Funniest Dating Sites and Apps

Published February 11, 2020
Couple eating doughnuts

Dating is tough as it is. If you've got a specific type of partner you're looking for, checking out some unique dating sites can help you find your perfect match.

Finding a Site That Fits Your Unique Wants or Needs

Finding the perfect dating site can be tricky. Looking for one that fits your quirks, your dietary needs, or anything else you truly feel passionate about can make finding a compatible partner a lot easier.

Hot Sauce Passions

Hot Sauce Passions is the perfect site for anyone who craves a little spice. Food is such a connecting factor in a relationship, so it makes sense that finding someone else as crazy about spicy food as you are is a great option to go for. The site is free to use and there are several chat rooms and web cam options where you can meet other potential partners.

Pirates Passions

Pirates Passions is a free site to use if you're interested in finding a partner with similar treasure hunting needs. To use this site, create a free account and create your profile. From there, you can enjoy chatting with and potentially meeting others who are also looking for their first mate.


Purrsonals is a great site for anyone who loves cats to meet others who share this passion. Registration is totally free, and the site is easy to navigate. Once your profile is set up, you are free to chat with anyone and the site makes it easy to connect with others in your area making dates a breeze to set up.

Hater Dater

Trying to find a compatible partner who hates what you hate can be challenging. Hater Dater is a completely free app that allows you to connect with potential partners who understand your hateful feelings towards certain things. Swipe to indicate what you hate and match based on your preferences. From there you can chat and take mini quizzes that can tell you both how compatible you might be.

Zombie Passions

Into zombies? Guess what, it turns out a lot of people are. Find other potential partners who share the same love of zombies that you have. To use Zombie Passions, create a free login and begin chatting with others who share your dating needs. There are several groups to choose from where you can begin connecting with others. Once you've found someone who sparks your interest, you can invite them to a private chat or use the webcam to connect.


Sizzl is the site for bacon lovers to meet and potentially date. If you are in to all things bacon, Sizzl can help you find a partner who has a mutual desire to add bacon to everything. With any passion, finding a partner who shares similar ones can make for a great foundation for your relationship. During the first few dates, it also gives you some common ground to start off with.

Find Your Forces

Find Your Forces is a free dating site that specializes in finding you your perfect Star Wars-obsessed match. To use this site, simply register and fill out a bit of information about yourself. You can also add a profile picture if you'd like. You can even chat in a group setting before moving on to a private chat if you're nervous about online dating.

Ghost Singles

Ghost Singles is the perfect site for you if you're no longer a physical earthly being. Find your perfect match by filling out a profile and searching for compatible partners who you can haunt the living with. This site is free to use and with any luck you can find a spooky partner to float away with.


BuckleUp is a free app that aims to connect frequent flyers and travelers on the go with other adventurous or work bound singles. To use this app, create your profile and match with those on your flight or subway. This is the perfect app for anyone who has ever wanted to fall in love or hook up on a plane.


Bristlr is a free dating app that connects people who have beards with people who are into beards. Fill out whether you have a beard, and you'll be connected either to those who have beards, or those who are into them. To begin chatting, both parties must show interest before you are able to connect with each other.

Embracing Your Partner Desires

Whether you're into zombies, or are obsessed with bacon, there's a dating site out there for you. Knowing what you want in a partner from the get go is a great start to finding an awesome match who enjoys what you do, or has a similar life philosophy. Test out a few sites if you have multiple passions or wants to find a partner that truly gets you.

Funniest Dating Sites and Apps