Comic Book Leggings

Published January 23, 2018
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Who doesn't love leggings? With the ongoing popularity of comic book characters via movies and television shows, it only makes sense to combine the two. Wear them out or enjoy how comfortable they are at home while you're watching the newest superhero movie from Redbox or show on your streaming service of choice.

Where to Buy Comic Book Leggings

Anywhere that sells more than the most basic leggings for women is worth checking out. Since comic book characters are popping up everywhere, it only makes sense for them to be on leggings everywhere from department stores to specialty shops. If superheroes and villains aren't your thing, you can always scope out some of the pop art styles that are inspired by other types of comics that don't get the attention superhero titles garner.


Part of the fun of shopping on Etsy is that you never know what you'll find. The inventory is ever-changing based on shop owners' inspirations and availability, but you can find enough comic book leggings there that you should never come up empty-handed after a search. For example, you can celebrate your love for Deadpool, Captain America, Spiderman, or just the comic book sound effects (like "POW!" or "ZAP!"). Expect bold colors, creative spins on the classics, retro-inspired options, favorite superheroes, and even mash-ups like comics and NASCAR.


There are several styles of comic book leggings on Amazon. Choose from your favorite characters, logos, pop art, general comic style panels, sound effects, and more. Check out:

  • Wonder Woman Logo Leggings
    Wonder Woman Logo Leggings
    Wonder Woman Logo Leggings, which have the Wonder Woman logo printed all over a black background and cost less than $20.00. Get them in sizes Small through XX-Large. These are 95 percent cotton and five percent spandex and can be tossed in the washer. They'll be perfect for casual outfits and lounging around at home.
  • Superman Classics Stars Black Leggings, which are available in juniors sizing (X-Small through Large) and feature a large image of a flying Superman. These are 95 percent polyester and five percent spandex, so they're a little stretchy, perfect for pairing with a long sweater, dress, or hoodie for a casual outfit.


Society6 has an impressive range of comic book styles. There are more traditional superhero patterns, general pop art that gives the comic book feel without featuring any particular character or panels, and unexpected twists on classics. Take a look at:

  • Onomatopoeia Leggings by Jaana Baker (just under $40.00) that feature a fun comic print among cute black and white dots in the six-panel, adjustable waist construction. Find them in sizes X-Small through X-Large.
  • Onomatopoeia Leggings
    Onomatopoeia Leggings
    Wonder by Paint Babies, which gives an impression of Wonder Woman without showing her face. The leggings can be worn high, low, or just at the waist. They feature antimicrobial material, wick moisture away from your skin, and can be worn for workouts or daily life. Expect to pay around $40.00. They come in sizes X-Small through X-Large.
  • Superhero by Natalia Maca features Batman's mask printed all over a soft yellow background. These are also available for around $40.00 in sizes X-Small through X-Large. They're moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and can be worn to the gym, out, or just to lounge around the house.

Constantly Varied Gear

Constantly Varied Gear COMIC BOOK LEGGINGS
Constantly Varied Gear COMIC BOOK LEGGINGS

Constantly Varied Gear doesn't have the widest selection but they could still have what you're looking for. They carry one pair of leggings that still have the comic book inspiration without the bright colors a lot of others have. These aren't dull by any means, but instead of bright reds, yellows, and greens, they're done in blues, black, white, and a little yellow. They're also capris, where other leggings are often full-length, and feature the sound effects comics have scattered throughout them. They're squat-proof and designed for the gym. Get them for around $60.00 or less in sizes X-Small to 2X-Large.


Redbubble has a solid selection of comic-inspired leggings, most of which cost about $40.00. In addition to the traditional comic styles, there are black and white options, romance comics, and even zombies.

  • The Red Riot: Manly-hearted Hero leggings are mostly black and white and feature comic panels all over the front and back, so they're perfect for the lady who wants to sport comic book leggings without having to work around the color scheme of some of the other options on the market (you can pair almost any color top and shoes with these). They're available in sizes XXS to XL for around $40.00. It's worth noting that they'll need to be hand washed.
  • The Red Hair Crying Comic Girl option is a nod in the romance comics' direction. They'll only set you back about $40.00 and they're available in sizes XXS to XL. This is an allover print, so there's a lot of red. These would look great with a black top or casual dress, which would allow the girl's hair (and the leggings themselves) to be the focal point of the outfit.

Only Leggings

Only Leggings has wonderful options for the comic book lover. Whether you like superheroes, villains, mixes of retro comic covers, or drawings that make your legs look like they were drawn in (complete with plenty of muscle!), you'll love what they have to offer.

  • Cartoon Comic Book Leggings 2 are only about $25.00 and are covered in beautiful retro comic book covers, including Batman and Detective Comics titles. Get them in sizes Small, Medium, Large, or One Size Regular. They're a mix of polyester and spandex and will need to be hand washed and probably aren't the best choice for exercise. However, pair them up with a tunic or top and mini skirt and you've got a comfortable, attention-grabbing outfit.
  • Yellow Anatomical Muscle Leggings make your legs look like they were drawn by a comics illustrator. Get them in sizes Small through X-Large for around $25.00. These could be fun to wear to the gym, but keep in mind that they're also a polyester/spandex blend that has to be hand washed. Because they look especially interesting and feature bright colors with bold black lines that stand out, you're likely to attract lots of attention.


Pop Art Comic Print Leggings
Pop Art Comic Print Leggings

Walmart doesn't have a huge selection of comic book leggings, but they do have one pair, as well as other comic-inspired clothing items. It may even be available locally so you won't have to wait for it to be shipped.

The Pop Art Comic Print Leggings are listed as a costume accessory but there's no reason you can't wear them with a regular outfit if you're feeling bold. These feature panels in pop art style so they have a vintage-comics vibe. They're designed to fit a range of body types and shapes and only come in one size. Get them for about $15.00.

Wearing Your Leggings

First, prepare for comments on your amazing leggings if you do decide to buy a pair. Even the least flashy of them all will garner at least a little attention. Be sure to check that the leggings you're buying match the activity you need them for. For example, some styles are not squat-friendly at the gym and could stretch to the point of becoming see-through. If you only want them for casual wear, your options are fairly wide open.

Comic Book Leggings