Instagram Dating: Tips for Turning Likes Into Love

Published May 17, 2021
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Instagram dating helps people bypass the formality of conventional online dating apps or websites by letting people connect through their favorite social media platform. With people spending an increasing number of hours per day scrolling through various social media platforms, apps like Instagram can serve as an important first point of contact for new friends and potential loves. It's surprisingly easy to turn Instagram into your personal matchmaker, so long as you keep a few key things in mind.

Instagram's Connection to Online Dating

While Instagram isn't a typical dating app, for nearly a decade the photo-based social media platform has been linked to the most popular digital dating apps around. In 2015, Instagram partnered with Tinder and allowed users to connect their accounts to their Tinder bios for increased social engagement and photo sharing. In fact, a trend of "Tinstagramming" appeared out of this relationship and involved Tinder users going to the Instagram accounts listed on people's Tinder bios and bypassing the Tinder app completely to reach out to these love interests through Instagram.

Similarly, Instagram's parent company, Facebook, integrated Instagram into their Facebook Dating experience and allowed people who chose to link their two accounts to use photos directly from their Instagram pages. This shows just how digital dating companies are manipulating Instagram's platform to better their own online dating experiences, but the good news is that there's actually a way for you to bypass these other romance avenues and jump right to the source.

Tips and Tricks for Instagram Dating

Since the platform isn't naturally designed around dating, it does take some calculation in the beginning to ensure that you're meeting with realistic love interests. Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when you begin your foray into the world of dating on Instagram.

Cultivate a Quality Account

In one Pew Research study concerning American's opinions on online dating, 71% of the participants admitted that they felt photos were integral to the experience. Considering that Instagram is a photo-based platform, it makes sense why people find it to be perfectly primed to be used for romancing. In order to start romancing another person on the app, you first have to have a solid account yourself. Even the most basic Instagram accounts should feature around 15 to 20 pictures, and should have varying shots that represent you and your life. Putting up ten photos of yourself in the same pose in your bathroom mirror isn't going to cut it; you want people to see a window into your life using the pictures that you choose to put on profile.

In return, you should be looking for people with fully fleshed accounts themselves. This will help you get a sense for that person's hobbies and lifestyle through the content that they post and let you make a quick judgement as to both of your compatibilities.

DM'ing Is the Best Way to Make First Contact

If you're looking to try to make a date or start a relationship with someone using Instagram, chances are you're going to have to reach out to a random account. The best way to reach out to strangers on Instagram is to direct message their account (aka DM'ing). You should hesitate to reach out to anyone that you're not already following and shouldn't abruptly start a conversation. If the person you're interested in is prone to making Instagram stories (short video clips that disappear after twenty-four hours), an easy way to reach out to them for the first time is to comment on their story. This feels less intimate and should start a friendly conversation that can eventually lead to a more personal repertoire.

Reach Out via Comments

Another way to connect with someone on Instagram is to reach out to them via a comment on one of their pictures. If possible, you should try to only comment on a post that a person's most recently uploaded; it's even better if you can wait for them to make a new post so that it doesn't seem like you're creepily combing through their account's history just to find something to comment on. Additionally, you should never comment multiple times on multiple different posts before you've had any conversation with that person. Instead of looking interested, you're going to look either desperate or like a bot (fake account).

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Look for People in Your Immediate Area

It's easy to become focused on the incredible gallery of personal photos that people display in their individual accounts, but you have to remember when looking through these profiles that it's only realistic to be reaching out to people in your area. Trying to connect with people decidedly out of your immediate community is ill-advised as very few of these connections turn into substantial relationships. One way to do this is to look for people's accounts who've geotagged nearby locations; another is to connect to friends of friends who you can determine also live close-by.

Don't Expect to Find a Quick Hook-Up

While Instagram can definitely be used for dating, since the majority of users don't make an account for the purpose of finding a date, it means that the relationship process can be quite slow moving on the app. If you're looking for a quick hook-up or something casual, you shouldn't turn to Instagram. Rather, if you want something long-term, give Instagram's platform a try.

Anyone Can Find Love on the 'Gram

Unsurprisingly, tech-savvy teens and young adults can make just about any digital platform serve whatever purpose they need, and romance is just one of them. From conventional dating apps to the unexpected platforms like Instagram, you can find love just about anywhere on the internet. Make sure you keep these useful tips mind when trying to find love on the 'gram, and you're sure to find just the perfect person for you.

Instagram Dating: Tips for Turning Likes Into Love