D.I.Y. Fashions

Published February 6, 2018
Overhead view of woman sewing dress

Sometimes, you may want something specific to wear, or at least less expensive fashion look than current options on the market, and you just need to make your clothes, jewelry, or even a costume yourself. You may even have everything you need at home right now but the instructions and inspiration.

D.I.Y. Fashions to Stand Out

You can be as creative as you'd like with your D.I.Y. fashion projects. Even when you're following a pattern, the materials you use will give your clothing or accessory its own special twist.

Sewing Projects

If you're handy with a needle and thread, you can probably dive right into most of these. Even beginners will find projects here that they can complete.

  • How to Sew an A-Line Skirt is a good project for beginners. It shows you how to create your own pattern and follow through to make a simple skirt with an elastic waistband.
  • 10 DIY Clothing Repairs shows you how to add a fun patch, darn a hole, fix a hem, replace a button (consider a fun, unusual one!), and more to save and refresh items you already have in your closet.
  • Pattern to Make Fleece Slippers walks you through quickly and easily creating warm, Mary Jane style slippers.
  • Applique Sweatshirt Patterns shows you how to jazz up your favorite comfy, casual top.
  • Beanie Sewing Patterns teaches you how to make beanies. It's a quick and easy project you could even do with the kids.
  • Closeup of seamstress arm & fabric
    Free Patterns for Sewing Aprons offers options for creating aprons to cover your outfit while you cook. You can even get creative and make one you're happy to wear as a sort of at-home fashion statement.
  • Free Patterns for Sewing Hats is perfect if you need to add a finishing touch to an outfit. From winter caps to taffeta hats with silk roses, there's a little of everything here.
  • Pattern to Make a Blue Jean Purse teaches you how to turn an old pair of blue jeans into something new: a stylish bag.
  • How to Sew a Skirt from an Old Pair of Jeans shows you how to transform an old pair of jeans and some knit fabric into a gorgeous, comfortable maxi skirt.
  • How to Sew Simple Fabric Headbands is a beginner project that shows you how to turn knit fabrics into cute headbands to match any outfit.
  • Free Pattern to Sew Slippers walks you through the process of creating your own ballet-style house shoes.
  • Mitten Sewing Patterns will teach you how to make mittens for yourself and the whole family.
  • Tutu Sewing Patterns teaches you to use tulle and satin ribbon to create beautiful tutus. While this may seem like something you'd make for kids, tutus are popular accessories during races and even some events.
  • Moccasin Patterns will show you where to find patterns to create your own moccasins and offers decoration inspiration, too.
  • Where Can I Find Plus Size Sewing Patterns is a wonderful resource for finding a pattern for just the dress you want to make, whether you want a casual summer dress, something a little more formal, pajamas, shorts, or pants.
  • Plus Size Summer Dress Patterns will show you where to find the patterns you need to create the easy, breezy dress you want to wear this summer.
  • Free Sewing Patterns for Plus Size Women shows you where you can find free patterns for tops, dresses, hoodies, and more.

Knitting Projects

if you're more of a knitter (or aspire to be one), these may be just what you need to create that perfect piece your wardrobe is missing.

  • Free Backpack Knitting Pattern shows you where to find patterns to create a backpack with yarn.
  • Free Knitted Tank Top Patterns will take you to patterns for spaghetti strap tanks, t-shirt style tanks, and more.
  • Free Knitted Wrap Pattern demonstrates how to create a fashionable, warm extra layer. This is a great project for beginners as well as more advanced knitters.
  • Free Knitting Hat Patterns walks you through making a basic, reversible ribbed knit hat and shows you where to find additional patterns for different styles.
  • Free Poncho Knitting Patterns teaches you how to create your own "ray" poncho, find more poncho patterns, and even make your own pattern.
  • Knitting Beanie Hats will teach you how to knit a beanie in an afternoon.
  • Knitted Patterns for Maternity Tops shows you where to find patterns for tops you'll want to wear while you're pregnant and even after the baby's born. Who doesn't love a tunic or cardigan?
  • Pink loom knitting in progress
    Knit Slipper Patterns teaches you how to make quick and easy knit slippers. While this may not be the best starting point for an absolute beginner, someone with a little experience should have very little trouble.
  • How to Knit a Magic Scarf helps you discover you where to find patterns to knit magic scarves.
  • How to Knit Socks is a wonderful resource that tells you where to find patterns for making socks that work for a variety of skill levels.
  • Knitting Mitten Instructions shows you where to find free and paid patterns for fingerless mittens, mittens without cuffs, convertible mittens, and more.
  • Loom Knitted Scarf Pattern walks you through knitting a lovely scarf on a loom and provides tips for customizing it to fit your preferences.
  • Magic Loop Sock Pattern shows you where to find patterns that will help you make socks using one circular needle.
  • Teach Me How to Knit a Scarf will do just that. It's a simple pattern that allows you to add fringe at the end if you'd like.

Crochet Projects

Love working with yarn and crochet hooks to create new things? Add to your wardrobe by making gloves, a purse, a scarf, and more.

  • Crochet Bead Bracelet Pattern takes you through the steps for how to make three different cute bracelet styles out of a little yarn and a few beads.
  • Women's Plus Size Crochet Patterns shows you where you can find patterns for curvy women, from tunics and shrugs to bras and panties.
  • Crochet Bikini Pattern helps you learn how to create a string bikini top and bottom, as well as direct you to other patterns you might like to use to create your next swimwear set.
  • Crochet Bolero Pattern includes a pattern for creating a basic bolero, plus ideas for embellishments to make your new wardrobe piece truly fit in with your style.
  • Crochet Dragon Gloves Pattern teaches you how to make fingerless gloves that appear to have scales on them. This is best for an intermediate to advanced crocheter.
  • Woman in bright beanie with pumpkin
    Crochet Hat Pattern gives instructions on how to make a crochet honeycomb hat that drapes without drooping. It uses just over one skein of yarn.
  • Crochet Purse Pattern teaches you how to make a granny square sling purse with a couple of granny squares, lining, and a handle. Intermediate crocheters could finish it in an afternoon.
  • Crochet Shrug Pattern shows you four places to find patterns for crocheted shrugs.
  • Easy Crochet Mittens walks you through the process of creating mittens. Recommended even for novice crocheters.
  • Crocheting Wrist Warmers takes you through the process of creating a pair of wrist warmers and provides tips for choosing the right yarn.
  • Crocheting a Scarf is a quick explanation of how to crochet a scarf, complete with tips for picking out your yarn and hook.
  • Crocheted Cotton Shawl Pattern shows you exactly how to create a net-lace shawl.
  • Crochet Wedding Shawl Pattern walks you through making an easy shell stitch wedding shawl you can wear to semi-formal events.
  • Crochet Vest Patterns for Women shares patterns for a crochet suspender vest and a fall retro vest. There are also tips for personalizing your creations, as well as links to more patterns you may want to use.
  • Free Crochet Patterns of Sandals for Women shows you how to add a touch of beauty to your average pair of flip-flops or create your own lacy heart barefoot sandals.
  • Free Crochet Poncho Pattern contains a pattern for a poncho, links to other poncho projects, and hints for choosing your yarn.
  • Free Crochet Scarf Pattern walks you through how to make a simple honeycomb scarf. There are also links to other scarf projects.
  • Free Fanny Pack Crochet Instructions offers a pattern for creating a simple fanny pack, as well as tips for customizing it once you're done.
  • How to Crochet a Ruffle Scarf guides you through making a simple ruffled scarf using ruffle yarn.
  • How to Crochet a Shrug provides simple instructions for creating a shrug from a medium-weight yarn.
  • How to Make a Crochet Hat shows you how to create a beanie or stocking cap with basic crochet stitches, making this the perfect next project for those who have mastered simple scarves.
  • Fluffy Slippers Crochet Pattern walks you through making a simple pair of slippers from boucle yarn and provides resources for those intermediate and advanced crocheters who want something more challenging.
  • Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern provides the how-to behind making a slouchy, loose pair of bulky fingerless gloves. This is an easy pattern and usually won't take more than a couple of hours to complete.
  • Easy to Make Crochet Slippers provides easy-to-follow instructions for slippers, breaking it down into sections: toe, sole, heel, and ankle.
  • How to Make Leg Warmers is a project beginners will love. It can be completed in one or two nights and offers advice for altering the size of the leg warmers.
  • How to Make Ribbon Crochet Headbands points you in the right direction toward patterns for easy ribbon crochet headbands, as well as communities of other crocheters with similar interests.
  • Crochet Scarves Pattern shows you exactly how to create a scarf with a checkered pattern, plus it provides links to other patterns and resources.

Designing, Altering, and Decorating Fashion Items

DIY decorated flipflops and floppy hat

If you don't feel like doing anything as complicated or potentially time-consuming as sewing, knitting, or crocheting something new and would just prefer to alter what you have or create something new a bit more quickly or using a different set of skills, this is your section.

  • Decorate Your Own Flip-Flops provides tips for giving a basic pair of flip-flops a makeover with items you can find in your home or the craft store.
  • Design Your Own Shoes isn't exactly a DIY project to take on at home. However, it shows you where you can design your own shoes with major brands or learn to make your own shoes from the ground up.
  • Heat Setting Fabric Paint teaches you how and when to heat set your fabric paint.
  • How to Paint Fabric Camouflage Pattern walks you through choosing your paint colors and how to make a pine needle pattern.
  • Three Fun Fabric Paint Projects shows you how to make a chevron-stamped scarf, use fabric paint for an ombre appearance, and stencil on fabric.
  • Uses for a BeDazzler will inspire you to get your BeDazzler out and try it in brand new ways.
  • How to Craft a Fabric Flower Brooch walks you through the process of creating a ribbon rose brooch or a felt flower brooch.
  • Using Transfers instructs you on how to use iron-on and rub-on transfers.
  • Update Your Wardrobe Without Buying a Thing: Here, you'll not only get tips for dyeing old items to turn them into something new and prompts to alter some of the items you already have with a needle and thread, but you'll also be reminded of other ways to update your wardrobe, like swapping with friends or wearing things together that you normally wouldn't.

Make Your Own Jewelry and Accessories

Love jewelry that represents who you are and attracts attention? There's no better way to express yourself than to create your own necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and accessories.

  • Bead Bracelet Designs offers 12 different beaded bracelet ideas, using a variety of beads.
  • Beading Tutorials walks you through crimping, making a pendant, working with jump rings, and more.
  • Free Beaded Earring Patterns shows you exactly how to make wire-wrapped earrings, circular charm earrings, and blister pearl earrings, plus offers general tips for beading earrings.
  • Wire and Bead Watch Pattern takes you through the steps to create a pretty, functional piece of jewelry.
  • Watch Faces for Beading tells you where you can find watch faces for beading and offers tips for creating your design.
  • Spoon Bracelet Making Tool offers step-by-step instructions for creating a bracelet out of a spoon.
  • Closeup of DIY purple bead bracelet
    Seed Bead Jewelry Designs shows you how to make a simple necklace and ring with seed beads.
  • Making Leather Jewelry teaches you the basics behind making leather jewelry and shows you where to get inspiration for your own projects.
  • Making Jewelry Chains gives you the basics of making jewelry chains and a resource section where you can find a variety of projects with step-by-step instructions.
  • Making Hemp Jewelry tells you how to get started making hemp jewelry and where to go to learn more.
  • Making Chain Maille Jewelry provides step-by-step instructions for creating a chain maille choker.
  • Making Celtic Jewelry provides basic instructions for getting started making Celtic jewelry.
  • Leather Cuff Beading offers tips, techniques, a list of places to shop for supplies, and a selection of links to leather cuff beading projects.
  • How to Make Paper Beads teaches you how to use old magazines and other paper items to create beads for future jewelry-making projects.
  • Beaded Antique Key Necklace shows you how to take a vintage-inspired outfit to the next level with a necklace made from an antique key, some beads, and a few other materials.
  • Recycled Items Bracelet teaches you how to make a bracelet out of odds and ends you probably have lying around the house.
  • Making Wire Jewelry teaches you how to make a wire ring, circle pendant, and caged pendant.
  • Jewelry Beading on Leather Cord Pendants shows you how to design a simple pendant on a leather cord, then shares where to go for more challenging, similar projects.
  • How to Make Button Charm Jewelry teaches you how to make an adorable bracelet that features buttons.
  • How to Make Beaded Jewelry walks you through how to make beaded earrings, a floating bead necklace, and a beaded memory coil bracelet.
  • How to Make Beaded Anklets teaches you how to make and embellish anklets with beads.
  • How to Bead a Stretchy Watch Band walks you through the process of finding the right supplies and beading your watch band.
  • Hair Combs for Beading tells you how to get started with your hair comb beading project and where to go for different designs.
  • Free Beaded Necklace Pattern shows you exactly how to make a variety of necklaces from beads, from a chunky, dramatic style to one with floating disks.
  • Placemat Purses gives you the basics behind making your own purse out of placemats for a custom style.
  • Cigar Box Purses discusses the different ways you can design your own vintage-style cigar purse.
  • Clutch Handbag Tutorial walks you through gathering your materials to make your own clutch from fabric and polyester boning, then tells you where to go for the instructions.
  • How to Make Starburst Wrapper Bracelets gives you step-by-step instructions for turning candy wrappers into something cute and a little quirky.
  • Bottle Cap Necklaces discusses different designs of this type of pendant and shows you where to get what you need to make them.
  • How to Crochet a Necklace with Ribbon Yarn shows you how to create a five-strand necklace with ribbon yarn. You can even make it with no crochet experience.

Start Creating

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or well-versed in some of the skills it takes to create a few D.I.Y. fashion pieces for your wardrobe. Get started with something new that matches your skill level and see where the creativity takes you. You may feel inspired to move on and make or alter other pieces once you've completed one project. You'll stand out with your one-of-a-kind creations.

D.I.Y. Fashions