceful spot for us to enjoy.
  • Before we're married, we'll learn how to cook from scratch.
  • Before we're married, we'll read through War and Peace together in its entirety.

Bucket List for Singles

Even if marriage isn't in the plans anytime soon, it's likely it will happen eventually - though the number of people who choose to stay single is increasing in the United States, the majority of people do eventually marry. That makes now the ideal time to go out and have the fun you will someday look back on fondly as memories of your single life.

Best friends hanging out

BFF Quality Time

Your best friend may someday have to take a back seat to your future spouse, so do something incredible with your best friend now. Take a vacation together, take a class together, undertake a large project together - it doesn't really matter what you do as long as you're spending quality time together and making memories.

Be Bold

Kiss that intriguing stranger on the dance floor, tell someone they're beautiful, and try out for that play. Do all the things that will help make your life interesting and give you great stories to tell. This is the one time in your life when you don't really have to be accountable to anyone, so take advantage of your freedom.

Pursue Selfish Passions

Now is the time to spoil yourself - even if your future spouse spoils you, there is something to be said for treating yourself to the things you want. If you enjoy visiting flea markets and buying stuff that most people would consider "junk," and then filling up your garage with projects to tackle someday, then go do it. You may someday still pursue your passions as a married person, but will likely feel compelled to scale back on the time and resources you dedicate to your hobbies.

Take a "Youmoon"

Who needs a honeymoon when you can take a "youmoon" - where you head out on a luxurious trip on your own and have a fabulous time. Traveling solo can be a lot of fun and there is no reason to hold off on visiting the places you want to visit because you hope to someday do it with someone special. You're special - and you deserve to visit wonderful places.

Do What You Want

Marriage can be a wonderful partnership between two people who are deeply in love, but before you promise to prioritize your spouse, prioritize yourself. And don't allow the stress of organizing a wedding to disconnect you and your partner - instead, go have some fun together.

Fun Things to Do Before You Get Married