Royal Last Names Today and Through History

Published January 26, 2021
Golden crown on Skeppsholm Bridge

Royal families can be found all around the globe. Explore royal last names from England, France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and more. Learn how these names are connected to royalty.

European Royal Names

When it comes to royal last names, Europe has a lot of them. Many countries and provinces have a long line of royal families. Explore examples of royal surnames found throughout England, France, Scotland, and more.

English and British Royal Last Names

Are you looking to see if you have a royal name? England has a long history of monarchs all the way to the current Queen Elizabeth. Interestingly enough, many of these surnames come from the location of the royal family. Learn some of the interesting last names of royals in England past and present. Examine how these royal last names are linked to royalty.

  • Cromwell - Oliver Cromwell ruler of British Isles

Oliver Cromwell
  • Howard - Duke of Norfolk

  • Markle - English royalty Prince Harry's wife surname

  • Middleton - English royalty Prince William's wife surname

  • Stanley - English baron roots

  • Tudor - King Henry VII

  • Wettin - Queen Victoria Wettin

  • Windsor - Queen Elizabeth's royal family in 2021

Windsor family
  • York - territorial name designated as a royal last name

Scottish Royal Last Names

England isn't the only land in Europe to have a wealth of royalty. Scotland also has an impressive list of royal last names. Explore a list of royal Scottish last names and who they are linked to.

  • Alpin - the first king of the Scots surname

  • Balliol - king John Balliol

  • Barclay - Chamberlain of Scotland

  • Bruce - Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce in Scotland
  • Canmore - Malcolm of Canmore (Malcolm III)

  • Robertson - the surname of several Scottish kings

  • Stuart - last name of the royal house of Scotland

Other European Royal Names

Other countries around Europe like France, Denmark, Finland, and Rome have a wealth of royal last names for you to check out. You can even find Greek royal last name and royal last names of the Netherlands gracing this impressive list.

  • Agnes - past Prince Reuss of Gera

  • Augustus - the surname of Rome's emperor

  • Bernadotte - Swedish royalty in the 1800s

  • Bourbon - French royal family of House of Bourbon

  • Charlemagne - Charles the Great king of Franks

  • Conrad - the surname of the royal house of Conrad, early German king

  • Ferdinand - Archduke Franz Ferdinand

  • Germanicus - Roman emperor Nero

  • Glucksburg - Greek and Danish royal family of the House of Glucksburg

  • Guillaume - the last name of the prince of Luxembourg

  • Gustav - 1500 Swedish royal family surname

  • Herbert - 1500s baron of Herbert

  • Izyaslavich - last name of British royal family

  • Kiev - ruler of Kievan Rus

  • Makedon - Macedonian royal house

  • Mountbatten - Prince Philip of Greece

Britain's Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  • Orleans - French royal family of The House of Orleans

  • Pavlovich - Duke Dmitri Pavlovich of Russia

  • Sviatoslavyach - the surname of the Rurik dynasty

African Royal Names

While Europe might be the first place you think of when it comes to royal last names, they are by far the only continent to offer a royal affair. Explore different Egyptian and other royal last names found throughout Africa.

  • Fouad - last king of Egypt

  • Mahlangu - king of Ndebele

  • Nefertiti - 18th-century Egyptian Pharoah surname

bust of Nefertiti
  • Pasha al-Mas'ud ibn Agha - Ottoman ruler surname

  • Philopator - Cleopatra's surname

  • Seeiso - the surname of the princess of Lesotho

Middle Eastern Royal Last Names

The middle east is full of current and past royal last names. Explore royal surnames found in this part of the world.

  • Abdulaziz - Saudi Arabian royal family

  • Al Hashim - king of Jordan

  • Al Maktoum - the royal family of Emirate of Dubai

  • Al Nahyan - ruler of Abu Dhabi

Emirati President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan
  • Al Said - the surname of the Sultan of Oman

  • Al Saud - the surname of House of Saud

  • Al-Thani - Emir of Qatar

  • Dlamini - Swaziland royal family

  • Ilunga - Luba prince and Emperor of Lunda

Asian Royal Last Names

When it comes to the Asian continent, there has been an abundance of emperors and royal dynasties. However, like many royals, most Asian dynasties didn't have a surname, but they did carry a family or dynasty name.

  • Bolkiah - Sultan of Brunei

  • Jimmu - emperor of Japan

  • Khan - Mongol rulers

  • Pema - the surname of Bhutanese queen

  • Sho - the last name of the Second Sho Dynasty

  • Vajiralongkorn - king of Thailand's surname

  • Wangchuck - the last name of the Bhutan king

  • Ying - the adopted surname of royalty from the Qin dynasty

  • Yi - Korean royal family

Yi Seok, last in the Korean royal line still in the country
  • Zhang - descendants of emperor Huang Di

Island Royal Last Names

While royal families can be found ruling across multiple continents like the Queen of England. You can find a few royal last names in the islands that are unique to the area. A few of these include:

  • Tupou - royal monarchs of Tonga

King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau'u
  • Kamehameha - the surname of royal Hawaiian family

A Royal Last Name

When you think of royalty, you might think of the Queen of England. However, royal last names can be found all over the world. You might even check your last name to see if you have any royal connections.

Royal Last Names Today and Through History