Photos of 10 Couples Kissing

Updated November 15, 2018

Romantic Kiss

A kiss can take your breath away and can confirm chemistry that points to compatibility. The right kiss, at the right time, with the right person is unlike anything else.

Innocent Kisses

First kisses become fond memories. There is a real innocence in that very first kiss that makes it magical.

Couples Kissing - First Time

Much leads up to that first kiss - so when it actually happens it can be a wonderful moment. And while each person brings their own expectations for that first kiss, when it goes well it's amazing.

Stolen Kisses

A kiss that is stolen, forbidden or threatened with the danger of being caught can be exhilarating. Many elicit affairs begin with one stolen kiss, so don't seek out these kisses if you don't want to deal with the consequences.

Eskimo Kisses

Why do they call it an Eskimo kiss when couples brush noses rather than touch lips? Because rumors abound that the moisture of a shared kiss in the frozen tundra can seal mouths together. Myth or truth? Eskimo kisses are still sweet.

Demonstrating Passion

Words might be able to express passion fairly well, but a passionate kiss can convey more than words ever can. A passionate kiss reveals desire and attraction.

Christmas Kisses

Couples kissing at Christmas may be taking advantage of the mistletoe to explore their feelings. More than a few couples have enjoyed a holiday-sanctioned smooch courtesy of the hanging plant.

Wedding Kisses

When a couple is pronounced man and wife, he is always urged to kiss his bride and seal their union. Some couples wait until the moment they're declared married before they ever share a kiss, citing a desire to know one another better before engaging in anything physical.

Sunset Kisses

Sunsets are a romantic time for couples and kissing in front of the sunset can create a romantic experience for both of them. The setting is secondary to the person you're kissing, of course.

Mature Kisses

Couples kissing is not just for young people or couples. Kisses, like wine, age well over time. Maturity and familiarity can prompt some of the best kisses.

Those who enter their golden years with someone they still want to kiss are lucky indeed.

Photos of 10 Couples Kissing