Ankle Bracelet Etiquette: Avoid a Fashion Faux Pas

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Ankle bracelets are also called anklets, and are used as an accent to casual attire. They are usually worn in summer or at times when the legs and feet are exposed and when you want to draw attention to that area. To avoid wearing one in a way that looks tacky or inappropriate, be sure to follow a few rules of ankle bracelet etiquette to ensure that wearing your anklet in style.

Ankle Bracelet Etiquette Rules

When wearing an ankle bracelet, almost anything goes. Wearing one depends on your personal style and taste and on what you feel comfortable with wearing. Some may prefer to wear an anklet year-round while others opt to wear it only during summer months while at the beach or pool. No matter what you decide, there are some basic ankle bracelet etiquette rules to keep in mind when wearing your anklet.

Choose the Right Setting

First thing's first, it's fair to say that ankle bracelets don't belong at the workplace or in any professional settings - unless you work in a Hollister store or equivalent. Ankle bracelets that make noise or have bells or chimes on them can also be inappropriate in public quiet areas.

However, there are endless situations where wearing an anklet is totally fine! These include:

  • At the beach
  • While on vacation
  • Relaxing poolside
  • Casual summer party
  • At a festival

Wearing an anklet is also a great option for those wanting to show off their legs during warm weather. They look particularly stylish when combined with a fresh pedicure and fashion-forward footwear.

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Anklet Positioning

An anklet can be worn on either ankle; there are no underlying messages on what it means to wear it on the left versus the right. However, you should never wear your ankle bracelet with pantyhose. It should be worn on bare legs only.

Some fashionistas defy the rules and choose to wear them under their pants or jeans, which is perfectly acceptable in more formal settings as it would remain hidden.

In terms of how you actually wear it, some prefer to wear it hanging loosely from the ankle while others prefer it to be snug and above the ankle bone. To measure for the correct size, simply take a measuring tape and wrap it around where you would like to wear the bracelet. Then add a half inch to the measurement. Typically, a nine-inch anklet fits a smaller ankle, while a ten-inch is the average size.

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Outfit Considerations

When wearing your anklet, make sure you pair it with some killer shoes. It should never clash with your footwear; instead, it should complement whatever you are wearing on your feet. Anklets look particularly effective when they're worn with a summer shoe - such as sliders, backless loafers, or flip-flops.

In terms of what to wear your ankle bracelet with, they look seriously chic when worn with cropped jeans and a crop top for a grill out with friends, or with a throw-on casual summer dress for a summer day trip. Or, if you're on vacation, add a touch of sass to your beach look by teaming your anklet with a super cool crochet bikini.

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Matching Your Personal Style

Whatever you decide to wear your anklet with, make sure it reflects you and your personal style. Your age is certainly a factor, as you wouldn't want to choose an ankle bracelet with an abundance of youthful beading if you're anything over 18. Instead, a simplistic thin metal chain would be more mature and understated, but still makes a serious style statement.

Likewise, it's better to avoid an anklet dripping with tassels and gems if you're not a fan of the bohemian look and are more suited to smart, glamorous fashion. In this case, a pretty, jeweled option might be more appropriate for you.

Ankle Bracelet Options

When it comes to ankle bracelets, there are various styles available. From the simplest to the most outrageous, choose a style that matches your personality. Some types to consider are:

  • Yellow or white gold anklets
  • Sterling silver anklets
  • Anklets accented with diamonds or gemstones
  • Beaded ankle bracelets
  • Leather anklets
  • Homemade woven designs

Ankle bracelets also make great gifts. If you are stuck thinking of a birthday gift idea for someone celebrating a summer birthday, why not give them an anklet? Perfect for warmer weather, the gift will be something that they will enjoy and is something unique.

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Wear Your Anklet With Pride

When worn correctly, in the right setting, position, and with a complementary outfit, ankle bracelets can make you score serious style points. Just make sure you match yours to the occasion, your personal taste, and choose a style that suits you - and you've pretty much got it covered! One last tip: the perfect partner for your anklet is a toe ring in a matching style.

Ankle Bracelet Etiquette: Avoid a Fashion Faux Pas