35+ Ways to Respond to a "How Are You Text?" (Beyond the Basics)

So many better ways to respond than just "Fine."

Published January 10, 2023
Woman laughing while using a smartphone for texting

No matter what kind of app you're using to chat, you can pretty much expect that people will ask about how you're doing. The thing is, how you respond to a "How are you?" text can change the entire vibe of your conversation. Are you going to answer seriously and really tell the person about your amazing (or not so amazing) day? Do you want to go with a flirty answer that makes them smile? Take a moment to consider your reply and get inspired by some of these ideas.

Flirty Responses to "How Are You?"

When you respond to a "How are you?" text from your crush or significant other, you can be super playful and even open the door to more conversation. Try these flirty answers next time they post the question of how things are going.

  • Better now that you texted.
  • Kind of stunned by how beautiful you are, actually.
  • A little bit bored. Want to come over and play?
  • Having trouble focusing because I keep thinking about you.
  • Super busy all day, and I really need a distraction like you.
  • It was kind of a blah day, but you just made it happy.
  • Nothing like a text from you to change the answer to that question to "Great!"

Funny Replies to "How Are You?" Texts

When you're telling a friend how you are or replying to someone you know well, sometimes you need a hilarious answer. If you're the type of person who sees a "How are you?" text as a chance to make someone laugh, these can be good inspiration.

  • What's with all the personal questions? Is this an interrogation?
  • Slaying dragons and taking names!
  • I mean, no one knows this, but I might be a little dead inside.
  • Look at you trying to interact socially.
  • Not as good as I look.
  • Better than the other guy.
  • OMG. You can see me. I thought I was hiding!

Answers to "How Are You?" Texts When You Aren't Exactly Great

Sometimes, you're not feeling awesome. It could be physical, mental, or just one of those really less-than-great days. You can still give an honest answer when someone texts about how you are, especially if that gives the other person a chance to support you. Being open about your feelings is actually a really important part of having a close relationship - whether you're dating someone or just answering a friend - and your text answer can help with that.

Sad and tired woman lying in bed while texting
  • Honestly, I've had better days.
  • It's really sweet of you to ask. I'm not great, actually.
  • Not the best, but knowing you care helps.
  • It's been one of those days.
  • Kind of less than awesome, but thank you for asking.
  • It's been a rough one.
  • Pretty down, actually. It helps to know you're here.

Simple Replies for When You Don't Want a Conversation

There are times when someone asks how you're doing and you don't exactly want to give a full answer or start a super long conversation. You can be polite and friendly without going into a ton of detail in your reply. Sometimes a short and simple response is all you need.

  • Not bad, thanks!
  • Groovy!
  • Same old, same old.
  • Hanging in there.
  • Fantastic!
  • Living the dream!
  • Totally great!

"How Are You?" Replies for Formal and Professional Situations

The way you answer your boss's text or coworker's message takes a special approach. Professional answers to "How are you?" texts need to be warm but also a little formal.

  • I'm doing really well. Thanks!
  • Everything is coming along great. Thank you!
  • Fantastic. Thanks for asking! How are you?
  • It's Monday, but I'm hopeful. How about you?
  • It's been a good Friday. How has your week been?
  • Making the most of the day!
  • Excited for the weekend. How are you?

Tips for Choosing a Response

Knowing how to respond to a "What are you doing?" text or "How are you?" text is mostly about deciding on the type of interaction you want to have. Do you want to make someone laugh? Do you want to engage in some flirty banter with your crush or partner? Do you want to keep it professional? Keep these tips in mind to help you choose:

  • Think about what you want for the conversation. Do you want to keep the conversation going or just be polite? Use short responses without questions if you want to bow out.
  • Consider your audience. Keep it clean and polite if you're talking to your boss, but all bets are off when it's your best friend.
  • If you want to flirt, focus on making the other person feel special. If you do this in a joking way, it's not cheesy.
  • Be honest with friends if you feel comfortable. They really want to know how you are, and that usually includes hearing when you're not okay. If they ask how you're feeling, don't be afraid to let them in, as long as they are people you can trust.

Don't Overthink It

Figuring out how to respond to a "How are you?" text doesn't have to be a stress bomb. Ultimately, if you keep your audience in mind, there's no wrong answer. You can be super honest, totally hilarious, professional, or any combination that works for you.

35+ Ways to Respond to a "How Are You Text?" (Beyond the Basics)