Cartier Fashion Jewelry: 10 Timeless Pieces

Cartier signage

Cartier's exquisitely crafted jewelry appears on high profile customers as well as on individuals with refined taste. The company creates iconic signature pieces, instantly recognizable as a Cartier design, as well as one-of-a-kind, commissioned pieces for royalty. While their collections are extensive, many stand out for both craftsmanship and beauty.

Notable Cartier Pieces

The many Cartier collections include different models, or versions, of items that can be ordered as simplistic designs or jewel-encrusted works of art. The collections include rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches and charms.


Cartier rings vary from the simple, plain band style of the Trinity to jewel-ladened baubles worn as an only adornment. Well-known styles include:

  • Trinity de Cartier - This is one of the company's most well-known ring collections. The Cartier Trinity ring originally featured three, different colored bands of 18k gold intertwined symbolizing love, fidelity, and friendship. This ring is very un-Cartier in its simplicity and it is copied extensively by other jewelers. Traditionally comprised of one band of pink gold, one band of yellow gold, and one band of white gold, the bands now are available with bands of all one color of gold or bands of ceramic, diamonds, or colored gemstones. The original design of tri-colored gold bands retails for around $1,200. The design with one or more bands encrusted with diamonds runs from about $6,500 to $45,000.
  • Panthere de Cartier - The panther is a long-time symbol of Cartier. The Panthere, accented with green gemstone eyes, is often depicted in their jewelry. The Panthere ring is available in 18k white and yellow gold and platinum and it is large and ostentatious. There are less ornate styles featuring a single or double panther head wrapped around the finger, or a full panther that retails for around $7,000. But, don't go less ornate if a Panthere ring is desired. The spectacular style in which the finger slides through the gaping mouth of the panther is available with or without diamonds and ranges from close to $20,000 to $185,000 depending upon the number of diamonds and their weight, and if the panther has emeralds or tsavorite garnets for eyes. Rings from this collection fabricated from platinum, featuring a diamond encrusted panther encircling the finger with blue sapphires for spots and emerald eyes, are available by special order.


Bracelets can be worn alone or stacked with each other to create a trendy, chunky style look. Cartier bracelets are available in a number of styles and price points. Try one of these collections for lovely statement pieces.

  • LOVE - This is one of Cartier's most popular designs, and one of the most instantly recognizable bracelets in the world of high fashion. The screw design symbolizes love and commitment. There are now 34 models of this bracelet, but the original LOVE bracelet is a bangle style, studded with screws and requires the accompanying screwdriver to secure it to the wrist. The downside to this is that the bracelet cannot be taken off unless someone assists with the screwdriver. The styles that come with the screwdriver are simplistic, and some with diamonds in lieu of screws are available. These bangles range in retail price from around $6,500 to $16,000 depending upon the metal and the number and total weight of the diamonds. The bracelet is available in 18k white, yellow, and rose gold and in platinum. There are also cuff styles, which encircle 3/4 of the wrist. Ornate, diamond encrusted styles are available that do not require a screwdriver.
  • Juste un Clou - This collection is also known as "the nail bracelet." Its name means "just a nail" in English, and it's just that. This sleek bracelet features a nail head that encircles the wrist. It's edgy and modern, even though the collection first came out in the 1970s and has recently been relaunched. There are ten models available in 18k white, yellow, and pink gold with some featuring diamonds circling the outer nail head or encrusting the entire bracelet. The simplistic design retails for under $7,000 with the price escalating according to diamond weight.


Cartier necklaces range from very expensive, gemstone encrusted dog collars to the simplistic and playful amulet style. Some fashionable and fun options include:

  • Amulette de Cartier - This necklace adds a pop of color in a design that can be worn every day. The necklace features a disc-shaped, colored gemstone or pave set diamonds with a round diamond in its center. There is a pie-shaped wedge missing from the disc, resembling a padlock sliding shut. The disc therefore ends up resembling the video game character Pac Man, which may be a drawback for some. There are eight different models in small and extra-small sizes, with a .02 round diamond in the center of the extra-small and a .09 round diamond in the small. It is available in 18k white, yellow, or rose gold. Colored gemstone options are mother-of-pearl, onyx, chrysoprase, malachite, pink opal, carnelian, or lapis lazuli. There are also models available with diamonds around the circle rather than a colored gemstone. Retail prices start around $2,000, escalating to $18,000.
  • Diamants Legers de Cartier - If you're looking for a daintier design, this elegant necklace features a bezel set diamond suspended on a fine gold chain. The necklace is available in 19 different models in 18k white, yellow, or rose gold. The diamond size ranges from .10 carats to .18 carats and these are available in round or heart shapes. Prices range from about $1,300 to $3,000. There are also models available with intermittently spaced diamonds along the chain as well as a lariat style necklace. If purchasing the necklace with diamonds spaced along the chain, make sure the necklace doesn't flip while you're wearing it, and make sure the diamonds don't scratch the neck.


If a simple post design or a long, simmering pair of chandelier-style earrings are needed, Cartier has numerous designs for numerous tastes. Cartier earrings are known for their style and intricate design. For example:

  • Cartier Fauna and Flora - This collection celebrates the intricacies of nature featuring plant and animal designs. The collection has 30 different models of earrings that are available in 18k white, yellow, and rose gold and platinum. The simplest design features an orchid, post style retailing for around $3,000. The additional models feature ornate styles of dangling, hoop, and post styles accented with diamonds and colored gemstones that retail for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Paris Nouvelle de Vague - This collection lauds the personality and lifestyle of the French woman. By owning a pair of these earrings, Cartier intends to transform the wearer into a Parisienne. These earrings are bold and colorfully playful. They include studs, hoops, and dangles and are available in 18k white, yellow, and rose gold. They range in retail price from about $10,000 to $75,000, based on the style, gemstones, and number of diamonds. This collection offers a wide variety of options to suit most tastes and personalities.

Other Jewelry

In addition to necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, you can opt for one of these pieces of jewelry from Cartier:

  • Brooches - There are 24 models of Cartier brooches designed to be wearable works of art. Displaying brilliant diamonds and vibrant colored gemstones anchored by platinum, white, yellow, and rose golds, these brooches need only a plain fabric to transform the wearer from ordinary to extraordinary. They range a great deal in price, starting at about $5,000 and going up in the hundreds of thousands.
  • Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands - Cartier offers numerous options for elegantly styled engagement rings and wedding bands. When choosing a Cartier engagement ring, choose the mounting and then contact the company for assistance in selecting the appropriate diamond for the center. The mounting's minimum and maximum center diamond sizes are listed.

About Cartier Jewelry

Founded in 1847 in Paris, Cartier has long been recognized as the universal symbol of cutting edge design intricately woven with timeless style. They created the first ladies' wrist watch in 1888 and disguised its sensible functionality as a jewel-encrusted bracelet that just happened to tell the time. By 1904, Cartier received its first royal warrant by the kings of England and Spain, solidifying their place in history as "the king of jewelers." Over the years, numerous warrants by royal houses around the world followed suit. Many pieces are enshrined in museums and sought after for private collections.

Making a Purchase

The company's website offers free shipping for online purchases. Cartier "ambassadors" are available by phone to assist with purchasing on-line. Shopping in person is also an option as boutiques are found in major cities around the world. Keep in mind though that new, genuine pieces are only sold at Cartier boutiques and on their website. If you purchase your jewelry elsewhere it is likely a copy-cat piece.

Timeless Style

Who can forget Duchess Kate's elegant tiara she wore on her wedding day? Or seeing the Hope Diamond in the Smithsonian Institute? Both pieces were created by Cartier. The company famously creates striking jewelry for special occasions as well as subdued jewelry for everyday wear. Every girl can be a princess with a piece from Cartier.

Cartier Fashion Jewelry: 10 Timeless Pieces