Cool Outfit Ideas

Updated January 17, 2018

Look Chic and Cool

No matter what the occasion, there's a cool outfit option. From clean, crisp neutrals with a preppy vibe to a sporty cropped hoodie and skirt, there's something you can wear to look cool running errands, attending an event, hanging out with friends, or even going to work. Even the most basic pieces, like a pair of jeans and a white button-up shirt, can be made to look cooler with the right accessories.

All Black

Queen Rania of Jordan shows you just how cool an all-black outfit can look here. You may already have all of these pieces in your closet, too, so it'll be especially easy to pull off. A thin, V-neck sweater and black jeggings (black trenchcoat optional if you need an extra layer) make up the majority of the outfit. What really pulls it all together, though, are the black ankle boots.

Easiest Cool Outfit Ever

Choose a tank top in a color you love, then choose a flared skirt in another favorite color. Pair them together and you have a simple, cool style, courtesy of the color blocking method. Keep your shoes from competing with the colors you already have by choosing a nude shade. Sandals or pumps will work well.

Retro Style

Throw it back a few decades and look cool and chic while you do it. There's something special about the femininity of 1950s and 1960s styles. Choose a full, long skirt like this one, a fitted sweater, and then accessorize with a belt and a pair of pumps. Yesteryear-inspired hairstyle not required, but it does look great with these clothes.

Cool Summer Style

What could be easier than a simple slipdress and fedora for beautiful, breezy summer style? Add a pair of strappy sandals (flats are fine here) to finish off the look. Keep jewelry light, but feel free to add a few pieces, like hoop earrings or a cuff bracelet.

A Matching Set

In some cases, a matching top and bottom can veer far from "cool" territory. In this case, a flash of skin in the middle (thanks to the cropped top) breaks up the pattern to save the day and make this outfit look amazing. With a matching set, you won't have to stick with neutrals to be safe or wonder if your top and bottom match; you'll know they do. Shoes can be neutral or match a color in the fabric's pattern.

Casual Cool

In a previous slide, an all-black outfit looked sleek and dressed up. This one is no less cool, but it's more casual and has an edginess to it. There's also the pop of color in the form of a beanie which takes the whole look up a notch and allows you to wear your favorite color while getting the effect of a totally black ensemble. All you need are a pair of black jeans (holes optional, but helpful for the laid-back look), black t-shirt, black jacket, and black boots. Accessorize with your favorite hat in any solid color.

Femininity and a Floppy Hat

Feminine styles are cool in a different way than the all-black, edgy looks or even the chic, polished ones. In this case, there are the feminine touches of a sheer shirt and an A-line skirt, but don't overlook the play on textures, either. Light lace pairs with a heavier fabric with interesting detail. You could easily switch the skirt here with something like suede, too. Finish the look with a floppy hat and you're ready for brunch, errands, or an impromptu photo shoot with friends.

Colorful Layers

If you miss that layered look of the 90s or you're experimenting the trend for the first time, something like this is perfect. Pair colored tights (especially in jewel tones) with denim shorts, then layer a plaid shirt over a dark t-shirt. Finish off with a beanie and your favorite pendant, rings, and bracelets, and you're done. This look gives you an opportunity to raid your closet and pair things together that you may have never considered wearing at the same time.

Prints and Neutrals

If a printed set isn't your style or just won't work for the occasion, you can always just choose a pair of printed pants and then pair them up with basic neutrals on top. A fitted white tee and a black leather jacket that accentuates your curves will take almost any pair of pants to the next level. If you can't find pants you like in a print, consider a pair of leggings with a tunic topped with the same leather jacket. Then use pumps or boots to finish your look.

Rompers Are Cool

Here, Stacy Keibler shows us just how cool a slouchy romper or breezy dress can look. It looks especially attractive and versatile because of the classic color palette. The look has an effortless feel to it, but paired with simple aviator sunglasses, a leather bag, and a long pendant, it looks anything but frumpy or boring. Finish the look with strappy sandals.

Classics and Color

Sometimes, pairing classic styles in a vibrant color is all it takes to look cool. Bonus if you have heart-shaped sunglasses to match. Bright red, stripes, and an A-line shape work together to look refreshing and show off a great figure without revealing too much skin. Look for two pieces - a solid and a pattern - that complement each other and go from there. Accessorizing will be easy because of the limited color palette. Just make sure your shoes don't have a pattern, too.

Sporty and Spicy

Want to look sporty but a little sexy at the same time? Look no further than this combo. The cropped hoodie offers coverage on top with a glimpse of skin, and the short skirt is just the right length to be interesting but still comfortable. The stripes along the bottom continue the sporty feel of the overall outfit. Casual boots or wedge sneakers tie the look together.

Midi Dress with Details

If choosing a dress and calling it good is more your style than finding two or more pieces that complement each other, consider a midi dress with special details that keep it from looking boring or frumpy. For example, the one Katie Holmes is wearing in this photo has ruffles from shoulder to hem, but not in the same way you'd see on a dress for little girls. These frills are all grown up. Paired with the high-low hemline trend, high neckline, and cinched waist, the ruffles on this dress look cool and classy.

It's Already in Your Closet

Nina Dobrev shows us how you can pull a stunning outfit together from everyday wardrobe items, like a denim top, jeggings, booties, sunglasses, and a scarf. It's such a simple combination but it looks so good.

The best thing about a lot of cool outfits is the fact that they're probably already in your closet, waiting to be discovered. If not, you may only need one or two pieces to tie the outfit together, and whatever you need to buy might transform other outfits as well.

Cool Outfit Ideas