Options for Purses with Interchangeable Covers

Updated January 21, 2020
Colorful leather handbags in different colors

Purses with interchangeable covers are fun and a very convenient way to coordinate your handbags and outfits with the hassle of transferring everything from one purse to another. You can choose from some very innovative and in-demand bags that offer exciting new interchangeable cover designs for handbags.

Carrie Dunham

Carrie Dunham offers four collections of interchangeable purse covers. Each collection features purse bases and numerous reversible cover choices. If you purchase one base purse and one cover, you end up with three different looks of purses.

Carrie Dunham Lizzie Clutch Collection

The Lizzie Clutch Collection features two choices of base clutches. One is Lizzie Italian Black Leather Clutch, and the other is Lizzie Gold Pebble Leather Clutch. Each one sells around $288.

The lizzie clutch collection

Cover Designs

The covers are designed to wrap over the base clutch. There is a series of holes on each end of the cover wrap. You simply press the holes into the matching studs that are located on both sides of the clutch. That's all there is to changing the look of your clutch. Each cover is reversible, giving you two looks for each cover. Matching straps come with each cover. Price is around $164 per cover.

Carrie Dunham Lizzie Handbag Collection

The Lizzie Handbag Collection also features base handbags and covers. This collection offers four base handbags. These include:

  • Lizzie Italian Dove Grey Alpina Leather Handbag
  • Lizzie Italian Deep Azure Blue Alpina Leather Handbag
  • Lizzie Italian Black Alpina Leather Handbag
  • Lizzie Italian Chestnut Alpina Leather Handbag
  • Price: Around $468 each.

Cover Designs

The covers are designed like the clutch covers featuring several holes along both ends of the cover wrap. To attach to the base handbag, you press the holes into a series of studs located on both sides of the handbag. You can create another look by revering the warp. Price: Around $188 per cover.

Miche Canada and Miche Europe

Miche Canada and Miche Europe were international partners of the Miche (USA) company. When Miche closed its USA doors in 2016, its two international partners, Miche Canada and Miche Europe continued to produce interchangeable purse and covers.

How the Bags Are Interchangeable

The Miche concept is simple. Women simply purchase a Miche bag, and individual handbag shells are sold separately. Offered in a wide range of designs including appealing professional styles and more fun, colorful weekend looks, the shells simply attach to or detach from the purse with hidden magnets.

The bag styles include:

  • Petite: Best for evenings out or when you only have a little room to spare, it corresponds to the Petite base bag.
  • Classic: A mid-sized style that corresponds to the Classic base bag. There are a myriad of colors, prints and patterns to choose from.
  • Demi: This style corresponds to the Demi base bag and is big enough for daily essentials, but small enough for evening too.
  • Prima: Equally compact and roomy this style corresponds to the Prima base bag and has designs that are appropriate for day and night.

For USA Buyers

You can still purchase Miche purses and shells via Amazon resellers. There are many Miche purses sold on eBay and other resell websites. Miche purses and shells are also available for purchase from the Canadian and European websites.

Miche Canada

Miche Canada offers four base handbags, Petite, Classic, Demi, and Prima. Each base style features several shells (covers) often with different straps or handles, depending on the color and shell design.

Miche Canada Prima Base Handbag

The Prima base bag is 15"L x 5"W x 12"T. The handbag comes with 20"L handles/straps. The interior of the handbag features one large zippered pocket, one medium open pocket and two small open pockets. In addition, there are four credit card slots and two holders for ink pens. Price: Around $70 plus shipping cost calculated at checkout.

Prima Shells

The handbag covers are called shells. There are several styles, colors and patterns available, such as faux leather and featuring unique designs, such as tuxedo-shirt pleats. Price: Around $41 to $80 plus shipping costs calculated at checkout.

Miche Prima Shell - Farrah
Miche Prima Shell - Farrah

Miche Canada Classic Base Handbag

The Miche Classic base handbag is 11.75"L x 5.74"W x 6.5"T. The handles are 15"L. The handbag interior features a large zippered pocket and two small ones.

Types of Shell

The Classic base offers two types of shells. One is a wraparound design that is a hard cover without any side pockets. The other shell is a soft cover and features two side pockets.

Host a Miche Home Party or Become a Representative

You still have the opportunity in Canada to host a home party. You may prefer to become a Miche Home Party Representative and create your own business.

Miche Europe

Original Miche cofounder and COO, Annette Cavaness and her sister, Jennifer Sneddon opened the company operations in Europe and remain actively involved and overseeing the Miche European business. The opportunities to host home parties or become a representative are still available.

Shop Mechi Europe Base Handbags

You can select your bag handbag/purse from the Mechi four available sizes of Petite, Classic, Demi, and Prima. The base handbag comes with handles and hardware, but you can always change these through the accessories link. Price: About $35 to $52.

Miche Europe Petite Base Bag

The petite handbag base is 8"L x 4"W x 6"T with a 20"L. The handbag interior features an elasticized small pocket. Price: Around 35 euros. The petite bag covers are priced around 30 euros.

Demi Base Handbag

Demi Base Bag is 14" L x 5" W x 9.5"T with handles that are 23.5"L and has a top zipper closure. The interior of the purse features one small open pocket, two medium pockets, a cell phone pocket, one zippered pocket, and two pen holders. Price: Around 52 euros. Bag covers for Demi base bags in multiple choices of colors and pattern are available. Price: Around $54.

Demi Base Bag
Demi Base Bag

Kate Spade Customizable Bags

Kate Spade offers three bag bases that can be customized with either flaps or pouches, depending on the bag style. Snap-on flaps or pouches are used with the base bag as well as clip-on straps. The base bag designs include, medium camera bag, small backpack and medium shoulder bag. Price: Around $200 to $430.

Twist Locks

Each of the bags has a twistlock that are interchangeable. The twistlocks are held in place by a strong magnet. Prices: Around $20 to $35.

Kate Spade Medium Camera Bag

The medium camera bag is 6"H x 8"W x 2.5"D and made of soft Italian leather. The bag features a zip-around closure with two exterior slip pockets, The bag interior has one zipper pocket and one snap-tab slip pocket. Price: Around $198

Kate Spade New York Women's Polly Medium Camera Bag
Kate Spade New York Women's Polly Medium Camera Bag

Interchangeable Pouches

You can transform it into a clutch by detaching the strap. The bag covers, pouches, can be added or changed along with clip-on straps. Available in black or tutu pink. Price: Around $58 to $128.

Kate Spade Small Backpack Base Bags

The base bag is a petite customizable backpack is 8.7"H x 8.25"W x 3.3"D and is made of soft smooth Italian leather. It can be also worn as a crossbody bag. The flap, straps and heart twistlock are all interchangeable. The interior features a lining made of faux lambskin leather. The bag features an exterior slip pocket as well as an interior zipper pocket and card slot. The shoulder straps are adjustable. You can also change out the twistlock for a metal or enamel one. Price: Around $428.

Bag Flaps

You can snap-on a bag flap to dramatically and instantly change the look of your purse. The flaps are 8.25"H x 8"W. Price: Around $58 to $98.

Bag Quality

With interchangeable bags the important thing to know is that they are very affordable and are not made by high-end designers. This means that you shouldn't expect the quality that you would get from say, a Louis Vuitton bag, in an interchangeable style. The quality is what you would expect of most mid-priced styles; not full of glaring flaws, but certainly not one-of-kind craftsmanship either. The standout feature is the fact that it has the ability to morph into various styles, not being made of the best materials in the handbag business.

Pros and Cons

As with any product, there are pros and cons to interchangeable purses. You would be wise to weigh both options thoroughly before deciding to invest in one.

Pros include:

  • Affordable prices
  • Versatility
  • Convenient

Cons include:

  • Mid-level quality/materials used
  • Limited sizing
  • Fashion trendy so may eventually look dated

Explore Options for Purses With Interchangeable Covers

The convenience of interchangeable covers is an excellent reason to consider making your next purse buys to include at least one. You discover this type of fashion statement makes life easier when you don't constantly have to empty and replace the contents of your purse.

Options for Purses with Interchangeable Covers