Photos of Bad Haircuts (Plus Tips on How to Fix Them) 

Not All Haircuts Are Flattering

The wrong cut for your hair type and facial structure can lead to a disaster you're stuck with until your hair grows out. There are many different types of 'bad' cuts - but fortunately there are also some things you can do to make the best of your look while waiting for your hair to grow.

Outdated Mullet

Trendy hair styles may be hot at first, but that heat wears off pretty quickly. The mullet, for example, was a popular style in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but today it is a more dated style that can look awkward.

If you have a mullet that you don't like, trim the back shorter to create a layered short hair style that is upbeat and edgy instead of tired and stale.

Varying Lengths

Although this hairstyle is updated, the length in the back is still a bit awkward and unflattering.

Since a heavy, layered bang as pictured is trending now, the front of the hair doesn't need much work. Have your stylist cut the rest of your hair into a pixie cut, making sure to blend in the bangs.

Drastic Changes in Length

Asymmetrical styles are trendy, but too much of a good thing doesn't make for an attractive look. Here, the hair is very long in the front and drastically gets shorter moving back. There are many different layers all over the head that are not flattering.

An option to fix a cut like this would be a crew cut. The back of the head and sides should be cut short and even, while leaving more hair on the top to allow for styling.

Too Short Bangs

This haircut isn't flattering for many people, especially those with a larger forehead. The short length of the bang exposes and draws more attention the forehead. Since some parts of the bangs are so short, pinning them back won't be much help.

A logical solution here would be a close-cropped pixie cut to disguise the uneven bangs, at least until some length begins to return.

Disconnected Blunt Bangs

Normally, a new set of bangs can blend into a current hairstyle effortlessly. Here, though, there is a strong disconnect between the shortest part of the bangs and the rest of the hair.

The quickest way to fix these bangs would be to get rid of the asymmetrical cut and opt for an even cut that grazes the eyebrows.

Heavy Angled Bangs

This edgy cut is thrown off by the blunt bangs that have been cut at a 45-degree angle.

For a quick fix, snip the left side of the bangs so they match the right side. The completed look will have the bangs on the right side starting above the brow, growing longer toward the middle, and then back above the brow on the left side creating a curve effect.

Harsh Lines

This haircut is very uneven, and is a combination of several haircuts in one. There is no blending done which results in harsh lines.

The most efficient cut to fix this mistake is a mushroom cut. This would involve cutting the longest layer of the hair to the shortest part of the hair as pictured. The back of the head can either be tapered with scissors or cut with clippers depending on the type of mushroom cut. The top of the head may be cut with a very blunt, heavy bang.

Extended Side Pieces

Although the long peek-a-boo strands with a short cut were popular in the 90s, this look has grown outdated.

This graduated cut can simply be fixed by cutting off the length and tapering the longer pieces of the hair closer to the sides of the face for a modern twist.

Unstructured Cut

When cutting dramatic styles on straight hair, unfortunately, every mistake can be seen. In the picture, due to the lack of blending, the graduated layers look more like stair steps, rather than making a smooth transition to each layer.

To help soften the harsh lines, the hair can be cut into a uniform ear-length bob with well-blended face-framing layers. This will create structure and allow for easier styling at home.

Unkept Haircut

Although asymmetrical haircuts look edgy, keep in mind they still require routine maintenance. In this example, it appears the model's cut has lost its original shape. The bangs now look jagged and unkempt, and the once closely tapered hair around the ears has grown out as well.

The solution to this problem would be to receive regular trims every four to six weeks to maintain the shape of the cut and dust split ends.

Too Many Layers

All too often, trendy stylists suggest adding layers to the hair for a new look. Sometimes, the result is a haircut that is nearly impossible to style. If you are the victim of a cut with too many layers, ask your stylist to cut your hair even to the length of the shortest layer.

If you you're not willing to part with any more length, your best option is to grow the layers out slowly. Tell your stylist you only to wish to have the ends of your hair trimmed, leaving the layers alone until you get some length back.

Excess Length at the Back

Shorter hairstyles can be extremely flattering when cut correctly. In some cases, there is too much length left at the back, which can cause a winged effect. This is often distracting and takes away from the layers and styling on top.

The solution is fairly simple. Ask your hairstylist to trim any excess length to eliminate those flipped out wings. This quick touch up will give this style a softer and more modern finish.

Reverse Mullet

If there is one haircut that has created controversy, it is the reverse mullet. This was made popular several years ago by reality TV star Kate Gosselin and has hung around ever since. It features a very short length in the back and a long dramatic side part at the front.

To revamp this dated style, change the part (making it less extreme and more wearable) and crop the length in front to avoid an exaggerated look.

Not Enough Contrast

Sometimes, contrast can be a good thing. Other times, it creates a haircut that is wild and out of control. This particular style has shaved sides that appear slightly grown out - with lots of length on the top of the head.

Make this cut softer by trimming the length and adding in textured layers for more movement. Alternatively, you can closely shave the sides so the contrasting lengths look deliberate. The choice is yours!

Razor Cut Designs

There are plenty of ways to add interest to shorter styles. For instance, razors can be used to incorporate designs into buzzed sections. Shapes, lines, and even words may be added, but be aware. This edgy add-on can overwhelm an already bold hairstyle.

Get rid of razor cut designs by shaving the sides down further or by growing out the length of your hair. It won't take long for the design to fade away.

Very Heavy Bangs

Most women have been here before. You go in to get your bangs trimmed and walk out of the salon with tons of thickness in front. Bangs that are very heavy and full tend to make the rest of your hair look thin.

To deal with this problem you can either remove some length (so it does not look noticeably thinner than the bangs) or let your bangs grow out.

Avoid Hair Mistakes

If you're ready to grow out your short cut, avoid going through an awkward phase by consulting with your stylist beforehand. They can determine the best styling options to transition to longer hair. Remember, whatever your length, any bad cut can be altered and improved!

Photos of Bad Haircuts (Plus Tips on How to Fix Them)