Birthstone Rosary: Guide to This Special Gift

Updated January 13, 2020
pearl rosary for June

A birthstone rosary is personally connected to you, so having one can help connect you with God or the Blessed Mother. Birthstone rosaries make great gifts for people with deep faith in the Catholic religion because the present comes with great significance and meaning.

List of Birthstones for Rosaries

A rosary that includes the birthstone from the month you were born is a special set of prayer beads with special meaning for you. A simple birthstone chart or list can help you understand what the birthstone is for any particular month, what the gemstone looks like, and what the meaning of the gemstone is.

Why People Want Birthstone Rosaries

Many believe modern birthstones started out as the 12 gemstones in Aaron's breastplate representing the 12 tribes of Israel in the Old Testament of the Bible before becoming attached to specific months in the year. At some point, the gemstones were attributed to specific apostles and eventually jewelers started using them as the birthstones we know today. While a standard rosary carries a lot of meaning, including birthstones makes them more personal. These strands of beads represent the individual and their relationship with their faith.

Birthstone Rosaries Make Great Gifts

People choose to use rosaries in different ways depending on their specific beliefs. Giving rosary beads as a gift means you are honoring a person's relationship with the Catholic faith. If you're looking for a meaningful and religious gift idea, a birthstone rosary works for many occasions such as:

  • Religious Christmas gift for adults or children
  • Christian graduation gift to keep recipient close to faith while away at college
  • "Something new" for a bride to hold as an alternative wedding bouquet
  • One for the bride and one for the groom to create the lazos for a Mexican wedding tradition
  • Baptism gifts for babies
  • Baby shower or welcome home Christian gift for baby
  • Type of religious jewelry given as a birthday or Valentine's Day gift
  • First Holy Communion gift
  • Confirmation gift

Where to Find Birthstone Rosaries Online

Birthstone rosaries are available at many online jewelry stores or in brick and mortar jewelry stores. They are offered in many styles with prices ranging from approximately $10 to $40 for glass beads and up to several hundred dollars for Swarovski crystals. Depending on your birthstone, real gemstones may even be more expensive.

  • For about $80 you can buy a beautiful Swarovski crystal and glass pearl rosary from Rana Jabero that comes in a gift box.
  • Gifts Catholic sells birthstone rosaries and rosary bracelets with prices ranging from $4 to $30.
  • Made from genuine Italian crystal, Venerare sells birthstone rosaries for about $35. Each comes in a display box and is crafted by an Italian designer.
  • Nazareth Store on Amazon features dozens of options for birthstone rosaries ranging in price from $8 to $20 featuring glass and crystal beads resembling different birthstones.

Pray With Your Birthstone Rosary

Whether you'll be holding, wearing, or keeping your birthstone rosary nearby, it can be a deeply meaningful and spiritual keepsake. Make sure you know the recipient's birth month and understand what their birthstone looks like before purchasing a rosary so you know it will be personal.

Birthstone Rosary: Guide to This Special Gift