7 Fun Kissing Games to Play

Updated October 22, 2018
Kissing Games

Kissing games are a fun way to practice kissing. They also give you the opportunity to kiss someone that you have a crush on. Don't take the game too seriously, however. The games are supposed to be fun, and no player has an obligation to date players he or she kisses.

Famous Kissing Games for Adults

Consenting adults looking for fun ways to kiss can try out these no-pressure kissing games with a boyfriend or girlfriend or a group. While the games are meant to be light and fun, be respectful if anyone changes their mind about playing. There are many kissing games but two are the most well known.

Spin the Bottle

The rules of spin the bottle are simple. You need a minimum of four players. The game is better with large groups of eight or more. An empty two-liter bottle makes a good bottle, but it's more satisfying to spin a bottle that has more weight to it, such as a glass bottle. If you prefer to have your destiny determined by another person, you can play a variant of spin the bottle. In the variant, each person takes a turn spinning the bottle twice. The two people selected by the spins must then kiss.

  1. A group of players sits in a circle, alternating man and woman.
  2. Each player takes turns spinning the bottle, which is placed in the middle of the circle.
  3. Whoever the bottle points at when it stops spinning is the person the spinner kisses. Some groups will also add the rule that if the bottle is pointed at a member of the same sex, continue spinning until it points to someone of the opposite sex.
  4. The next person to spin is either the person whom the bottle pointed toward or the person sitting next to the spinner.

Seven Minutes in Heaven

After Spin the Bottle, the next most famous kissing game is Seven Minutes in Heaven. There are almost no rules for this game.

The main variations of this game are how the players are selected. Sometimes the host will select two people, and other times it is a chance encounter like in Spin the Bottle. This game is great for setting up two people of different social status. It is also fun to set up two people whom you think already have a crush on each other.

Other variations to the game involve the choice of room, props, and rules. You can blindfold the players so they don't know whom they are kissing, for example. You can also forbid talking in the room as well. Just make sure you the room is dark enough so the players will have more courage to kiss instead of just staring at the walls for seven minutes.

  1. Two participants go into a small, dark room, often a closet, and they spend seven minutes together.
  2. While there is no obligation to do anything together, it is often implied that the participants will use their seven minutes of privacy to hug and kiss.

More Kissing Games

There are more kissing games than just Spin the Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven. Kissing games for couples or groups of couples can be simple and demure or more complex.

Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is more than just a kissing game, but often a kiss is used as a dare.

  1. When someone accepts the dare instead of truth, dare him or her to kiss you or another person.
  2. If you ask someone to perform this dare, expect to have the tables turned later in the game.

Post Office

You don't have to be lucky or popular to get a kiss in this game. In Post Office, everyone gets a kiss.

  1. To play, designate a room as the "post office" and send either all the guys or all the ladies to the post office.
  2. The other group then sends one member at a time to the post office where he or she will receive a kiss from everyone at the post office.
  3. Once each person has visited the post office, then switch positions.

Love Dominoes

If you want a unique, romantic game that involves kissing you can print out the free Love Dominoes game. While the whole game isn't just about kissing, if you play your dominos with the lips on them you get to kiss the other player.

  1. Print and cut out the dominos.
  2. Deal five to each player and flip one face-up in the center of the playing area.
  3. On your turn, match one end of your domino tile to one end of a domino tile in the playing area.
  4. Perform the designated action (kiss, hug, compliment, etc.) on the player of your choice.

The Kissing Word Game

The Kissing Word Game

Games that are free and don't require any materials are easy to play at home or on the go. Try The Kissing Game in the car with your boyfriend or girlfriend to make it a more enjoyable bonding experience.

  1. Choose one word to be the "kissing word."
  2. Turn on the radio.
  3. Whenever you hear the "kissing word" you chose, kiss your partner.

Tag! You're Kissed

Played like a game of cooperative tag, this fun game gets everyone moving. You'll need at least six people to play, preferably an even split of guys and ladies.

  1. Designate one person as the Kisser.
  2. Everyone else runs around the room trying not to get tagged (unless you really want a cheek kiss from the Kisser).
  3. The Kisser tags people by kissing them on the cheek.
  4. If you get kissed, you become a Kisser too.
  5. The last person standing is the winner and becomes the first Kisser in the next round.
  6. Play the progressive variation where the first Kisser tags by kissing on the cheek, but all the people who become Kissers after being tagged have to tag by kissing people on the lips.

Get Your Kissing Game On

You can modify many other games to include a kissing component. For example, in Monopoly, instead of paying money when you land on someone's hotel, ask the owner if he or she will accept a kiss instead. A little creativity will lead to lots of fun and plenty of kisses.

7 Fun Kissing Games to Play