Goodnight Texts for Him or Her

Published January 20, 2019
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There is nothing quite like receiving sweet words from your loved one right before bedtime even if distance won't allow the sentiments in person. A quick goodnight text is a good way to let your partner know you're thinking of them and will take thoughts of them into your dreams.

Romantic Goodnight Texts

Even though texting limits the number of words you can say, the right words can be quite romantic. A romantically worded text can make for a loving tuck-in. Send your text before your partner's bedtime so you don't interrupt sleep; sleep deprivation isn't romantic.

  • Though the sun is long gone, my love for you still burns bright.
  • Rest easy knowing that you are so very loved.
  • Bask in the moon's glow this evening as though it is my love.
  • You're the person of my dreams, so I'll see you in my dreams tonight.
  • I can almost feel you here in bed next to me and wish you really were here.
  • Though the miles separate us this evening, my love for you is as strong as ever.
  • I'll look to the rising sun in the morning and think of my love for you.
  • The night is empty without you, but your love keeps me company.

Cute Goodnight Texts

Goodnight texts don't have to be wordy. A short, cute text can be just as meaningful as a way to say goodnight.

  • Sweet dreams to my Sweet.
  • Goodnight, babe. I'm sending you cuddles right now.
  • Goodnight smooches coming your way!
  • Sleep well and know that I miss you!
  • Happy dream time, cutie!

Funny Goodnight Texts

If your relationship relies on humor in communication, send a funny text that also conveys affection. Take care to not use any humor that can be misinterpreted as insulting or cruel, no matter how funny you think it is.

  • Since I don't have time or energy to write you a sweet love note to say goodnight, I hope this text suffices.
  • I just glared at my pillow because it's not you.
  • I wish you were here to steal my blankets.
  • I'd welcome your morning breath if you could be here.
  • My snores sound like this: "I miss you! I miss you!"

Flirty Goodnight Texts

Texting provocative photos might be in your repertoire with your partner, but sometimes words can be even more arousing.

  • If I was there, it would be a good night with very little sleep.
  • Good night, sexy. Hopefully, we can share a bed soon.
  • Your skin is softer than any silk sheets.
  • Someday soon we'll share our mornings again and get very little done outside of bed.
  • It's too bad your bed will only be used for sleeping tonight.

Avoiding Creepy Texts

Though texting makes for quick communication between people who can't physically be together, the problem with texting is that sometimes the intent isn't clear. An attempt at a clever turn of phrase into something that reads creepy by the recipient. For example, avoid any phrases referencing watching the person while they sleep or anything else that could be misinterpreted -unless, of course, you have an understanding with the other person that watching each other sleep is sweet instead of creepy. So while it may be true that you'd like nothing more than to watch your partner through their bedroom window while they sleep, sending a text asking them to picture you doing so can easily be misinterpreted as crossing the line into creepy.

A Good Night Indeed

When you're missing someone, a quick text can make the two of you feel closer despite the distance. It's a considerate gesture and a good way to stay connected when you can't be together.

Goodnight Texts for Him or Her