13 Funny Romantic Note Ideas

Caffeinated Creativity


Leaving romantic notes for your sweetie is a great way to stay at the forefront of his mind, and to let him know where your thoughts are too! Add a little comedy to your notes to make them extra special.

Adding those three simple words to dish with his cup of coffee is a great way to utilize some space that you know your loved one will not only see, but find amusing because of your creativity.

Day Planner Messages


Write a sweet (and suggestive) note in your honey's planner or program an appointment into his phone. Some appointments you could set include:

  • Date with your hot wife.
  • Stop and think about how much you love your girlfriend.
  • Hurry home for some loving.

Note in a Bottle


A bottle is a whimsical way to deliver a love note. Add some humor to this romantic gift:

  • The next time we open a bottle it should be wine and there should be far less clothing involved.
  • Rescue me from a lack of kisses!
  • Don't bottle up your passion, my love.

Note With Flowers


Flower gifts are always a winner. Tie a note to the flowers that says something along the lines of:

  • These flowers have nothing on your beauty.
  • If these make you sneeze, I'll be there with tissues.
  • Just keep plucking the petals until you get to "She loves me," and then stop.

Puppy Love Note


Enlist the help of man's best friend to deliver a funny message. Here are some suggestions:

  • My master says you're better than kibble, and kibble is excellent.
  • Trust me; I know puppy love, and this is the real thing.
  • You must be part cat with how much my master wants to chase you.

Sticky Notes


Sticky notes are great for leaving short love notes just about anywhere. Try using multiple sticky notes strategically placed along your sweetie's daily routine.

For example, a note on the bathroom mirror might simply say, "I love you." Then another note on the fridge says, "Yep, still love you." A note on the steering wheel says, "Drive safely because - you guessed it - I love you" and so on.

Silly Text Message


Enlist the help of your phone in delivering a love note. "I wish I was this phone, because then you'd be holding me right now" is a cute and funny text that will make your honey smile.

Sweet Greetings


If your significant other has a sweet tooth, deliver a love note accompanied by a cookie or other pastry. Here are some suggestions for what to write on the note:

  • I can't get enough of laughter, cookies, and you.
  • What does this cookie have in common with you? You're both sweet.
  • Here's a sweet treat to tide you over until you have my sweetness later.

Mirror Note


You don't need paper and a pen to leave a love note. Use lipstick to leave a message of love on a mirror. Your honey will be amused by the juvenile act of putting initials in a heart, especially if the two of you have been together for a long time.

Baby Talk


If you and your partner have a baby, present a love note written as though it's composed by your baby. Here are some great examples:

  • Thank you for the great genetics. I'm adorable!
  • You look good, especially for someone who I don't let get any sleep.
  • Daddy tells me he's crazy about you.

Pass a Note


If you and your sweetie have to sit through class or meetings together, pass a short note over to put a smile on his face. Here are some ideas:

  • This is boring. You know what's not boring? You.
  • Want to know what I'm learning right now? That I love looking at your face.
  • You and I should have our own "meeting" later.

The Short Story


A quick note that tells a story can be a great love note that will make your sweetie chuckle. Consider these ideas:

  • Once upon a time I fell in love with you. The end.
  • It was a dark and stormy night. You're hot. The end.
  • We met. It was the best of times, and it was the best of times still. The end.

Spell It Out


Use whatever you have around the house to leave love notes in unexpected places. Magnetic alphabet letters, Scrabble tiles, or even words cut out of magazines and newspapers can form sweet and funny notes that show you're willing to put some effort into showing how much you care.

If you run out of ideas of what to say, try some printable love notes to leave in your loved one's house, car, or work.

13 Funny Romantic Note Ideas