Examples of How to Write a Love Letter to Your Husband

Updated August 20, 2022
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Sometimes, with the hustle and bustle of life, we forget what's really important. One way to take a step back from the modern world and reconnect with your relationship is writing a love letter to your husband. A romantic note to your life partner can be something incredibly heartfelt, sarcastic, or inspirational, and it'll easily turn into a keepsake they never want to lose.

Now, you might find yourself sweating the small stuff and worrying about how to write a love letter to your husband that sounds great but feels authentic to who you are. Thankfully, there's no 'right' way to pen a personal missive to your favorite person, but looking at a few examples never hurt anyone. If you're not sure how to start your letter, open up with a loving quote for your husband or a special nickname, then let the love pour out.

How to Write a Love Letter to My Husband

Letter writing used to be common, and with communication evolving into texts and direct messages, it's now a dying art. Yet, there's something incredibly personal about receiving a hand-written note carefully printed in a person's individual script. But, as every writer comes to battle, getting the first few words onto the page can be the hardest thing to do. To avoid the romantic love letter for your husband from getting added to the pile of projects you've never finished, use these useful tips to draw out the words.

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Pick a Reason

Before you start writing anything, decide why you're writing the letter. Is there a big celebration coming up you want to commemorate? Or has your husband had a bad couple of weeks and you want to do something sweet for him? Whether it's in advance of a romantic occasion or just because, determining it early will prevent any first paragraph letter ramblings and will make it all the more meaningful and effective.

Decide on a Tone

Whether the note is in a written or visual medium, the tone is a vital storytelling aspect that you can't overlook. If the open letter to your husband is mostly heartfelt and then dips into irreverent sarcasm and back into sentimentality, it can sound jarring for the reader. To tighten up your letter and really pack an emotional punch, pick a tone before you start writing and stick with it throughout.

Include Personal Touches and Memories

As is often quoted and requoted across the internet, the mortifying ordeal of being known means that everyone just wants to be understood by someone else, and there's no one that understands your husband better than you. But, it'll really make your husband's day to see little references to his likes, dislikes, favorite memories, quirks, and humor written into a letter for him to read. These personal touches make it all the more of a romantic act.

Speak from the Heart

You might be tempted to copy examples of famous love letter authors from history: Beethoven or Vita Sackville-West, for instance. While your love is as devoted as Prince Philip and Queen Victoria's, you don't have to mimic the sweeping romantic preludes of the past to write a deep love letter. Rather, you should write down what you feel in your heart in the clearest way. Whether that's in funny references, television show quotes, or poetic verses, that special note for your husband should come directly from your heart. Open up in your letter and share what means most to you in your relationship.

Husband Love Letter Examples to Draw Inspiration From

Just like when you were a kid and you carefully followed your teacher's hands as she practiced writing the letters on her whiteboard, having a few love letter examples for your husband to draw inspiration from can kick-start the creative process. Whether you like your sweet notes saccharine or incredibly deep, these examples will have you writing your sweet, romantic, or inspirational "Dear Husband'' letters in no time.

Short and Sweet Love Letters

From running errands to catching up on lost sleep, there's not enough time in the day to relax, let alone sit and think of a poetic letter to your partner. Thankfully, sometimes all anyone needs is a short note. Added words don't always equal greater meaning, and your favorite person will appreciate them all the same. For example, this letter is only five sentences long, and gives off a whole lot of love.

Dear Sweetheart,

As Elle Woods said at the end of Legally Blonde, "We did it!" We made it. We're here.

Although no one said that it would be easy, I don't ever remember them telling us how hard it would be, either. And it's been hard. We haven't had the fairy tale romance I dreamt of as a kid, nor have we had the Hollywood love affair I fantasized about as an adolescent. But you know what? I'm grateful for that.

Your Soulmate

Notes to Your Husband Focused on the Journey

If you've been together for decades, you've got a wealth of experiences to draw inspiration from for a heartfelt, reflective letter. Writing a note that looks back on the long ride you've had together can inspire a lovely trip down memory lane, and even encourage you and your spouse to make new ones in the future. Like in this example, it's super easy to write out a letter when you can hit on the relationships' highlights that you like best.

Love letter for husband

To My Incredible Husband,

You and I have had a real marriage. It hasn't been perfect, it hasn't been easy, and, honestly, it hasn't always been pleasant. But, still, I'm grateful. Because life isn't perfect, it isn't easy, and it isn't always pleasant. And you and I? We've built a life together.

Through mortgages, layoffs, births, vacations, deaths, retirement plans, health scares, and literally every other high and low (and up and down) that one can go through...you've been there with me. You've been my rock. You've been my anchor. You've been my person. Just as our vows said, you've been there for me in good times and in bad. In sickness and in health. You haven't left my side. And I pray you never do.

Your Forever Love

Love Letters About a Lasting Commitment

A wonderful way to communicate a commitment that you'd like to make to your husband in a way that holds you accountable is through a letter. The act of writing it down makes the promise all the more sincere, and your spouse will appreciate your conviction. Now, these commitments don't even have to be about something serious. You can write a love letter to him promising that you'll stop forgetting to flip the dishwasher sign from dirty to clean; as long as it's specifically tailored to your relationship, it will be special, beautiful, and show your love.

My Husband,

Marriage is hard because life is hard, but that doesn't make either any less beautiful. So here's my pledge to you: I'm going to stop concentrating on the hard, and I'm going to start concentrating on the beautiful.

I'm not going to worry so much about the pile of bills on the counter, the washing machine that's leaking, or even the kids' college tuition that we should've started saving for years ago. (Like, before we had kids years ago.) And instead, I'm going to concentrate on the here and the now and the things we've accomplished.. I'm going to concentrate on remembering to slow down and take time to quite literally smell the roses -- preferably the same roses you planted in the garden when we were newlyweds. Instead, I'm going to remember that life is short and that tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Chores can wait. Life won't.

Your Dedicated Wife/Husband

Notes About Enjoying the Ride

One of the hardest things to do is remember to enjoy life's journey; everywhere you look, there's something demanding your attention and energy, and it can be all too easy to forget that you've got someone riding alongside you the entire way. If you want to remind your husband of how much you enjoy having them as your permanent best friend, a hand-written letter can express all of the things you feel in a way they can understand.

Love letter to the one I love

To the One I Love,

No one said marriage would be easy. But I'm thankful that it's been hard. I'm thankful because it means this is for real. That we're for real. And that we're going to make it through no matter what. And when you know that, you realize that everything else -- the worries and the struggles and the bills -- can take a backseat on this beautiful ride we're on together, because it's going to last for so many more years and there's a sunset I plan on riding off into with you at the very end.

Your Loyal Wife/Husband

Connect With Inspirational Letters to Your Husband

Your husband may be the strongest person you know, but even he may have a moment when he feels insecure or questions what's going on in his life. Remind him of who he is to you with an inspirational letter that shows him how much you respect and admire who he is even during difficult times. Give him encouragement through an inspiring note that calls out what makes him an incredible person, and motivate him to continue being the best he can be through a meaningful letter.

Dear Husband,

It's been a crazy journey - sometimes I'd even call it a roller coaster ride. We've had beautiful times as well as challenging ones, but we've stood by one another through it all, and I'm grateful for that. You've encouraged me and inspired me, and it's been a joy to be your partner.

Today, I just want to remind you of a few of the many things that I love about you, and inspire you to continue being the incredible person that you are. I love your strength, your dedication, and your fierce loyalty. You never give up; even when you're faced with difficulties you pull through. You've made me laugh even during stressful times, and pulled me out of the darkness when I needed it most. You've been a friend and mentor, bringing solid advice and wisdom to those around you.

Neither one of us are strangers to making mistakes, but you've allowed it to help you grow and make you stronger, more compassionate, and a better person. You can speak your mind with confidence, but show humility and gentleness whenever the situation calls for it. If I could turn back time, I would still choose you every time.

Your Biggest Fan

Bring Back the Passion With Romantic Letters

Whether you've been married just a few months or decades, life can get in the way of your romance. Even the most romantic couple in the world can have their passion start to wane when they get busy and stressed. Bring back the spark in your relationship with a heartfelt, romantic letter to your husband that expresses the depth of your love with passionate words.

My Darling,

The list of things I love about you would take decades to write. From your amazing smile to your sweet and funny sense of humor, you never cease to make my heart pound. When I look across the room at you… I have to take a breath. My heart still skips a beat just like the moment I met you.

You may not realize how often I think about you, but you are constantly on my mind and in my heart, even when we're apart or get busy with life. I can't wait to feel your lips on mine and to feel your arms around me. Even though life isn't always perfect, we belong together - and I'm as thankful to have you as my husband now as I was the day we were married.

The strength of our love brings tears of joy to my eyes; you show up time and time again to love me no matter what life throws at us. Your genuine nature and beautiful heart light up my life, and seeing the crinkle at the corner of your eyes when you smile and the grin on your handsome face still fills my heart with love and excitement. I just want to be with you. No matter what happens in this life, you are the one I belong to, that I would do anything for, and that I will always want.

With Love,

Your Wife/Husband

Write Your Feelings on the Page

If you're like so many and you've gotten caught up in life instead of love, you should take the time to sit down and pen your special person a love letter written from the heart. Seeing a handwritten note from their wife or husband will be the highlight of any husband's day. Remember, translate the things that you feel into words on the page in whatever way they come out, as you've got a lot of love to share and your partner deserves to hear it in your very own words.

Examples of How to Write a Love Letter to Your Husband