Fun Games for Married Couples

Updated October 9, 2018
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Games for married couples are a fun way to spend an evening with a few good friends or pass some time alone with your partner. These types of activities are a fun and unexpected way to bond. You might also learn something about your partner along the way!

Discover Fun Games for Married Couples

There are literally hundreds of games for couples, from Monopoly to chess, that can allow married couples to enjoy a game night. In fact, practically any two player game will work for a married couple or those in a relationship. However, finding the right game for you, your spouse, and others in your friend group may take a little time. It will definitely be worth its weight in laughs and fun.

Fun Multi-Player Game Ideas

Games can serve as a way not only to bond, but to break the ice in group settings. The following is just a sample of games that adults can enjoy playing. With so many board games out there, rest assured that you will find several games to suit your needs.

  • Smart Ass Trivia Game - This fun trivia board game works for 2 to 12 players and includes 500 questions to test your skills.
  • Worst Case Scenario Survival Game - A game for two or more players, the Worst Case Scenario Survival Game is perfect for your next group game night. This game is both challenging and hysterical at the same time. Each scenario offers three possible solutions. Figure out which one is correct to win the match.
  • Apples to Apples - Considered by many to be the ultimate group game, Apples to Apples sounds like a game you might have played as a child, but is in fact a funny and challenging game of word comparisons well-suited for married couples.
  • Couples Twister - Break out the Twister mat and challenge couples to work cooperatively to win the game. Play by the standard rules except each spouse from a couple can only be touching each other during the game. When one spouse falls or touches the wrong person, that couple is out.
  • Marriage Win, Lose, or Draw - Play the classic drawing and guessing game by designating one person to draw and one person to guess each round. Fill a bowl with facts about your marriage on slips of paper such as your wedding date, first date location, and first kiss location. The drawer takes a slip of paper and draws images about that fact while their spouse tries to guess what the fact is. Take turns being the guesser and the drawer.

Card Games

Card games are another great option that works for as few as two players up to an entire group.

  • Rook - For those who like to exercise their strategy muscles, Rook is the perfect card game for 2 to 6 players.
  • Kissing War - Play the standard card game War, but every time you lose a hand you have to kiss your spouse on the cheek or lips. If you win a war, you get to pick where your spouse has to kiss you.
  • Me or You - Assign an affectionate task to each suit in a standard deck of cards. For example, clubs might be a hug while hearts represent a kiss. Deal five cards to each of you, then take turns playing one card that matches either the number or the suit of the previously played card. If you lay down a black card, you perform the appropriate number of hugs or kisses to your partner. If you play a red card, they have to do it to you. Pick up a new card on each turn and play until you run out of cards or time.

"Adult" Games

There are many adult games, such as strip poker, that don't require anything more than a deck of cards. However, if you're looking for games for married couples that can spice up the evening, consider one of these games.

  • Loaded Questions Adult - The adult version of the popular game, Loaded Questions Adult is meant for 4 to 6 players and for ages 18 and above.
  • Dirty Minds - This hilarious game works for two or more adults and proves that nothing is as dirty as it seems.
  • What's Yours Like - This clever innuendo game asks players to describe something and forces the other players to guess what it is. It is suitable for four or more players.
  • Dirty Deeds - Progress through increasingly more kinky sexual gestures with your partner in this sexy card games for couples that provides directives.
  • Behind Closed Doors Board Game - As you move around the game board, you collect cards and potentially shed some clothing in this intimate game. The winner gets to incorporate all the directives from their collected cards into an intimate experience after the game is over.

Fun Romantic Couples Games

Woman finding love notes on mirror

Have fun playing these romantic couples games at home where you're free to get a little more intimate or simply add some relationship-themed fun to your day.

  • Marital Bliss - This fun game is played over the course of one week by a couple. Each day, you each pick a card with a mission and try to secretly accomplish your mission, which is often doing something nice for your partner.
  • Compliments Copy Cat - Think of this as an adult game of Copy Cat where you repeat every compliment your spouse gives you for a whole day. If he says "Your butt looks great!" you say "Your butt looks great!"
  • The Last Word - Engage in a massive game of one-upping each other with love notes. Determine a start and end time; it could be hours or weeks. You each write a little love note to your spouse and put it somewhere inconspicuous. You can only hide a new love note when you find one from your spouse. At the end of your designated timeframe, add up how many notes you each found. The person with the most wins.

Party Games for Married Couples

When you get together with other married couples, these party games can help everyone bond with their spouse and have fun as a group of friends.

  • Guess Who - Ask each couple to individually answer a series of questions on slips of paper about their relationship such as "Who is more likely to plan a date night?" All couples should answer the same questions. Place the slips into a bowl and pull out one at a time to read. Say both spouse's names from the couple who's slip you have and ask the crowd to guess which person is the correct answer. Award points to each couple team for correct answers.
  • Bed, Wed, Dead - For every round each player must decide which of the three named celebrities or people you would sleep with, kill, and marry. Two or more players will be dying of laughter as they share answers which can include your own write-ins.
  • Classic party game roundup - Turn classic group games into a fun adult relay race. Make a simple sack race into a Hit the Sack race by challenging couples to stand face-to-face inside a burlap sack and race to your guest bed. Make a three-legged race more challenging by tying couples together at the waist while they stand face-to-face and race across the room. Have couples work together to eat a donut hanging from a string while their hands are tied behind their backs.
  • Cards Against Humanity - This party card game is similar to Apples to Apples, but made for adults because it can contain some explicit material. Four or more players try to pair up strange and funny phrases to make the best sentence.

Finding the Right Game

With so many options, it can be a little daunting trying to find a game you and your partner will enjoy. Additionally, if you plan to play the game with other married couples, you will have a few other things to consider.

  • Decide what type of game you want to play. There are many different types: card games, board games, strategy games, trivia games, video games, and sports.
  • Check to see how many players the game will accommodate. Most games will indicate a suggested number of players or number range. Though you don't necessarily have to follow these instructions, it is often set to make playing easier and more fun.
  • Consider the age appropriateness of the games. Not all games are meant for adult play. They may be too juvenile, boring, or easy for married couples, so be sure to read the box to determine if it is for children or adults, as this isn't always easy to figure out.
  • Decide if you want your game to have a naughty or sexual component to it. This works well if you are choosing a game to play with just your partner. However, many adults enjoy innuendo play and other sexual banter type games. Just be sure that everyone is comfortable with this type of game.

Benefits of Couples Games

Being able to laugh with your spouse is a strengthening aspect of marriage and can even help you build a healthier relationship. These great games for married couples can help you do that while spending time with good friends and the one you love.

Fun Games for Married Couples