Casual Style Clothing for Men Over Sixty

Senior man wearing pullover sweater
Casual and comfortable

Choosing casual style clothing does not have to create a wardrobe crisis for men 60 years of age and older. In fact, it can be quite enjoyable for mature men to build a collection of functional, relaxed attire for those moments in life requiring nothing more than endless comfort.

Casual Clothing Ideas for Mature Men

Regardless of age, jeans and t-shirts can remain a dependable men's wardrobe staple for the most casual occasions. A senior man's lifestyle may take him to a variety of places, such as the golf course, the country club, or relaxed dinners with the family. Each of these scenarios demands something casual and comfortable, but jeans and t-shirts don't always fit the bill. In these cases, something just as relaxed, yet a bit more polished, may be just the right thing.


  • Wear classic crew neck sweaters solo or layered over button-down shirts for an elegant look that flatters the mature male.
  • Transform button-down shirts from formal to informal by topping them with v-neck sweaters.
    • White button-down shirts are an easy way to dress up outfits in a hurry and always look classy. To keep the white from washing out the facial area, add a v-neck sweater in a flattering shade such as blue, beige or brown.
    • Blue is also a great choice for button downs and sweaters. Blue is a universally flattering color for mature men, especially those with grey or silver hair and light or medium skin tones.
  • Turtleneck sweaters look informal and are great for pairing with jeans or corduroy slacks. As a bonus, they can disguise or minimize throats and jawlines that are no longer firm and defined.
  • Substitute pull-over vests for jackets to create an informal outfit. Pair a colorful vest with an otherwise monochromatic outfit to add an accent pop of color. This keeps the boldness of the color away from the face, which could cause the skin to look sallow.
Senior man wearing jeans and a cardigan sweater
  • Use cardigans layered over a variety of tops to add fashion flair to outfits and provide an extra layer of warmth.
  • Polo and collared shirts are versatile wardrobe elements can create many different outfits.
    • Pair a pale blue solid or patterned collared shirt with dark brown chinos and a camel sport coat to go from strolling the boardwalk to dinner with ease.
    • Complete the look with brown casual shoes or boots, a brown belt, and brown socks for a polished casual look.
  • If you want a comfortable shirt that looks more formal than a T-shirt but less formal than a button-down shirt, choose Henley shirts. Pair them with a casual trouser or chinos for occasions such as dining out or going to the movies.


  • Navy blue blazers are a go-to item for creating for fashion-forward, classic outfits without looking too business-like, especially when paired with chinos or jeans.
  • Sport coats, which are a step down in formality from blazers, instantly transform the look of any casual outfit from just okay to sharp and stylish.
  • Trench coats or rain coats are good casual choices for rainy day wear, but winter weather may call for more protection. Bomber jackets, quilted puffer jackets, and car coats take the senior man from trips to the store to a wide range of hobbies and activities in style and comfort.


Senior man in straight leg trouser
  • Straight leg denim jeans that fit well in the waist and rear are flattering for most men over sixty.
  • Chinos are dressier than jeans but not as formal as dress trousers; fitted chinos look better on mature men than relaxed styles. Match them up with sweaters or collared shirts for effortless style or take it up a level and add a button-down shirt with a vest or cardigan as a layering piece.
  • Casual trousers are typically made of woolen fabrics or cotton, and they usually do not match the jacket color. Whether solid or patterned (think houndstooth or small windowpane patterns), they upgrade the look of any outfit. For occasions where you need to dress a bit more formally, add a sports coat or blazer to complete the look.
  • Field pants and corduroy pants are both excellent alternatives to jeans. They're just as relaxed, yet look more refined. They're also more suitable to all occasions and play well with everything from polo shirts to button downs.
  • Most senior men need a few pairs of shorts in their casual wardrobe, but it's important they be the right length, which is knee length or just slightly above the knee. Big pockets or lots of pockets such as those on cargo shorts are usually associated with younger men (typically teens), so opt for styles with slit or side pockets and flat fronts. Colors like olive, navy or khaki are easy to mix and match with tops of almost any color.


  • Brown shoes are always more informal than black shoes, so brown is a great option for senior men who want to show off their laid-back style.
  • Slip-on shoes like loafers or boat shoes can be worn with or without socks and are the perfect accessory for most casual outfits.
  • Think of chukka boots or ankle boots as rain boots for seniors with a sartorial flair. Pair with jeans, chinos or corduroy pants and tweed or camel sport coats.
  • Bluchers or any shoe with decorative perforations or toe caps are considered informal.
  • Canvas sneakers or athletic shoes are an important part of a mature man's wardrobe for activities where other footwear would be inappropriate, such as hiking, walking or gardening.


  • Choose belts to match shoe colors.
  • Choose shoes to match trouser colors.

Casual Fashion Dos and Don'ts for Mature Men

Follow these tips to ensure you look your best even in your most casual getups and avoid any fashion faux pas:

Dos for Casual Mature Men's Clothing

Senior man in casual dress
  • In business casual situations, opt for a comfortable sports jacket over a button down shirt and casual slacks. Ties are optional, but you can wear one if you chose. If you decide not to wear a necktie, leave one button undone for a loose, relaxed look.
  • Solid colored polo shirts offers a great fusion of smart and casual style. These look more dignified than a T-shirt and are available in both long- and short-sleeve styles.
  • Choose your cut and color of jeans wisely. A pair of dark rinse jeans is more sophisticated than its lighter counterparts, but a light wash is fine if you're just spending time outdoors.
  • On a brisk day, a casual jacket is a must. Try something with an attractive shape that is not too boxy, such as a simple nylon parka or car coat in a neutral color.
  • Select jackets and tops in colors such as camel, tan, cream or beige instead of bold colors that might make you look older or washed out. Shop for quality and focus on solid colors or small patterns and tweeds.
  • Add accent colors to your casual clothing with scarves, vests or pocket squares. Small pops of color can make an outfit look contemporary and the wearer look younger.
  • Pay attention to the details; casual dress is not a license to be unkempt. Clothing should be clean and ironed if necessary; belts and other accessories should be complementary factors of the overall ensemble.

Don'ts for 60+ Men's Casual Clothing

  • Don't wear socks with ultra-casual footwear such as Crocs, sandals, clogs or similar styles.
  • Avoid distressed clothes, whether they are jeans with purposely cut holes in them or raggedy tops. Presentable casual attire should be hole-free.
  • Steer clear of oversized clothing, like baggy pants, T-shirts and polo shirts. Baggy clothes are not flattering to most men, and they tend to look most age-appropriate on teenagers.
  • Floral shirts might be appropriate cruise wear, but they are not flattering choices for everyday casual wear for mature men.
  • Don't dress sloppily with shirts untucked or unbuttoned or with trousers hiked up too high. The first two fashion mistakes make you look like you're trying too hard to look younger, while the last could make you look older than you really are.
  • Don't wear baseball caps; instead, use fedoras or Panama straw hats to add a touch of class to any casual outfit.
  • Avoid t-shirts with controversial graphics or slogans.

The Finishing Touch

As with any part of your wardrobe, remember the devil is in the details. You don't need to go the whole nine yards to look like a million bucks when all you want to do is dress casually, but a bit of attention to certain elements like fit and color coordination can help you look well-groomed and age-appropriate.

Casual Style Clothing for Men Over Sixty