6 Colors of Gold Jewelry

Two-tone wedding rings - rose and white gold

Yellow and white are not the only color options for gold jewelry. There are actually several gold colors used for jewelry, with the shade depending on the metals that the gold is mixed with. Choosing gold jewelry in different colors allows you to have fun with your jewelry and experiment with mixing colors of gold to match your own personal style.

Six Gold Color Options

Gold jewelry can be found in a wide range of hues from classic colors such as yellow to bold colors such as purple. Options you will find for jewelry include:


Geometric shape gold ring on golden glossy background

Gold in its natural state is the color yellow. Yellow gold is often alloyed with a metal such as silver or copper to add strength to the overall piece. The higher the karat of yellow gold, the deeper the color of yellow.

Yellow gold is used for a variety of items from simple stud earrings to fashionable necklaces and bracelets. It is often used for rings and settings as well.

You can find yellow gold jewelry at jewelry and retail stores as well as online. Yellow gold jewelry can be found in a wide range of prices from pieces under $50 to those well over $5,000.

  • Zales: Zales has both retail locations and an online site filled with jewelry done in yellow gold. You can shop the extensive collection of wedding and engagement rings, necklaces, fashion rings and bracelets or even create your own unique piece.
  • Golden Mine: At Golden Mine, you can find a large selection of jewelry set in yellow gold. Most items are discounted off the list price making it possible to find great deals. Expect to find necklaces, lockets, charm bracelets and dangle style earrings set in bright yellow gold.


Pair of modern white gold wedding ring bands with diamonds on female ring.

White gold is gold mixed with nickel, copper and zinc in order to get the white hue. Some white gold is plated with a metal such as rhodium to get a richer and shinier white color. Those with an allergy to nickel may be sensitive to wearing white gold.

You can find rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in white gold. White gold jewelry can be found at local jewelers as well as at a variety of online retailer. Pricing is similar to yellow gold.

  • Blue Nile: This site has a large selection of white gold items including rings, necklaces, bangle and chain bracelets and earrings. You can find multi-color gold pieces that incorporate white gold as well as ones done in solid white gold that can be custom made to your personal taste.
  • Kay Jewelers: You can either shop online or at one of the many Kay Jeweler store locations for white gold jewelry. This jeweler has a large inventory of white gold items including pieces such as diamond hoop earrings, wedding bands, chain necklaces and charms.


Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Rose gold, also called pink or blush gold, is gold alloyed with copper to get a pink tint. The more copper used will produce a redder hue of gold while less copper will produce a pinker color.

Most types of jewelry are available in rose gold, as it is a trendy contemporary choice. You can find rose or pink gold jewelry at many local jewelers and retail websites. Pricing is similar to yellow and white gold.

  • Ice: At Ice Jewlery, you can find beautiful rose gold rings adorned with diamonds and other precious gemstones. You can also find earrings, bracelets and necklaces set in pink gold.
  • Jared: Expect to find wedding and engagement rings, cross necklaces and settings where you can add your own stone to the piece.


Modern green gold textured wedding ring on natural wood background

Green gold is made by adding silver to gold. This type of gold does not contain copper. Green gold is more unusual than most other colors, and is often used as an accent. For example, Black Hills Gold uses green gold for leaves and accents in their designs. You can also green gold wedding bands and rings.

Pricing varies greatly based on weight and design. Small, simple pieces start around $50 and go up to $4,000 or more for larger, more elaborate items.

  • Black Hills Gold Jewelry: This site features a wide selection of Black Hills Gold which includes a mix of green and rose gold along with yellow. You can find pieces such as brooches, rings, necklace pendants, earrings and tie tacs. The items features green gold leaves, rose gold flowers and yellow gold bases.


Black Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring

Black gold is gold coated with a layer of ruthenium for added strength. A black or brownish color can also be achieved by treating gold alloyed with copper with potassium sulfide.

Black gold varies in price with simple earrings and necklaces priced under $100 and elaborate ring with diamonds for $1500 to $5000.

  • Front Jewelers: This jeweler has a great selection of jewelry set in black gold. You can find engagement rings featuring black diamonds set in 18K black gold. Some rings feature all black while others mix white diamonds along with the black.


Purple gold ring

Purple gold is created by mixing gold with aluminum and indium. This type of gold is soft and can be made into intricate pieces of jewelry. While purple gold has not quite yet made its way into most jewelry stores and boutiques, you can still check out items online. Currently, it can be found in Singapore at Lee Hwa Jewellery. You can browse the online Purple Gold catalog and check out items such as rings, brooches, chokers and bracelets that feature purple gold accents.

Value of Colored Gold

The amount of gold found in an item is priced the same regardless of color. The difference in color is due to the alloy mixed in with the gold. Therefore, colored gold is just as valuable as yellow or white gold. Gold is valued based on weight. The value of gold is constantly changing so to determine a value, you will want to check a gold market report to get a daily quote.

6 Colors of Gold Jewelry