60 Foolproof Second Date Ideas for Every Season

Updated August 31, 2020
couple on a second date

Good second date ideas help to ensure it will be a successful night. After your first date, you should have a better understanding of the things your date is into and enjoys doing. This information should make choosing the venue and theme for your second date much easier.

15 Summer Second Date Ideas

Summer is a great time of the year for having lots of things to do outside. You can find plenty of ideas for all your summer dates!

Play at an Amusement Park

There is lots to do on a second date when you go to an amusement park. This can be an expensive date, so make sure you know what everything will cost and take extra money.

Chill Out With a Beach or Pool Date

A second date at the beach or swimming pool can be a fun way to get to know each other better. Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and a cooler of water, sodas, and snacks to impress your date with your caring attention to details.

Get on the Water

Take your date boating, canoeing, kayaking, or sailing. If you don't have a boat, then you can always rent one or two. Always wear a life vest when on the water.

couple traveling with yacht

Browse a Farmer's Market

A trip to the farmer's market can become a bonding moment for a second date. Many market growers offer free samples so you know what you're buying. The two of you can discover new foods and may even find some you can prepare together for lunch or dinner.

Take a Farm Tour With Petting Zoo

Many farmers open their farms to visitors. You can learn how your foods are grown and livestock are cared for. Some farmers have a few of their livestock corralled in a petting zoo that can make your tour lots of fun.

Go Water Skiing

Spending the day on the lake water skiing is another great summer pastime. Be sure you take a cooler of water, sodas, and snacks to refuel.

Play a Round of Mini Golf

Who doesn't like mini golf? Mini golf doesn't intimidate people the way other sports might. Finish with a trip to an ice cream parlor or a meal at an old-fashioned diner.

Attend an Outdoor Concert and Picnic

Some cities and towns host weekly outdoor concerts. Many of these are held in city parks or city greens where you can spread out a quilt and enjoy a picnic while listening to various musicians.

Go Stand-up Paddleboarding

An afternoon spent paddleboarding makes a great second date in the summer. If it's your date's first time on the paddleboard, give a few quick pointers and then have fun!

Spend the Day Tubing on the River

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than tubing along a lazy river. Reserve your spots with a tubing company that transports you via their van or bus upstream where you'll float downstream to their business.

Go to a Rodeo

Rodeos are held year-round but are specific to regions, so you need to check to see if any summer rodeos are held in your area. If you luck out, but your date doesn't own a cowboy hat, you can present one when you arrive to pick up your date.

Go Surfing

If you're an expert surfer, you can teach your date. If neither of you has surfed before, then a class or lesson can be lots of fun as the two of you learn together.

Take a Waterfall Tour

Incorporate a self-guided tour of local waterfalls with a tasty picnic. Many mountain areas with lots of waterfalls have guidebooks you can access online to help you plan your tour.

Play at a Water Park

What better way to cool off in the summer heat than an exciting second date at a water park? Make sure you plan for snacks or a meal to keep your energy levels up.

couple at water park

Visit Animals at the Zoo

A day at the zoo can be a good second date choice. Many zoos have a natural habitat for all or some of their animals that gives you the opportunity to walk the trails between the habitats and get to know each other better. Be sure to take bottles of water to offset the summer heat.

15 Fall Second Date Ideas

Fall is filled with colorful leaves, brisk weather, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Choose a fun activity to take advantage of the season and your date is guaranteed to have a great time!

Navigate a Corn Maze

What could be more entertaining than trying to find your way through a corn maze? It will require teamwork and provide lots of fun and laughter for a second date.

Take a Fall Leaf Tour and Visit an Apple Orchard

If you live in an area that highlights fall with the changing colors of leaves, take a drive to enjoy the beauty nature has to offer. Find an apple orchard where the two of you can pick your own apples and enjoy the different apple dishes the orchard shop offers.

Attend a Halloween Costume Party

Invite your date to a Halloween costume party. Plan your costumes to complement each other and take lots of selfies.

Couple at a Halloween costume party

Tour a Creepy Halloween Haunted House

You can get into the Halloween spirit by going to a haunted house. Plan an after fright night wind down with friends to share your scary tales.

Enjoy Halloween Movie Marathon

Some movie theaters host a Halloween movie marathon. If your date enjoys scary fright night movies, this is the perfect date for both of you. If you can't find a local venue, create your own movie marathon, complete with popcorn, sodas, and candy bars.

Bundle up for a Haunted Hayride

An old-fashioned fall hayride is great fun when it travels along a haunted trail. Choose a bird's-eye place on the wagon for you and your date and hang on!

Go Horseback Riding

A horseback ride is a wonderful way to spend a fall afternoon together. Set out on a park trail or if you live on a farm, you can make it an impressive personal tour via horseback.

Get Active at a Paintball Park

Working together as a team in a paintball game can provide loads of fun. Take time to share your expert advice with your date and enjoy yourselves!

Take a Spin on Roller Skates

A date at the skating rink is always fun. You and your date can show off your roller skating moves, especially when it comes time for couple skating.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Sign up for a scavenger hunt. If you're looking for a fun way to get to know each other better, this is it. You and your date must pull together as a team to find all the items on your list. Celebrate with dessert from your favorite pastry shop.

Spend the Day at a State or Local Fair

There are many fun things to do at a state or local fair. Enjoy cotton candy and corn dogs and win your date a stuffed animal for a souvenir of your second date.

couple on a date at the local fair

Attend the Thanksgiving Parade

Nothing gets you excited for the holidays the way a local Thanksgiving parade can. Plan to arrive early so you can get a good place to watch the parade. Take a blanket in case your date gets cold.

Explore a Town Fall Festival

You can enjoy the fall weather and everything your local community has to offer when you plan your second date at the town fall festival. Find a memento for each of you to memorialize your second date. Take a few moments to explore the festival cuisine and end your fun day with a food truck dinner.

Take a Walking Ghost Tour

Going on a local walking ghost tour can be the perfect fun second date. What could be better than being scared together? Afterward, celebrate your survival with a latte at your favorite coffee shop.

Go on a Yard Sale Binge

Going to several yard sales can be a fun way to spend your second date. Make sure you have cash in case your date finds a hidden jewel. What a great way to find a memento of your second date.

15 Winter Second Date Ideas

Finding activities during the winter is easy. There are many fun things you can do on a date during the winter months.

Go Bowling

A fun second date is a trip to the bowling alley. You can have some light competition with your date while testing your skills.

Enjoy Caroling

Share the Christmas spirit on your second date when the two of you join in a group of carolers. This may be a planned progressive caroling where each homeowner invites you inside for a hot chocolate, dessert, or cookies. You might also enjoy a caroling trail that is routed through a neighborhood, nursing home, or downtown square. The two of you are sure to have a fun time.

Take a Christmas Cookie Decorating Class

Get in the mood for Christmas by attending a cookie decorating class. Be sure to decorate a cookie just for your date.

couple making Christmas cookies

Share a Christmas Light Tour

Some communities decorate their homes and host drive-through tours. There's nothing more romantic than driving with your headlights off and enjoying the bright Christmas lights and decorations.

Watch a Christmas Movie and Have Dinner

Movies are released during the Christmas season, so you should have several choices for your second date. Plan an early dinner together, followed by the movie.

Attend a Christmas Music Concert

A Christmas cantata is a good way for couples to share the joy of the season. Enjoy a nice dinner together either before or after the festive music.

Experience a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Plan your second date for the town Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Many shops stay open late so attendees can shop. The two of you can do a little window shopping and afterwards grab a holiday dessert at your favorite spot.

Play an Escape Room Game

You can show off your mental acuity when you book a date for an escape room. Choose to participate with strangers so the two of you are focused on each other.

Browse an Ice Sculpture Display

You can take in the fun of an ice sculpture display followed by hot chocolate at your favorite diner or coffee shop. If classes are offer, you and your date may find a class in ice sculpturing a fun activity to enjoy together.

Go Ice Skating

Whether you live in an area with outdoor ice skating or have an indoor rink, you can impress your date with your ice skills. Warm up afterwards with spicy hot chocolates.

couple ice skating

Try Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a fun sport the two of you can enjoy together. Make sure you have money for refreshments afterwards to refuel after this exerting activity.

Explore a Museum Exhibit

A museum exhibit during the holiday season can offer many possibilities for a fun second date. Choose an exhibit that will offer both of you a new experience.

Go Sledding

If you have ample snowfall, then sledding is a fun way to spend your second date. Afterwards, you can join friends for a bonfire and laughter.

Enjoy a Snow Skiing Adventure

If you live in an area where snow skiing is available, you can have dating fun out on the slopes. There's always hot cocoa to finish up your awesome date.

Attend a Nutcracker Performance

A live performance of The Nutcracker is often a tradition for many families. You and your date can enjoy this Christmas favorite. Save your programs for mementos of your second date.

15 Spring Second Date Ideas

Getting back out into the fresh air is always welcomed after being cooped up inside during the winter months. Choose a cool second date by taking advantage of outdoor activities.

Visit Sea Life at an Aquarium

A local aquarium is an exciting choice for a second date. Be sure you visit the gift shop to buy your date a souvenir to remember your time together.

Follow a Bicycle Trail

An afternoon second date pedaling along a bicycle trail may be your ideal spring activity. You can bike along a park trail or along the beach for a sunny adventure.

Attend a Drive-in Movie

There are some drive-in theaters still in operation with more cropping up across America. This old-fashioned movie theater offers couples a nostalgic choice that comes with many of the same eats as an indoor theater.

Fly Kites

The spring winds are ideal for flying kites. You can join others in the park, in a kite flying competition or just the two of you on the beach.

Race Go Karts

There's nothing wrong in a little competition. Racing go karts around a track can be a lot of fun for a second date.

Take a Hike

Springtime is a wonderful time of year for a hike. The fresh spring green is like eye candy that you can almost soak up. Choose an easy trail for your first hike together.

Attend a Spring Festival

Many towns and cities host a spring festival that is filled with food vendors, artists, crafters, and musicians. Plan to spend the day enjoying everything your community has to offer.

Look to the Skies With Stargazing

With warmer evening, stargazing can be a wonderful way to spend your second date. It can be just the two of you on a quilt with a telescope, or you can join an event hosted by an astronomy club, planetarium, or observatory.

Couple looking at the stars

Walk a State Park Nature Trail

Many state parks host a nature trail. Take a self-guided hike or join one hosted by the park ranger.

Take Tennis Lessons

If you and your date have never played tennis, sign up for a morning tennis lesson. Afterwards, you can plan to enjoy a game between the two of you.

Play at a Trampoline Park

An afternoon at the trampoline park is great fun for a second date. Finish your date with a spontaneous picnic by pickup up a takeout order and setting up in the park, on the beach or mountainside, and watch the spring sunset together.

Have a Volleyball Game on the Beach

You and your date can join in a volleyball game on the beach. Put the game together to share the fun with your friends.

Enjoy a Walking Garden Tour

Springtime is always special, and some towns and cities host a walking garden tour. This can be a nice way to get to know each other better on a second date.

Have a Zip Line Adventure

You can spend your second date enjoying a zip line adventure together. Choose one that offers you the best scenic views and interests.

couple in the adventure park

Go on a Zombie Run

You can challenge your date to participate in a zombie run. Together, the two of you can outrun the apocalyptic zombies and celebrate afterwards with an outdoor dining meal.

Second Date Ideas for Every Season

If you're looking for a foolproof second date idea, you want to choose something both of you will enjoy. You can often combine one or more ideas for a longer date that will truly wow your date.

60 Foolproof Second Date Ideas for Every Season