The Scoop on Gay Chat Rooms

Updated October 31, 2018
Gay Chat Rooms

Gay chat rooms can be places to hook up for real-life meetings or an opportunity to make new friends online. Some chat rooms are definitely better than others, but there are plenty from which to choose.

Finding a Gay Chat Room

The web is full of chat sites, and some are more user-friendly than others. Many chat sites are just a way for the owners to get ads onto your computer screen. But a few really are set up for people to meet and form a community.


321Chat offers two main chat rooms: one for gay men and one for lesbian women. Transgender people are encouraged to enter whichever room best suits their needs. Other chat rooms include a chat specific to gay teens and a room for bisexual individuals. No registration or fee is required to join the chats.


The LGBT chat rooms on Chatzy are easy and free to access - no registration is necessary. Registering with your email address allows you to keep an active list on the website of your preferred chat rooms and enter protected rooms that aren't available to everyone. Cybersex is not only discouraged within these chat rooms but also prohibited.


LesbianChatOnline offers multiple chat rooms - some text-based, some audio, and some video options as well. Designed specifically for lesbian users, steps are taken by the website to prohibit access to the chat rooms by males. Registration is required to get started, but registration is free and simple.


OUTeverywhere is a gay social network that's about more than just hooking up; it's a way to meet like-minded people and form friendships and relationships. To register for free and access the chat rooms, fill out the simple yet fairly extensive registration form and get started chatting.

Christian Gays

Christian Gays is a community of gay people of faith. Chat rooms, forums, and resources are all available to members. Registration requires a fee, and while the fees are fairly low, they are also used to help fund the ministry of the group running the website. The fee is to also verify that the member is who they say they are. Free memberships are available upon request or if an existing member vouches for the applicant.

Some Chat Sites Are on Dating Sites

Mature man at home using a laptop

Some of the largest gay dating sites also have chat rooms.

  • A recent visit to this website showed more than 20,000 people using the chat rooms. The site offers a geographic directory, so you can choose to chat with people in your own city or around the world.
  • The Pink Sofa is a lesbians-only site with personal ads, information of interest to a gay woman, and a chat area. The owners try to keep the site free of spam and unfriendly chatter.
  • Specific to gay and bisexual men, it's free to join to peruse profiles and participate in chat sessions. This website offers an app version for chatting on the go.

Sex Talk and Friendly Conversation

Unlike adult chat rooms on sites for heterosexuals, gay chat rooms aren't only about sex. Personals sites for gay men often feature sexy pictures, there are plenty of sites for adults to "hook up" just for sex, and you can even find explicit webcam videos. But chat room conversations are also sometimes more friendly than sexy.

The first time you visit a gay chat room, take a few moments to see where the conversation is going. Members might be talking about local restaurants, where to take a date, or how to deal with a family member who opposes homosexuality. Then again, they might be swapping sex stories or inviting each other into private rooms for cybersex encounters. Make sure you understand the vibe before jumping in.

If You're New to the Scene

Many gay chat rooms welcome people who are exploring their homosexual feelings. If you think you might be gay, a chat room can be a place to talk about your choices while remaining anonymous. Most of the better sites require you to register before chatting. They all ask for an email address, and some want your name and location as well. If you're not ready to come out to the world, you may want to set up a secondary email account for your registration confirmation and any other messages from the site. Check out a few chat rooms to find one where you feel comfortable. It's OK to watch the conversation for a while to see if you fit in.

Transgender Chat

Making the transition from male to female or female to male is both exciting and incredibly tough. Transgendered people must learn new behaviors, such as putting on makeup or tying a tie. Sometimes friends and family are not supportive. Strangers may stare or ask rude questions.

While transgendered people are welcome on many gay chat sites, there is at least one set up especially for them. URNotAlone, a site for transgendered people and their families and friends, hosts a free chat for members. Registration is free and requires only an email address. On a recent night, conversation in the chat room was friendly and mostly non-sexual.

Taking It Live

The safest choice, when participating in an online chat, is to keep your personal details private. Meeting a chat room friend in person can be disappointing or even dangerous. Gay men have been lured to meeting places and robbed, hurt, or even murdered by homophobic people.

On the other hand, many people have had enjoyable encounters and even begun lasting relationships with partners they met online. If you decide to meet someone, use common sense. Wait until you've known the person for a while and have some indication that they are trustworthy. Meet in a public place and tell someone where you're going and when to expect you home. If anything doesn't seem right, cancel the date or end it early.

Your Community Awaits

It may seem as though meeting other gay people is difficult or nearly impossible. The Internet makes the world a little smaller, allowing you to meet and chat with other gay people from around the globe.

The Scoop on Gay Chat Rooms