How to Impress Your Crush

Published March 5, 2019
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It can be nerve-wracking to put yourself out there especially if you aren't sure if your crush likes you too. There are a few things you can do so your crush notices you in a positive light.

Standing Out

If you're on the shy side or are wondering if your crush likes you too, you can try slowly putting yourself out there and seeing if your crush responds well to your interactions together.

Plan a Get-Together

Planning a small get together and inviting some of your friends, your crush, and their friends let you hang out with your crush with a lot of pressure removed. This will also give you an opportunity to see how your crush interacts with their friends as well as yours. Be mindful that your crush will most likely notice how you interact with the people at the get-together, so try to be kind to everyone, make a good impression on your crush's friends, and make an effort to hang out with your crush throughout the party.

Take an Interest

If your crush is interested in certain hobbies, take an interest in getting to know more about that aspect of them. If their interests also appeal to you, you can ask if they would like to try that activity together. If you're nervous about hanging out alone, make it a group outing.

Find Ways to Connect

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Whether you have a quick question, need help with something, or just want to say hi, finding ways to keep in touch with your crush can make you more attractive. Keep in mind that a lot of people like to feel needed and useful so don't be shy about reaching out for help or advice from your crush. Just make sure it's nothing too intense or serious since you are just getting to know each other. You can also connect on social media and get to know more about each other's interests, friends, and after-school life.

Take Care of Yourself

People tend to be attracted to stable, healthy, and happy individuals. Prioritizing your self-care automatically makes you more attractive to potential partners. Self-care includes making healthy eating choices, exercising, and finding ways to cope with the stresses of daily living. Coping techniques include doing mindfulness exercises, seeking professional counseling, and surrounding yourself with loving and trustworthy people who will have your back in times of heightened stress.

Do Something Thoughtful

People tend to love being on the receiving end of thoughtful gestures and genuine compliments. Saying something sweet to your crush or going out of your way to lend a hand to them can really emphasize how caring and kind you are. You can also think about baking them a treat on their birthday, buying them a small gift that you know they've been wanting, or simply paying them a genuine compliment.

Have Fun Together

When you're around your crush, try to have fun so they can see your silly, laid back side. Smiling and laughing with them creates strong positive memories which they will then associate with you. If you know they're going to a party or a study group, try to be there as well. Seeing you often will also increase your familiarity and gives you a better chance of them taking an interest in you.

Connect With Their Friends

Making an effort with your crush's friends is definitely worth putting your energy into. Not only will they notice you fitting in nicely with their group of buddies, but your crush's friends may also make positive comments about you to your crush which ultimately makes you more desirable.

Be You

It's important to always be true to yourself so your crush can see the real you. Even though it can be a bit scary to put yourself out there, it's great to take a risk so you can see if your crush likes you too.

How to Impress Your Crush