Anklets: 6 Popular Types & Sizing Information

Casual Silver Anklet

Fun, feminine, and sexy, anklets come in many different looks. Whether it's a funky beaded piece worn with colorful flip flops or an elegant sterling silver anklet with heels, ankle jewelry adds a bit of flair.

Types of Anklets

As with any other jewelry, price levels for anklets vary dramatically depending on the type, production methods, and materials. They are also an accessory item worn by a broad range of ages, from young girls to sophisticated women. There are thousands of designs and styles available in today's ever-expanding marketplace.

Popular types of anklets include the following:

  • Beaded - These are often some of the most colorful anklets you can find, and the beading can vary quite a bit. If you're into arts and crafts, this is also an easy type of anklet to make yourself. Just choose your small beads, hearty thread, and a complementary clasp. If you'd prefer to purchase an anklet instead of scouring the craft store for supplies and then sitting down to get to work, visit SW Creations, and Etsy.
  • Simple metal - You can find very simple, unadorned anklets in sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, nickel, and brass. Simple doesn't mean boring. You can find interesting shapes within the anklets, like the Yellow Gold Mirror Heart Rope Anklet from AzureBella or the rope anklets on
  • Diamond - Ross-Simons has a Pave Diamond Anklet in 14k White Gold for someone who prefers to have diamonds dancing along the whole surface of the ankle.
  • Gemstone, birthstone, crystal, and cubic zirconia - Anklets are widely available in gemstones and birthstones including turquoise, pearl, and more. You can also find them in crystal or cubic zirconia, which is an option for those who want an anklet for casual wear and don't want to commit to the price of a diamond anklet. You can find birthstone beaded anklets at Damali and Exotic India (where the anklets are generally sold in pairs).
  • Charm - Wear what you love! These aren't typically as noisy or elaborate as charm bracelets, and most people probably won't want to add too many charms. In many cases, you'll find anklets of this variety with only one charm. You'll also find anklets with strategically placed charms around the circumference. They won't be noisy, but they will be attention-grabbing. Bling Jewelry has a selection of charm anklets to choose from. is another place to look.
  • Shell - If you love the beach and casual, carefree fashion, you may enjoy a shell anklet. In some cases, small shells are threaded to get the look of a beaded anklet. However, others use shells -dangling or completely encompassed- within a hemp anklet. Check Hawaii City, and Gifts Hawaii.


Whether you are ordering anklets for yourself or as a gift, the proper sizing may come into question. Some styles contain adjustable or toggle style clasps or enclosures, so they are considered "one size fits all." Many other styles may require you to measure your ankle to be sure of the proper fit. Sizes may either range from 8 to 9 inches for a small up to an extra large of 11 to 11.5 inches. Jewelry designers may either list the ankle bracelets according to small, medium, large, etc. or size according to inches.

To properly measure your ankle for the correct sizing, measure around the widest part of your ankle with a string, ribbon, or flexible tape measure, then lay it flat against a ruler to get your ankle measurement in inches. Most designers recommend adding 1/4 to 1 inch to the measurement you recorded for the proper hang. If your ankle measurement is 9 inches, for example, and you want a standard hang, your anklet size would be 9.5 - 10. This is the average sizing.

Specialty Ankle Bracelets

Specialty ankle bracelets make wonderful gifts or unique jewelry pieces. Monogrammed or name plate anklets can be personalized for yourself or a special recipient. Handmade ankle jewelry can be designed according to custom color preferences or designs. Wedding ankle jewelry is often designed with silver and blue beads, yielding a delicate touch of the traditionally desired "something blue."

Historical Information

Ankle jewelry isn't a new trend. People have worn ornamental pieces for the ankle for centuries, particularly in Middle Eastern and Indian nations. While today most people think of anklets as an accessory, for some areas they historically contained deeper meaning. In some areas of Africa, for example, young women wore brass anklets to foster marriage and continued to wear the jewelry until the birth of their first child.

Anklets are also traditional accessories for Middle Eastern dance. Bell and coin anklets are often used for these types of dance.

Several Different Looks

The selection is nearly endless when it comes to choosing an anklet. Get your ankle measurement and set out to start your collection by visiting a few jewelry websites. You may find yourself drawn to one particular style, or you may want to choose something for every occasion, mood, and fashion statement.

Anklets: 6 Popular Types & Sizing Information