How to Be Romantic: 27 Effortless & Creative Ideas

Published February 2, 2021
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When it comes to romance, there isn't one right way to show your partner that you love and care about them. Because everyone has different needs, it's important to really dig into understanding what speaks to your partner when you're thinking of how to be romantic.

How to Be Romantic

Romance will mean something unique to each individual. What you may find romantic may not even register as romance to your partner. Think about your relationship thus far and what sorts of acts or behaviors have made your partner smile. If your partner likes:

  • Words of affirmation: they will be extra appreciative when you tell them with written or spoken words how you feel about them
  • Acts of service: they will make it a big deal and act very grateful when you help out with chores, or go out of your way to do something helpful for them
  • Gifts: Your partner will be super excited to receive a gift from you no matter how big or small because it shows you were thinking of them and really know what they like
  • Quality time: Your partner will let you know that they like spending time with you or they may say they miss you or want to connect more
  • Touch: If your partner enjoys physical touch, they like holding your hand, being close to you, snuggling, kissing, and hugging

Ideas for Partners Who Like Words of Affirmation

For partners who like words of affirmation:

  • Write your partner a heartfelt love letter that describes what you thought of them when you first met
  • Leave a trail of sticky notes around their home that say one thing you love most about them
  • Leave a sweet voicemail for your partner letting them know how much you love them or that you're just thinking of them
  • When you're snuggled up together, look deeply into their eyes and tell them how much you love them and a few reasons why you feel so lucky to be with them
  • Post a sweet note on the fridge and write down a few of your favorite memories together (be sure to leave room for more)

Ideas for Partners Who Like Acts of Service

For partners who like acts of service:

  • Prepare your partner's favorite meal, set the table, and clean up afterwards while they relax
  • Make your partner their favorite drink after a long day and hand it to them while they unwind
  • Ask your partner if you can pick up their groceries for them (if you live together, run the errands your partner usually runs, but be sure to tell them so they don't also do them)
  • Pick up your partner's favorite takeout dinner for them, set the table, and take out the trash and recycling afterwards
  • If you live together, do the dishes, laundry, and vacuum so your home is tidy
  • Deep clean something that is difficult or annoying for your partner to do (like if they hate cleaning the bathroom, under the couch, the windows)
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Ideas for Partners Who Like Receiving Gifts

For partners who enjoy receiving gifts:

  • Pick up your partner's favorite dessert and drop it off for them
  • If your partner's been eyeing something for a while, surprise them with it if possible
  • Think about what your partner notes they're needing or wanting and get it for them (like if they note their hands get chilly on a walk, you can get them gloves)
  • Get them a book and a cozy set of pajamas you think they'll love
  • Bring them flowers or their favorite candy just because (if they have a big meeting coming up, if they're having a bad day, or just to say I'm thinking of you)
  • If your partner has a pet they adore, pick up a new collar for them that you think your partner will love

Ideas for Partners Who Like Quality Time

For partners who like spending quality time together:

  • Plan a weekend getaway (keep in mind if your partner prefers action packed or more relaxing vacations)
  • Take your partner somewhere fun like the zoo, aquarium, or garden grounds
  • Surprise your partner with a special picnic equipped with their favorite foods
  • Start reading a book together and make it part of your evening ritual
  • Go for a walk in the evenings together so you can spend time connecting

Ideas for Partners Who Like Physical Touch

For partners who like physical touch:

  • If it's cold outside, put a blanket in the dryer so it gets warm and place it on your partner when they sit on the couch- follow it up with a kiss
  • When your partner gets home, put on their favorite movie or show and give them a massage
  • Put on your partner's favorite movie and hold their hand or snuggle up to them while you watch
  • Scratch your partner's back while they tell you about their day
  • Surprise your partner during their lunch break and give them a big hug and kiss (tell them you missed them and were thinking about them)

Date Ideas Long Distance Relationship

If you're in a long distance relationship, you may be looking for unique ways to connect. Planning virtual dates can help you stay in sync with each other.

How Can I Be Spontaneous and Romantic?

Being spontaneous can work for some relationships, but keep in mind that doing so may not work for all. Before you do something spontaneous, consider if this is something your partner would enjoy, or if it is something that you would like your partner to do for you. Even though it may seem counterintuitive, it's a good idea to discuss if this is something your partner likes, and if so, what kind of spontaneity do they like. This is also an opportunity to share what you like.

What Can I Do For a Romantic Night at Home?

Date nights aren't solely for going out. There are tons of ways to create a romantic at home date night.

How Can I Be Romantic Ideas?

Making an effort to be romantic with your partner is a great way to stay connected. Be sure you both are communicating your needs clearly so you both know what each other prefers when it comes to romantic gestures. If you can do this, make sure you don't run out of unique responses to "I love you" because you're really going to need them.

How to Be Romantic: 27 Effortless & Creative Ideas