15 Creative Picnic Ideas for Couples You'll Both Love

Share some wine, cheese, and quality time with your special someone. These simple romantic picnic ideas make it easy.

Published February 21, 2023
Couple relaxing on rooftop against sky during picnic

When it comes to outdoor date ideas, it's kind of hard to beat the romantic potential of a really lovely picnic. After all, imagine you and your someone lounging in the grass on a pretty blanket eating something delicious and just enjoying your time together. These picnic ideas for couples can help inspire you to turn that daydream into reality.

Pick Your Perfect Picnic Spot

Have you ever read that Berenstain Bears book where the bears struggle to find the perfect spot for a picnic, only to be swarmed by biting insects and terrible weather? The first (and arguably the most important) decision you have to make in planning your outdoor romantic picnic is where to have it. Every area of the country (and the world) has great places to picnic, but these are some ideas to help you find yours.

Hit the Beach

The beach is a wonderful spot for a picnic, especially if there's a breeze to keep bugs away. Choose a lake or ocean beach near you and scout out a private spot ahead of time. The possible pitfall here is sand, so bring a large blanket to sit on and covers for your food. Also, think about a beach umbrella or shade structure in case it's super sunny.

Nab a Spot at the Scenic Lookout

If you live near a place with scenic turnouts, these can be ultimate picnic locations. The key here is to make sure you get a spot, since these can get busy on weekends and at sunset (prime picnic time). One good strategy is to have a friend get there ahead of time and save the spot for you - then split, so they aren't the third wheel for your romantic picnic.

Look to Your Own Backyard

You don't actually have to go anywhere fancy to have a romantic picnic. You can string up some fairy lights or put out some candles and make your own backyard into the most beautiful place around. Other decorating options include tying ribbons in trees, scattering comfy pillows on the picnic blanket, and putting out some flowers. Anything you do to add that something extra will make it special.

Head to a Park

Parks are classic picnic locations for a reason - they pretty much have all the facilities you might need right there. There are pavilions and gazebos for rain, grills for cooking up amazing food, and even trash bins for cleaning up. Like your own backyard, you have to do something to make this special for a couples picnic though. Go for flowers and a nice picnic blanket and pillows.

Quick Tip

Make a picnic success pack to troubleshoot potential problems. Include insect repellant, sun block, extra napkins, and anything else you might need.

Picnic Theme Ideas for Couples

Like any party or date, a theme makes planning much easier. You can take your theme from your location or try one of these sweet options.

Remember When

Picnics are all about nostalgia, and you can play that up by using old-fashioned foods and fabrics at your picnic. Go with a classic red and white picnic blanket, a wicker basket, and real dishes and glassware. Bonus points if you bring along straw hats to keep the sun off and maybe a soundtrack that includes some old-fashioned music.

Springtime in Paris

Sure, it's a classic prom theme and all that, but there really is something amazing about Paris in the springtime. You can channel all that French glamour with the perfect picnic. Think French food, romantic music, and lots of wine (or sparkling juice).

Chill and Grill

A picnic doesn't have to be fancy to be romantic. If you and your sweetheart have stressful daily lives, this picnic can be a chance to reconnect and relax at the same time. Keep everything super chill with comfy pillows and low-stress food options. You can grill burgers or hot dogs right there if you bring along a portable grill or use one that's at the place you're picnicking.

Tasty Picnic Food Ideas for Couples

Italian appetizers for outdoor gathering party

The perfect picnic lunch or dinner is really about the foods you both love, but you also need to consider what will travel well. And if you're like lots of us, you don't want to eat something too messy on a date. Try some of these delicious choices.

Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board is the grown-up version of snacking on cold cuts, and it's so perfect for a picnic. Bring along a wooden cutting board, your favorite meats and cheeses, and crackers or slices of fresh bread. You can also add in different types of mustard or chutney to bring some spice to your romantic meal.

Fresh Mozzarella Sandwiches

Caprese salad is a wonderful spring and summer treat, but it doesn't always travel well. If you don't want to have to worry about forks, you can turn it into a picnic sandwich you'll both love. Just cut a baguette lengthwise and layer fresh tomato slices, fresh mozzarella, and basil leaves inside. Drizzle with a balsamic vinegar reduction. If you want to add protein, grilled chicken is perfect.

Roll-Up Sandwiches

A roll-up sandwich is easy to eat on the go, and you can make them ahead of time. Chicken salad, veggie wraps, and other options are simple and delicious. Add plenty of fresh ingredients and bring along chips as a side.

Fruit and Cheese

Fresh fruit (think strawberries, grapes, and other easy-to-eat treats) and artisan cheeses make a wonderful and romantic pairing. Visit the cheese counter and pick up some brie, smoked cheddar, and other delicacies. Bring in some fresh bakery bread to complete the meal.

Sweet Picnic Activities to Do With Someone Special

Picnics are about eating for sure, but once you've finished those tasty treats, it's nice to have something to do with your special someone. These romantic picnic activities for couples can be a perfect way to spend your time together.

Take Turns Asking Questions

A picnic is a great chance to deepen your connection with your partner or get to know someone better. Print out a list of questions to ask your romantic partner and take turns asking and answering.

Play Some Music

If you can play an instrument, this is the perfect time to do it. Bring along your guitar and play a favorite song for your special someone. If you don't play, you can make a playlist and listen together.

Read to Each Other

Pick a favorite book from your childhood or a novel you've been reading lately, and take turns reading out loud to each other. Poetry is another great choice, especially if there are some poems that are especially meaningful to the two of you.

Go for a Stroll

After your picnic lunch or dinner, go for a short walk together. You can take a hike to see the sunset from a romantic spot or just take a leisurely walk to explore the area.

Try a Romantic Picnic for Quality Time Together

A picnic makes a low-key and romantic date, whether you've been together for years or this is your first outing as a couple. It's all about the quality time you're spending together, so every bit of effort you put in is a chance to deepen your connection and just have a good time.

15 Creative Picnic Ideas for Couples You'll Both Love