List of 101 Awesome Ways to Flirt

Updated October 29, 2018
Couple flirting

If you want to attract attention from the opposite sex or just have some fun, this list of 101 ways to flirt will give you plenty of ideas to get started. Learning "Flirtation 101" starts with understanding that successful flirting is never aggressive or creepy.

A Fun List of 101 Ways to Flirt

Flirting can be conscious or subconscious. For some people, flirting comes naturally while for other people practice is needed. People flirt in many different ways but mainly with their facial expressions, touching, body language, words, clothing, and scent. Following is a list of 101 ways to flirt:

  1. Make eye contact
  2. Smile
  3. Wink
  4. Purse your lips
  5. Pout
  6. Smile shyly
  7. Smile with your eyes as well as your mouth
  8. Make eye contact, look away briefly, and then make eye contact again
  9. Hold his gaze a few seconds longer than normal
  10. Let your eyes sparkle when you look at him
  11. Lift one eyebrow
  12. Part your lips
  13. Wet your lips with your tongue
  14. Males: Rub your chin or massage your jaw
  15. Raise both eyebrows up and down two times quickly
  16. Look over your shoulder at him
  17. Look at the person's lips
  18. Bat your eyelashes
  19. Touch your lips with your fingertip
  20. Touch your teeth with your tongue
  21. Run your fingers through your hair slowly
  22. Compliment his strong hands
  23. Display your neck - a visual representation of trust
  24. Mirror his movements
  25. Touch your face lightly while talking with him
  26. Dance closely without touching
  27. Do not move away if he touches you
  28. Turn your body toward him completely when you talk
  29. Laugh and be positive
  30. Stroke an item in your hand
  31. Ask ample questions to demonstrate interest
  32. Ask for a hug and don't balk if he says no
  33. Whisper in his ear
  34. Lightly touch your collarbone while talking to him
  35. Playfully sip from a straw while maintaining eye contact
  36. Lean forward
  37. Cross and uncross your legs
  38. Lean forward and show cleavage
  39. Stand close
  40. Motion him to come closer to you
  41. Play with your hair
  42. Suck on your finger
  43. Apply lipstick
  44. Lean in when he speaks
  45. Repeat what he says to show you're paying attention
  46. Bend over and pick up something in front of him
  47. Play with your necklace
  48. Spin your bracelet and expose the white part of your wrist
  49. Tilt your head to the side
  50. Keep your arms open and unfolded
    Young couple having breakfast
  51. Move to a position in the room where he can approach you easily
  52. Flip your hair to one side
  53. Look at her lips
  54. Walk away, but look back seductively over your shoulder
  55. Keep your body stance open and approachable
  56. Say hello
  57. Say his name when addressing him
  58. Be humorous or witty in responses
  59. Tease her playfully
  60. Ask him questions about himself
  61. Compliment her on non-physical attributes
  62. Be gracious in accepting compliments
  63. Talk positively about people and life in general
  64. Send a flirtatious text message
  65. Initiate a conversation
  66. Make him laugh
  67. Ask for her telephone number
  68. Be a bit naughty without being inappropriate
  69. Pause while you are talking to give him a chance to speak
  70. Say, "If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together."
  71. Say, "Hello, I'm a thief and am here to steal your heart."
  72. Say, "Are you free for the rest of your life?"
  73. Say, "I am new in town, can I get directions to your heart?"
  74. Say, "If love is a crime, lock me up, I am guilty!"
  75. Say, "Heaven must be missing an angel."
  76. Say, "I find you fascinating."
  77. Say, "Do you realize how great you are?"
  78. Say, "Can I flirt with you?"
  79. Say, "Apart from being wonderful, what do you do for a living?"
  80. Say, "I hope you know CPR because you take my breath away."
  81. Ask if she is single
  82. Listen actively and stay interested
  83. Laugh at his jokes
  84. Nod your head when listening so she knows you understand
  85. Smile at his stories and jokes
  86. Let her talk
  87. Don't look away when he talks
  88. Sigh contentedly
  89. Wear clothes that are flattering
  90. Wear something sexy
  91. Wear something low cut
  92. Men: Wear the color blue
  93. Women: Wear the color pink or peach
  94. Be subtle in your sexy look
  95. Leave something to the imagination
  96. Enhance your attributes and hide your body flaws
  97. Run your hands down your body casually
  98. Compliment him on something he is wearing
  99. Wear a light perfume
  100. Use a breath spray
  101. Women: Wear a vanilla or cinnamon scent


You may not feel comfortable with everything on the list of 101 ways to flirt, but some of the ideas may work for you. Be careful to watch for signs that the person you are flirting with is not interested. Sometimes engaging in an obvious method of flirting, such as a corny pickup line or asking for a phone number, is the fastest and most direct approach to flirting.

The Importance of Comfort and Consent

Flirting can quickly become harassment when the recipient doesn't want to engage in flirting. Look for signs of discomfort like looking away, nervous laughter, or trying to walk away. If the other person seems uncomfortable, stop with the flirting attempts. It's appropriate to apologize - but only if it's genuine and not a passive-aggressive statement designed to downplay the other person's feelings.

Expertly Flirting

Remember that the goal of flirting is to have fun, not necessarily pick up on someone. Learning the art of flirting can make it possible for a new relationship to begin or add fire to an existing one.

List of 101 Awesome Ways to Flirt