20 British Handbag Brands Worth Buying

Published December 11, 2020
British woman handbag

British handbag brands offer quality handmade purses you're sure to love. Many British handbags feature unique and creative designs that are adorable and stylish.

British Handbag Brands You'll Love

You will discover that many British handbag brands have a long history within the tannery industry. Included in a list of 20 British handbag brands are a few newcomers that merit your interest for their luxury quality handbag designs.

1. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was the former Givenchy head designer until 2004, when he branched out on his own with his designer label. One of his signature designs is the iconic knuckleduster closures (four rings) of clutches that immediately identifies a clutch as an Alexander McQueen creation. Other purse styles include shoulder bags, top handle classics, satchels, minis, totes, box purses, and crossbody handbags. The prices range from around $920 to $3,500.

Alexander McQueen bag

2. Aspinal of London

Launched in 2001, Aspinal of London creates luxury leather goods, including women's handbags. A luxury brand of contemporary designer handbags, the purses often have a classic or vintage flair while other purse designs are professional designs for the modern woman. Some of the many handbag designs include signature styles, clutch, crossbody, micro, mini, shoulder, totes, camera bags, satchel, hobo, top handle classic, frame, trinket, and hat box. The prices range from around $550 to $1,400.

Aspinal Of London Bag

3. Hettie

Hettie handbags are different from most handbags. There are three basic designs, tote, crossbody, and grab bag (medium sized totes). The materials used to make the handbags isn't typical. The majority of the handbags are 100% wool, while a few are made of canvas fabric. The patterns are plaid with a few polka dot designs purses. The prices range from $180 to $230.

4. Burberry

Burberry is known for its subtle handbag designs that pay tribute to vintage styles. The signature triple-stud closure quickly identifies many purses in the Burberry collection. The purses are made of full grain calf leather, some purses feature a tartan plaid canvas design and other materials. Several popular purse styles include totes, mini, crossbody, shoulder, half cube, and clutch bags. The prices range from $420 to $2,700.

Burberry bag

5. Carpet Bags of England

In 1974, Carpet Bags of England launched a handmade handbag brand. The handbags are made from real carpet and tapestry fabric handbags. The handbag designs follow the traditional English Victorian carpet bags. The styles include handbags, totes, clutches, shoulder bags, framed bags, and other purses. The prices range from around $43 to $217.

6. Danse Lente

The Danse Lente label specialty is handbags along with small leather goods. The name in French means slow dance. The Danse Lente name reflects the inspiration derived from contemporary aesthetics and modern architecture. The purses are recognized by their playful and artistic designs. Some of the designs include slouchy, sphere structured, cigarette box, sculptural bags, clutches, mini purses, baguette, and top handle accordion designs. The prices range from around $270 to $500.

Danse Lente bag

7. Gweniss

The founders of Gweniss purses wanted to keep the art of leather craft alive, and the Gweniss brand was the result of that desire. The brand uses independent manufacturers, craftsmen, and artisans located in England to make the purses with premium quality leather. These handmade purses come with the brand's craftsmanship Quality Promise. Some of the purse styles include satchels, saddle, crossbody, and mini purses. The prices range from around $115 to $245.

8. DeMellier

DeMellier, formerly Milli Millu, was founded in 2013, by Mireia Llusia-Lindh. The leather handbags are handmade by artisans in Spain. If you're altruistic-minded, you'll appreciate the brand's dedication to helping others with the A Bag, A Life charity that donates for each bag purchased a set of vaccines and treatments for children. The shoulder and crossbody designs include totes, mini, maxi, camera, bucket, and half-moon styles. The prices range from around $460 to $595.

Demellier London bag

9. Glencroft

Glencroft purses is based on country wear that includes sheepskin leather handbags. You can find crossbody and saddle bags. The main four colors of the bags are tan, green, navy, and brown. The prices are from around $60 to $73.

10. JW Anderson

JW Anderson is known for the iconic Gothic feel of the Pierce purse and Puzzle purse. The JW anchor signature logo is iconic to many JW Anderson purses. JW Anderson also offers other handbags, such as the wedge bag and the novelty canvas cap bag. Other popular styles include tote, punch bag, crossbody, and shoulder bags. The prices range from around $395 to $2,200.

J.W. Anderson bag

11. M.Hulot

M.Hulot bags presents crafted leather handbags with classical designs aimed at functionality for contemporary women. Some of the styles include crossbody, bum bags, clutches, totes, saddlebags, and satchels. The prices range from around $210 to $400.

12. Mulberry

Mulberry purses was founded in 1979 by Roger Saul using a loan of around $600 from his mother and a tree logo designed by his sister. Since then, the brand has become a favorite British purse, such as the iconic Mulberry purse, Bayswater. Other prized designs can be found in Mulberry's classic shoulder bag and top handle bags. Styles also include the clutch, tote, crossbody, bucket, messenger, satchels, and mini purses.The prices range from around $600 to $1,500.

red Mulberry bag

13. Hyde & Hare

Hyde & Hare is a unique British luxury brand. What makes it so unique is the design use of Italian cowhides and leather. The styles include clutch, tote, and crossbody handbags. The prices range from around $90 to $500.

14. Radley

Radley purses offers a wide range of leather and non-leather purses. One of the cutest designs is the picture bag that features scenes created with leather appliqués. Fine quality leather bag styles include crossbody, shoulder, tote, grab, hobo, clutch, bum bags, and pocket bags. The prices range from around $105 to $375.

Radley London bag

15. Sarah Haran

When founder and creative director, Sarah Haran was unable to find the type of purse she wanted, she taught herself how to make a handbag. What began as a hobby quickly grew into a full time business. Her concept of bag-in-a-bag that allows handbag owners to restyle their purses with tassels, straps and other accessories was an instant hit with other women. Some of the purse style choices include crossbody, clutch, tote, satchel, mini, camera, backpack tote, and envelope style handbags. The prices range from around $165 to $575.

16. The Cambridge Satchel Company

Founded in 2008, the British brand The Cambridge Satchel Company produces satchels and other handbags. Founders Julie Deane and her mother Freda Thomas started designing and selling satchels for children as a way for Julie to pay the fees for her children's private school. The duo unknowingly tapped into a market that had an ever-increasing demand from adult women for the leather satchels. The brand satchel designs are based on the Cambridge and Oxford satchels. The other handbags the brand produces include the batchel (briefcase and satchel combo), classic top clasp handbag, tiny satchel, tote, doctor's bag, and clutch purses. The prices range from around $90 to $545.

Cambridge satchel company bag

17. Kate Sheridan

In 2014, Kate Sheridan launched her accessory and women's wear label. Some of the leather products are made in house through traditional craft methods. Other materials are sourced in the UK and throughout Europe. Some of the purse styles include shoulder bags, totes, rucksacks, cube, mini, and clutch designs. The prices range from around $130 to $415.

18. Tusting

Tusting handbags started out as a tannery and evolved to include handbags. Over a century-old business, the brand offers many leather handbag styles, such as crossbody, shoulder, minis, tote, classic 1950s design, and work bag designs. Customers can also personalize their purchases with a choice of three embossing options of initials, message or handwritten styled message. The prices range from around $230 to $550.

Tusting bag

19. Jane Hopkinson

Since the 1980s, Jane Hopkinson handmade leather handbags has created various purse collections of quality workmanship. Some of the design influences come from 1930s architectural styles. Colors play a large role in Jane Hopkinson purse designs. You can find handbag styles, such as totes, clutches, evening bags, V clutches, shoulder bags, crossbody, and satchels. The prices range from around $225 to $385.

20. Victoria Beckham

In 2008, Victoria Beckham founded her fashion brand that includes a few purse designs. The designs represent a modern minimalism style that includes bucket bag, powder box bag, clutch, crossbody, and structured compact purses. The prices range from around $475 to $2,100.

Victoria Beckham bag

List of 20 British Handbag Brands

When you have a list of 20 British handbag brands, it's easy to discover new brands to shop. You can explore each listing to get a better idea what each company has to offer.

20 British Handbag Brands Worth Buying