Appropiate Christmas Tip for Your Hair Stylist


If you're like most people who rely on their hairdresser for more than just a great haircut, chances are good you've wondered how to show your gratitude during the holiday season. Christmas gifts are a common tradition for teachers, hairdressers, aerobic instructors and coworkers.

Monetary Christmas Tip Amounts

A standard Christmas tip for hair stylists is normally a monetary offering. The standard amount may vary based on your service fee and relationship history with your stylist. If you're a frequent customer or demand plenty of your stylist's attention, make sure you offer a gracious amount during Christmas. While a normal service tip should be roughly 20% of your total bill, holiday tipping can be a much larger amount.

For some individuals, 10% of their total yearly service fees is a gracious offering, while other people may simply choose to add an extra $20, $50 or $100 tip to their final tipping amount during the holidays. If you need help determining an appropriate tipping amount for your stylist, simply visit the receptionist and get an idea of what is common in your area. While you should never put yourself out on a limb financially to show your gratitude, it's a generous way to share your thanks with someone who has taken care of your personal grooming needs with regard to your likes and dislikes throughout the year. Plan ahead and save extra cash prior to your last yearly appointment to ensure you have a monetary gift for your stylist.

Additional Gift Ideas

Not every Christmas tip for your stylist has to be cash. If you're creative or have the time to shop in advance, consider any of these gifts for a thoughtful expression of your gratitude:

  • A spa service for you stylist, including a massage or facial appointment
  • A scented candle
  • Bath and body products
  • Gift certificate for two for dinner, movie or preferably both
  • Local coffeehouse gift card
  • If you're familiar with your stylist's taste, you may even consider a hand knit scarf, a hat, or perhaps a silk tie
  • Gift certificate to a department store or restaurant
  • Books, movies or magazines your stylist may have discussed during one of your visits
  • For a unique and personal idea, consider scouring your local gift shops for the perfect business card holder
  • Jewelry or belts
  • Picture frames for the stylist with a family or new baby at home

Thoughtfulness Counts

No matter what route you go with a Christmas tip for your stylist, be sure it's thoughtful and personal. While money may not seem to make the most personal of gift offerings, if you are unsure of what to buy your stylist, it makes gift giving easy. After all, who doesn't mind some extra spending cash before and after the holiday season?

Since your stylist most likely goes to extremes for you throughout the year, be sure to take a moment to remember your stylist and extend your thanks for their loyal service.

Appropiate Christmas Tip for Your Hair Stylist