Shirley Jones' Family: Meet Her Children & Grandchildren

When it comes to Shirley Jones' children and grandchildren, there was no escaping the entertainment gene.

Published April 24, 2023
Actress Shirley Jones and producer Marty Ingels are joined by Shirley’s son (L-R) Patrick, Shaun, and Ryan Cassidy following their wedding

A star of stage and screen, Shirley Jones is one entertainment powerhouse who spent six decades in the business. During her time starring in broadway shows and television series, she managed to find time to settle down and have a family of her own. Having entered show business at a relatively young age, her grandchildren have matured in a less public direction, choosing non-starring jobs in entertainment. See just what the singer and star's children and grandchildren are up to today.

Shirley Jones' Marriages

In a move that upset her broadway mentor, Richard Rogers, Shirley Jones entered into a romance and marriage with actor Jack Cassidy. Theirs was a complicated relationship, filled with unsubtle affairs on Cassidy's part. Their relationship was complicated by his falling stardom and her star skyrocketing with lead roles in shows and films like Oklahoma!, Carousel, and The Music Man.

Yet, her Brady Bunch style blended family with Cassidy's son, David, from a previous marriage, and her own three children with Jack (Shaun, Patrick, and Ryan) survived the tumult for 18 years. She later married Marty Ingels, who passed in 2015, and she is currently still thriving at an impressive 89 years old.

Breaking Down Shirley Jones' Children and Grandchildren

Shirley Jones was just as prolific of a mother as she was a Hollywood star and had three biological children of her own (plus one beloved stepson). Her brood's only grown larger when her children started their own families. To date, she has an impressive 11 known grandchildren.

Shirley Jones' Grandchildren Their Parents
Katie Cassidy David Cassidy & Sherry Williams
Beau Cassidy David Cassidy & Sue Shifrin
Caitlin Cassidy Shaun Cassidy & Ann Pennington
John "Jake" Cassidy Shaun Cassidy & Ann Pennington
Juliet Cassidy Shaun Cassidy & Susan Diol
Caleb Cassidy Shaun Cassidy & Tracey Lynne Turner
Roan Cassidy Shaun Cassidy & Tracey Lynne Turner
Lila Cassidy Shaun Cassidy & Tracey Lynne Turner
Mairin Cassidy Shaun Cassidy & Tracey Lynne Turner
Cole Cassidy Patrick Cassidy & Melissa Hurley
Jack Cassidy Patrick Cassidy & Melissa Hurley

David Cassidy and His Children

David Cassidy, with his mother Evelyn Ward, sitting on a couch together, circa 1975

David Cassidy's by far the best-known and most successful of Shirley Jones' kids. Although he was only her step-child (born to Evelyn Ward and Jack Cassidy during Jack's first marriage), he spent his late-teens and early twenties integrated into his step-mother and step-brothers' lives. Before long, his acting career took a meteoric rise when he was cast alongside his stepmother in the hit show, The Partridge Family. Unfortunately, the teen idol status he never wanted belied a darker struggle with substance abuse, the likes of which would lead to his 2017 death.

David Cassidy had a number of love affairs, and one of his love affairs with Sherry Williams produced his first child, daughter Katie Cassidy. His third marriage to Sue Shifrin gave him his second child, a son named Beau.

Katie Cassidy

Because of the nature of her parent's brief relationship, Katie Cassidy (born 1986) didn't see much of her father for most of her upbringing. Despite that, she couldn't escape her talented family legacy, and has been working as an actress since 2003. Some of the more notable projects she's worked on include When a Stranger Calls, Supernatural, and Arrow. She was shortly married to Matthew Rodgers from 2017-2020. Since her divorce, she's continued acting and producing, and you can follow her Instagram to keep up-to-date on her current endeavors.

Beau Cassidy

Beau Cassidy was born in 1991 to Sue Shifrin and David Cassidy. Unlike his half-sister, he's kept himself largely out of the public eye save for a few small appearances in television shows and films circa 2014-2015. According to his IMDb, he's an aspiring singer and actor. Since his social media profiles are private, we'll just have to wait and see what his future holds.

Shaun Cassidy and His Children

Shaun Cassidy and Shirley Jones at Limelight Club, New York, March 1, 1994

Shaun Cassidy is Shirley Jones' first biology child with husband, Jack Cassidy. Shaun was born in 1958 and followed in his father's and mother's entertainment footsteps at an early age. While his singing career didn't quite rival his older half-brother's, his producing credits eclipsed most of his siblings'. But, his claim to fame in the 1970s was starring in the hit show The Hardy Boys.

Since the 2000s, he's had a lucrative career as an executive producer and writer on many network tv shows, most recently the show New Amsterdam. Shaun's been married three times, which have resulted in seven kids.

Caitlin Cassidy

Caitlin Cassidy was Shaun Cassidy and Ann Pennington's first child. She was born in 1981 and has continued in her parent's legacy by working in the entertainment industry. She's had a really successful career as a makeup artist working on shows like Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and The Last Ship. Recently, she's worked as the makeup department head for the film, The Cursed Man. You can keep up-to-date on her career and personal life through her Instagram.

John "Jake" Cassidy

There's less known about Ann Pennington and Shaun Cassidy's second child, Jake Cassidy. He was born in 1985, graduated from Boston University, and has worked some in the entertainment industry.

Juliet Cassidy

Juliet Cassidy is Susan Diol (Shaun's second wife) and Shaun Cassidy's first child together, born in 1998. Although there's little known about her personal life, she's just embarked on her professional career. According to IMDb, she served as an assistant executive producer on the series Hysteria.

Caleb Cassidy

Caleb Cassidy is Shaun Cassidy and Tracey Lynne Turner's first child together and his fourth. Born in 2005, Caleb has recently finished high school and will be starting his journey into independent adulthood.

Roan, Lila, and Mairin Cassidy

Shaun Cassidy and Tracey Lynne Turner's youngest three children are Roan, Lila, and Mairin, born in 2006, 2008, and 2011 respectively. Since there are still young minors, there's very little public knowledge about their lives and pursuits.

Patrick Cassidy and His Children

Shirley Jones and Patrick Cassidy

Patrick Cassidy is Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy's second child, born in 1962. Of course, he wouldn't be a member of the Cassidy family if he didn't carve out his own corner of Hollywood. He's had a successful career as an actor, starring in shows like Smallville and Ruby & the Rockits, as well as in several off-broadway productions. He's been married twice, once to Anja Stewart and then to Melissa Hurley since 1994.

Cole Cassidy

Cole Cassidy is Patrick Cassidy and Melissa Hurley's first son and was born in 1995. As of right now, there's no confirmed public accounts or credits to Cole's name.

Jack Cassidy

Jack Cassidy is Patrick Cassidy and Melissa Hurley's second child, born in 1998. In his early twenties, he's just started to break into the music industry. According to Lippman Entertainment, he was a contestant on season 12 of The Voice and continues to pursue a singing and songwriting career in the Christian music space.

Ryan Cassidy

Ryan Cassidy and date

Ryan Cassidy is Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy's youngest child, born in 1966. Just like his brothers and parents, he too, has pursued a career in the limelight. Although his career was more brief than his parents or siblings, he had moderate success in front of the screen. However, he's long since transitioned into working with the set crew on the production side of television.

There are conflicting reports about whether he was once married to a woman named Bonnie and if he had one child with her. However, in more recent concrete news, he released a children's book entitled James Cagney Was My Babysitter.

Just a Few Partridges in a Pear Tree

Not only does Shirley Jones have a career worth remembering, she has a large family to carry on her legacy. With talented genes like hers, it only makes sense that her brood would each find their own way to the Hollywood sign and contribute in various roles to the entertainment business she loves so much.

Shirley Jones' Family: Meet Her Children & Grandchildren