How to Write Catchy Headlines for Dating Sites

Published December 5, 2019
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Writing a dating headline can feel overwhelming and it can be challenging to know where to start. Think about your dating headline as a first impression and try to match your headline's style with your personality.

Writing the Perfect Dating Headline

Once you've figured out what you'd like you dating headline vibe to be, take some time to create a few options. You can ask friends and family members which of your headlines feels the most like you. Keep in mind you can always test out a headline for a few days and switch it up with another to see which one works the best for you and the type of person you're interested in attracting.

What Works for Women

A study conducted by eHarmony showed that women who use the words, "sweet, thoughtful, and ambitious" in their dating profile were more likely to draw attention compared to women who did not use these words to describe themselves. Other attention grabbing words included spontaneous and outgoing. With that in mind, some potential headlines include:

  • Sweet and thoughtful gal looking for an awesome partner in crime!
  • My friends describe me as ambitious, but I mainly pride myself on being a sweet and grounded person.
  • Outgoing amateur baker looking for a taste tester.
  • Life is sweeter when you're kind and thoughtful towards others.
  • I love to be spontaneous and live for a good adventure.

What Works for Men

Another study revealed that headlines that are intriguing and vague will also catch the attention of other site members. Some headline options include:

  • Optimistic and passionate guy who enjoys taking care of others.
  • My pets think I'm the best and they never lie.
  • I've been through a health scare and now want to find a genuine person to settle down with.
  • Old soul who your family will love...but seriously, I'm an 80-year-old at heart.
  • I can't wait to tell you how I accidentally ended up in (insert location).
  • In my spare time, I like to volunteer with animals and hope to find a kindhearted person to settle down with.

Funny and Silly Headlines

If you value humor in a partner, you can write a funny or cheeky headline. Some silly options include:

  • If I went to prison, it would be because.... (fill in the blank).
  • I'll be upfront, I'm obsessed with crappy reality TV and I'm looking for my very own hot mess relationship.
  • If you're into trying spicy food and are adventurous when it comes to restaurants I am....Not the one for you. #IBS
  • Looking for a super serious relationship that ends in an uber messy divorce.
  • I'm so low maintenance, it only took me several hours to come up with this headline.
  • Can you be the chocolate to my peanut butter...just kidding nut allergies.
  • Willing to tell our parents that we met the old fashioned way.

Relationship Defining Headlines

Because so many sites offer options for several types of relationships, you can narrow your search even further by including your specific relationship wants in your headline. You can try:

  • Looking for a bestie to watch black and white movies with!
  • Hoping to find a friend who loves to try new restaurants.
  • Trying to find a buddy to hike and surf with.
  • Looking for a casual friends with benefits relationship.
  • Trying to find a no strings attached romantic relationship.
  • Why lie? I'm looking for my soulmate!
  • Looking for a travel buddy to see the world with.

What to Avoid When Writing Dating Headlines

There are dating profile headlines that can make someone say "ick". To avoid the "ick" factor:

  • Don't write something that could be misconstrued as sleezy or hurtful to anyone.
  • Don't overdo common sayings. Try to be true to yourself and original.
  • Don't pretend to be anyone you're not. You'll attract the wrong matches for your personality by writing something disingenuous.
  • Don't write something that comes across as over-sharing or boundary violating. Keep in mind that healthy relationships begin with appropriate boundaries.

Writing a Great Dating Profile Headline

Because so many people use dating sites to find relationships, standing out can be a challenge. Remain true to yourself, try out a few different options, and write something that feels genuine to your personality.

How to Write Catchy Headlines for Dating Sites