How to Flirt Over Text: Cute & Clever Examples

Updated April 21, 2021
Woman flirting over text

It seems like the majority of modern love connections are made on the phone, be it through dating apps or texting. For those who aren't practiced in the nuance of digital communication, learning how to flirt over text can be a hard thing to do. Thankfully, there's a flirtatious technique for every type of personality out there, be it bold and brash or shy and demure. So, if you're unsure as to how to move into flirting mode with your crush, or you're just looking for some new ideas, check out these tips and tricks.

Turn Up the Heat With These Flirty Texts

There's nothing quite as satisfying as sending off the most cleverly crafted flirty text, and these saucy examples might just render your crush speechless.

  • I had a dream about you last night, wanna hear what happened?
  • Want to come over and make dinner for two?
  • Are you craving anything right now? I know I am.
  • I don't want to wash my sheets because they still smell like you.
  • Send me a picture so I can show you off to my friends.
  • Whenever you feel like getting a little sweaty, I'm down for a one-on-one workout.
  • Want to see my new outfit? I really think you'll really like this one.

Flirty Texts for When You're Feeling Sentimental

Being flirty doesn't always mean you have to be saucy; in fact, any one of these sweet, flirty texts is sure to give your crush a case of the butterflies.

  • I've never been happier than when I'm spending time with you.
  • All I need to get through the day is seeing your smile.
  • I can't seem to focus on work because I can't stop thinking about you.
  • Call me, I need to hear your voice.
  • I'm having trouble sleeping because I didn't get to tell you goodnight.
  • You make me feel more comfortable than I ever have in my whole life.
  • My [type of pet here] wanted you to know that they miss you…and I guess I do too.
  • I know they tell you you're not supposed to double text, but I just couldn't help myself.

Flirty Texts for Those Honest Days

On the days when you don't feel like dancing around your feelings for that special someone, you can send them one of these flirty, honest texts to spark a conversation with them.

  • I can't stop thinking about you.
  • The only thing that'd brighten my day is a text from you.
  • My coworker asked if I was seeing someone, and I told them...yes.
  • Guess what my favorite part about you is? Everything, you're perfect.
  • I've got an empty passenger seat and a clear weekend. Want to join?
  • Honestly, I never thought I'd like someone as much as I like you.
  • Do you like me? Text back 'Y' for yes or 'N' for any day of the week.

Practice Using Visuals

One of the fundamental aspects of digital communication in the modern age is the use of visuals to express deeper meaning as well as to exhibit pieces of the sender's personality. This can come in the form of using clever emojis in the place of words or sending a person a few memes that you both can bond over. Something as simple as adding the fire emoji to a compliment about how someone looks, or a thinking emoji when you ask if they're awake can show someone what your intention is. Since online communication makes misreading someone's intent so easy to do, incorporating visual language to reinforce your meaning can make or break a potential relationship.

Get Romantic

An easy way to set a flirty mood is to start talking about romance. Now, you could do this through a few different avenues, which include:

Share Romantic Horror Stories

Bonding over your past romantic failures can give you a way to work in the future possible romance between you and your crush. For example, when your crush mentions their worst kiss with someone, you could respond with "Oh I'm sure it wasn't you, but do you want to test that theory?'

Share Romantic Horror Stories Text

Ask About What They Like

Another way to create a romantic vibe without abruptly asking for one is to ask them about romantic gestures they like. For instance, you could ask them to describe what they think the most romantic vacation would be, and when they tell you, you could respond with "Only thing that'd make it more romantic is me being there."

Tell Them How Much You Like Them

If you send your crush texts that imply how much they've been on your mind, chances are you'll find out whether they're interested in you by their first response. They're flirting back with you if they reply with something similar, which gives you the green light, if you're comfortable, to make the first move and ask them out on a date.

Give Them a Clever Nickname

There's nothing that quite stirs up the butterflies in someone's stomach than getting a personalized nickname from someone. One way to pique someone's interest over text is to refer to them by a cute nickname like Sunshine or Honey.

Be Honest

While it may not always feel like it, honesty is always the best policy, and that certainly goes for romantic situations as well. When you're trying to flirt with a crush over text, but you're not someone who can naturally quip a coy double entendre, then being honest with how you're feeling about the other person can be just as riveting. Here are a few examples of how you can use your honesty to set a flirtatious mood.

  • Call it out like it is - "Are we flirting?? Is that what we're doing?"
  • Share what effect they have on you - "I look so ridiculous right now. You've got to STOP making me blush!"
Share what effect they have on you text
  • Say what's on your mind - "My mom won't stop asking me questions about you because apparently I can't stop talking about you"
Say what's on your mind text

Know When It's Time to Go

One of the most important parts of flirting over text is knowing when the conversation has come to an end; if you're getting one-word responses or a lot of time is passing before each reply, then it's time for you to take a break. Be comfortable letting conversations end organically, but if you really want to keep the other person talking, try to circle back to a shared experience or inside joke. Connecting to someone over something you both can talk for hours about may invigorate your dead text chain.

Flirty Texts Versus Flirting In-Person

For some people, flirting over text might feel a bit disingenuous and for others it may be difficult to make a connection with someone when you can't get a read on their energy and physical responses. However, Dr. Martin Graff explores on Psychology Today two benefits to choosing to flirt over text rather than in-person. "Firstly, the sender has time to construct the message, allowing them time to carefully consider what they wish to say. Secondly…there is less potential risk to the sender's self-esteem as a result of rejection…especially if the sender is geographically distant." Therefore, not only do you get to be in control of your conversation when you're flirting over text, but you also get to protect yourself from any potential heartbreak, making starting a romantic liaison with someone over text a far safer option to starting it in person.

Learn How to Flirt Over Text

No matter what technique you decide to use the next time you're feeling a little flirty, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself. If you feel like you're making responses for the type of person, you think your crush wants you to be, then you're already setting yourself up for failure. It's okay to hit a few snags and misread a text or two, since part of the fun of flirting is not knowing what the other person is going to do or say next.

How to Flirt Over Text: Cute & Clever Examples