Curly Hairstyles for Seniors

Updated August 21, 2018

A Great Look for Seniors

Whether you love your hair short, long, or in-between, curly hairstyles for seniors never go out of style. If you're not sure of the look you want, talk to your hair stylist to find the best aesthetic for you. Many different styles and cuts look better on women with certain face shapes and skin tones.

Flattering and Sexy

Casual curls that are well cared for create a look that is flattering and sexy. Whether your waves are soft and loose or more sleek and defined, they're super easy to style for everyday events. Merely use a smoothing cream or refining gel to flatten any flyaways and make your do look ultra chic.

Long Layers

For an aesthetic that is fun, sophisticated, and attractive, choose a curly hairstyle that's cut into long layers. This is especially flattering on women with oval shaped faces as it perfectly frames your silhouette. After shampooing your hair, be sure to make your blow-dry big and bouncy for a sassy, youthful feel.

Pixie Cut

A great-looking, no-fuss hairstyle is the short, curly pixie cut. This option looks great on most seniors as it authentically softens your face. It's also very low maintenance if you're happy to rock a longer, shaggier aesthetic when your pixie starts to grow out.

Long, Loose Waves

Long waves give you the option of wearing your hair in different styles. Simply wear it loose for a naturally tousled look that you can just quickly polish off with some styling cream before leaving the house. Alternatively, pull it back into an instant low ponytail or chic chignon to create the ideal elegant up-do for a special occasion.

Color to Flatter Skin Tones

Curly hair looks great on seniors, whether they choose to keep their hair its beautiful, natural color or choose a hair color that flatters their skin tone. Bear in mind that cool hair tones and darker hues are fabulous on fair or medium complexions, whereas warm tones and lighter hues compliment medium or deep complexions.

Wash and Go Styling

Many active women love how easy it is to style short, curly hair. After a shower, they simply towel dry their hair, add a leave-in conditioner or gel, and they're ready to go in only a few minutes! This style is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle or if you just prefer a low-maintenance do.

Curls for All Ages

Whether you are a senior in your 50s or your 80s, curly hair is a timeless aesthetic that can be channeled by women of all ages. Elderly women can rock cool and carefree hair if they leave their locks natural and unstyled. However, if you have thick tresses, make sure that you have your hair cut regularly to keep it feeling and looking healthy.

A Soft Look

A hairstyle with soft, loose curls softens your face and is very straightforward to maintain. If your locks are naturally straight, you can easily incorporate these waves using a curling or straightening iron. Just make sure you apply a heat protection spray prior to using an electrical appliance, as this will prevent your locks from breaking or drying out.

Frizz Free Curls

Whether you have naturally curly hair or you get your curls from a perm or body wave, using a conditioner will keep your curls looking and feeling frizz free. You could also incorporate a hydrating hair mask into your weekly routine that nourishes your tresses to promote shine and softness.

From tight and refined to loose and gentle waves, there are a variety of curly hairstyles on offer for seniors. Take the time to experiment and try new things, and you'll soon find out what works for you in terms of your personal style, hair color, and skin tone.

Curly Hairstyles for Seniors