What Kind of Aunt Are You?

Updated September 21, 2021
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Every family has its fair share of vibrant and colorful personalities. Blessed are the little ones who get to grow up alongside at least one or two aunties who love them dearly. While aunts are devoted and magical beings, it's their quirky nature and bold, mold-breaking personalities that make them stand out from the rest of your kin. Your kids will learn so much, and experience such a special bond with one of these types of aunts. What type of aunt are you?

The 'Live Your Best Life, Kids' Aunt

This aunt thinks everything her niece and/or nephew does is adorable, no matter what. This might not go over quite as well once the kids return home and put up a stink because Aunt Sarah thinks glitter on the cat is art. Why should the grandparents have all the fun? When the kids hang with her, she doesn't see anything wrong with letting them rule the roost. An R-rated movie? So what if they're 10? Ice cream for breakfast? Hey, it's dairy, a component in the food pyramid. She's the one who earns one of those funny aunt nicknames from the kids. Whatever the little angels want, it's her pleasure to make it happen. Your kids are putty in this aunt's hands and they can't wait to spend every second with their favorite auntie.

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The Overzealous, Proud Aunt

This is the kind of aunt that puts her nieces and nephews before herself. Their activities are the epicenter of her social life, and she doesn't even attempt to mask her unbridled pride in every single thing they do. When she does find a minute to socialize with people in her personal circle, the time is spent scrolling through images of her niece's latest basketball game or her nephew's recent art exhibit. Each room in her home showcases at least a few pictures of her brother or sister's kids at various stages of their lives, and everything the kids ever made her is displayed somewhere in her house. Her nieces and nephews are her world, and while shrines devoted to them seem off to many, you know it is just because her heart swells with pride at everything they do.

The Never Miss a Moment Aunt

Her calendar is jam-packed with everything her nieces and nephews have going on. She shows up at every soccer game wearing a giant pin with her favorite player's face on it and cheers more loudly than any other spectator. This aunt is sure to arrive at every dance recital 45 minutes early so she has the best seat in the house, because you know she is taping the entire performance. You can count on her to be your number one fan until her dying breath. Her nieces and nephews are so lucky to have her unwavering support. You know that if they ever needed her, she would be there in a hot second.

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The Aunt Who's Basically a Kid Herself

Every one of the nieces and nephews adores this aunt because she is basically a big kid herself. Yes, she has her own place, pays her bills, maybe even keeps a pet alive, but she is light years away from being a parent herself. When the holidays roll around, she gives out the coolest presents (because she really wants to play with them herself). She is always down for an afternoon of coloring, skateboarding, or a few rounds of hide and seek, and nothing will stop her from hurling herself into a pool while yelling, "Cannonball!"

You can't ask her to keep the kids for the weekend, and if you step away from your children, you have to remind her to keep them alive. Maternal genes aren't quite developed in this aunt, but regardless, she makes the ultimate playmate for your offspring.

The Giver of All Knowledge Aunt

No matter what the topic is, this aunt has all the answers. Sure, the answers are incorrect and not evenly humanly possible, but she seems to feel the need to throw solutions out into the universe no matter what. Even when you aren't seeking insight, she is there to feed you snippets of "knowledge" and relatively useless facts. Her favorite terms are, "You know what will fix that?" and "That happened to a person I know."

This aunt would be so useful if only her knowledge wasn't forever sitting in left field. The Giver of All Knowledge Aunt doesn't always equate with genius intellect. She gathers her wisdom from pockets on the internet and random acquaintances who swear by things. You learn to let her words go in one ear and out the other, and you smile through her endless explanations on literally everything because, bless her heart, she really does want to fix it all.

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The Aunt Who All the Kids Want to Be

She is a dazzling specimen of womanhood and everything the kids aspire to be. She walks into a room with confidence, always sporting the latest fashion trends. Her job is amazing, and she travels to faraway corners of the world doing what she loves. She is sure to insert words of wisdom into your children's lives so they grow up to be a powerhouse like herself someday; and you know that when the time comes, she is going to help them rock the heck out of the universe. It's pretty impossible not to be a bit in awe of what she has been able to accomplish. Everyone is insanely proud of her, and happy to have such a strong and aspiring female role model in the family.

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The Do-It-All (How Does She Never Stop?) Aunt

You are convinced that this aunt is not human. Instead, she runs on Energizer batteries and has no stop function whatsoever. Her home is the hub for all familial activities. Every birthday, holiday, and Sunday dinner takes place in her space, because everyone in the clan knows that she cooks like Emeril and hosts a party like a Kardashian. She does it all, from keeping the house continuously looking pristine to making mouth-watering meals that knock it out of the park.

You have never seen her sit down for any reason. She is always bustling about getting someone another glass of wine or tidying up the kitchen. Somehow, she always looks content and serene to be doing anything and everything for everybody else. She has made "doing it all" an art form, and you can't even imagine her down with a cold or taking a nap.

An Aunt Holds a Special Place in a Child's Heart

There is something so magical about having an amazing aunt to look up to. She loves you like a parent, listens like a best friend, and she's the rarest gem and a true complement to your family's life. If you want to tell her how you really feel about her, send her a card and include a beautiful aunt quote.

What Kind of Aunt Are You?