9 Men's Beach Bags to Heat Up Every Guy's Style

Updated March 26, 2021
Men at beach with bag

When it comes to choosing beach bags for guys, it is important to find something that is simple and free of girly embellishments. Even striped beach bags can look a bit feminine with stripes of pink and delicate handles. Few men want to be seen with such a frou-frou accessory. These men's beach bag options offer masculine style as well as the functionality that fellas are looking for.

Men's Beach Bag Ideas

If most beach bags are created with women in mind, what is a man to do? There are actually many options for man bags and beach bags specifically for guys.

Plain Totes

A simple, neutral tote in canvas or other durable fabric can make the perfect beach bag for a man. A large tote is usually big enough to hold a beach towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, a book, flip-flops, as well as a few other items. Totes are available year-round from just about any big-box retailer. You can find them at stores like Walmart in a variety of colors or at specialty stores. To make the tote look more masculine, stick with colors like tan, black, brown, green, gray, or white. Some great tote options for guys include:

  • RTIC Tote Bag - The RTIC Tote is roomy, water-resistant, and made of durable fabric. While it comes in vibrant magenta color and seafoam green hue, it also comes in grey, navy, and tan.
  • Costa Beach Bag - No matter what sea and sand adventure is taking place, the Costa Beach Bag will be able to withstand all activities and excursions. This tote is water and abrasion-resistant, full of pockets for electronics and water bottles, and retails for under $60.
  • Scout Bags 4 Boys Bags Double Stuffed - The Scout Bags 4 Boys Bags Double Stuffed is massive with a 24" width and a 19" depth. The stripes are plain enough for both men and women to carry, and the tote comes in black and white and navy and white. While huge, the tote is also lightweight and durable, making it a perfect bag for the beach or the pool.

Solid Colored Beach Bags

Sometime in the spring, well before swimsuit season, summer items hit the stores. You'll find many beach bag styles offered at stores like Target, Pac Sun, and Old Navy. Even though many beach bags do look quite feminine, there are plenty of designs that come in neutral colors sans embellishments. This combination gives them a masculine flair. Sometimes a pop of color simply says "style," and what guy couldn't use a bit of summer style in his closet?

  • Marc & Graham X Steele Waterproof Beach Tote - Marc & Graham is known for creating stylish and functional bags, and this beach tote is no exception. The beach bag comes in bright solid colors, like yellow, red and blue, but also in more unassuming hues like navy, white and black. At under $90, this durable and easy to clean beach bag will last for years.
  • Brighton Beach Tote - Made from a durable and weather-resistant waxed canvas material, the Brighton Beach Tote will be able to withstand whatever elements you come into contact with. The dark khaki and brown tones are rugged and earthy and perfect for a guy on the go.
  • Orvis Nylon Tote - The Orvis Nylon Tote comes in several colors, perfect for a man who isn't into bright and funky patterns. Choose from camo, orange, graphite, or dark green. Actually, with a low price of under $40, you can pick two of them up!
Men's beach bag

Leather or Faux-Leather Bags

Leather bags have a definite masculine look and they are durable and timeless. Although you likely won't want to spend money on top-quality leather for a bag that you plan to sling on the sand or dock or concrete next to a pool, a mid-quality leather, faux-leather, or mixed canvas and leather bag is a good option for a beach bag that a man can proudly carry. The most important thing when adapting non-beach bags into beach bags for guys is to make sure the bag is roomy enough for all the seaside essentials you'll need for a day by the ocean and is made of a material that water will not instantly ruin.

  • Mack Fold Over Tote - This simple and classic bag is comprised of canvas and leather material. With a wide-open center area, it will be roomy enough to carry any important items to and from the beach.
  • Men's Leather Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Backpack Crossbody Bag - With the Men's Leather Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Backpack Crossbody Bag, you'll have to carry your towel over your shoulder, but everything else will snugly fit into this handy bag. It's trendy and stylish and will work well for just about anywhere a man would need to go.

  • Kenneth Cole Reaction Port Stanley 20" Pebbled Vegan Leather Carry-On Duffel/Travel Duffle Bag - The Kenneth Cole Reaction Port Stanley 20" Pebbled Vegan Leather Carry-On Duffel/Travel Duffle Bag is made of faux-leather, which is easy to clean and maintain. It zips up nicely, protecting all that is inside, and retails for just under $50.


Backpacks often work well as beach bags. Many bags made especially for the beach do not close on the top or only have a small metal clasp in the center. This can cause you to lose smaller items if the bag tips over. Backpacks zip completely closed, protecting small items and your valuables from falling out. As a bonus, many backpacks also have pockets inside and on the front. These can be great for holding jewelry or cash during your day at the beach.

  • GR1 1000D Slick 21L b - The GR1 1000D Slick 21L b is made from special forces grade materials, so you won't be having to replace it anytime soon. It holds up to 400 pounds of weight and comes in black and coyote. At just under $300, this backpack is an investment piece to be sure.

  • Patagonia Chacabuco 30L Backpack - The Patagonia Chacabuco 30L Backpack is spacious, durable, and full of pockets for safekeeping. At under $100, you get a lot of bang for your buck with this piece.

Man sitting by the beach with backpack

Sports/Gym Bags

Sports bags can work nicely on the beach, and most already have a sporty, rugged look that suits men well. Numerous companies have many reasonably priced options that will probably suit any budget. Gym bags are normally pretty large, so you may want to go with a smaller gym bag to lug back and forth to the beach. You'll also want to make sure the bag includes a shoulder strap, as short double handles might not be comfortable to carry long distances.

  • Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0: The Durable Crowdsource Designed Duffel Bag - This bag pulls double duty as a gym bag and as a beach bag. It has space for more than one water bottle as well as a space for sandy water shoes. The water-resistant and easy to maintain bag retails on Amazon for under $30.

  • Vooray Boost Duffel - Go from the gym to the beach with this bag. It has a rugged design and can hold towels, changes of clothes, keys wallets, and other items that would accompany a buy for a full day of exercise and fun.

  • GOX Foldable Travel Duffel Bag Sports Gym Carry-On Bag - The GOX Foldable Travel Duffel Bag Sports Gym Carry-On Bag is perfect for dads who are spending the day on the beach. It can be used as a daddy diaper bag as well as a beach bag. With so much storage and a high durability factor, this bag will last throughout the many parenting years.

Where to Find Masculine Beach Bags

These days you can score a masculine bag just about anywhere. Brick and Mortar stores likely have a section devoted to male-inspired bags, and online websites, such as Amazon, have a wealth of options as well. As a jumping-off point, try these store options out for a decent masculine beach bag.

  • Dick's Sporting Goods - This chain will carry everything you might need for outdoor adventure, including beach bags.
  • Land's End - Land's End has long been a go-to store for quality outdoor clothing and accessories.
  • Swim Outlet - Anything related to water can be found here. Pick up goggles, water shoes, and a few towels as you shop for the perfect beach bag.
  • LL Bean - LL Bean is synonymous with the outdoors. Bags bought here will be neutral and well-made.

Remember that even more important than color and style is how well the bag works for the purpose you need it for. A good beach bag will carry all your items safely and hold up throughout the summer.

Beach Bags Are for the Boys

Anyone and everyone who steps onto the sand needs something to store and protect their goods. Thankfully, there is a beach bag for just about every possible style, hence fellas can proudly sport their bag feeling confident. No matter the design or color, there is bound to be a bag out there that suits you best.

9 Men's Beach Bags to Heat Up Every Guy's Style