Delta Burke Plus Size Swimwear Fashions

Updated September 7, 2018
Plus size swimwear model

Delta Burke is an American actress best known for playing Suzanne Sugarbaker on the hit 1980s sitcom Designing Women. As a full-figured gal, Delta often struggled to find fashions that were flattering and comfortable for plus sized ladies. This led to the creation of Delta Burke Design in 1994, which originally offering clothing but now purely focuses on swimsuits and lingerie in sizes 14 to 26.

About Delta Burke Swimwear

Delta Burke Swimwear features reasonably priced, comfortable, and flattering pieces for full-figured ladies over the age of 35.

Delta Burke


From one-piece swimsuits and bikinis to swim dresses and skirtinis, Delta Burke Swimwear comes in a variety of colors and styles. Her pieces are designed to not only masquerade body flaws but enhance positive features to allow the wearer to feel super confident in her own skin.


Prices for Delta Burke Swimwear currently range from about $25 for a slimming one-piece to $130 for a skirtini.

Where to Buy

Even though Delta Burke doesn't have her own store for swimwear, you can find her designs at the following online stores:

  • Laraines - Based in North Carolina, this retailer provides a pretty selection of plus size women's swimwear. Their Delta Burke styles are varied but rather limited.
  • Swim Wearing - This retailer features "sexy plus size swimwear for all" and has quite an extensive Delta Burke Swimwear line.
  • Poshmark - Based in California, this marketplace allows users to buy and sell pre-loved fashion. They have an abundance of Delta Burke Swimwear in diverse sizes.
  • eBay - Sellers on eBay offer a multitude of both new and pre-owned Delta Burke Swimwear styles at super cheap prices.

Swimwear Styles

The Delta Burke Swimwear brand boasts a number of key styles for customers.


Delta Burke plus size swimsuits are made with soft-cup bras with 1-inch elastic bands, which are designed to support the back. To create the illusion of a long and lean body, they also use slimming design features such as tummy control panels and casual draping. For instance, this classic one-piece from Laraine's contains black and white diagonal stripes on the chest area and a black bottom, which is extremely flattering on the figure. It also has a scoop back for comfort in warm climates.


Delta Burke swimdresses come in fun and flirty styles. They provide more hip and leg coverage to allow the wearer to feel more comfortable about flashing their flesh. The Delta Burke Nautical Grommet Accent Swimdress from Swim Wearing comes in a beautiful navy hue. It contains the line's signature PowerMesh tummy-control lining and pulls you in at the waist to accentuate your figure. The soft molded cup bra with encircled underband also provides full bust support.


Delta Burke skirtinis are ultra feminine and come in colorful and bold patterns. They're also finished off with stretchable, quick-drying fabric for convenience. A black skirtini from Poshmark has a playful black, blue, and white leaf print on the bodice. The color-blocking detail and open neckline is extremely slimming on plus size frames. It also has thick adjustable lingerie straps and full-coverage bottoms for comfort.


Shortinis are the androgynous version of skirtinis and ideal for those who like a bit more coverage. The Karma Tab style from Swim Wearing has a striking black, white, blue, and green tie dye print. With a tab front neckline, encircled shelf bra and soft molded cups, it hits the body mid-thigh and instantly slims down your silhouette.

Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews of Delta Burke Swimwear are extremely positive.


Buyers of the swimwear are pleased that each piece is manufactured from high quality fabrics and materials. The swimsuits are super comfortable to wear with a great fit. They're very slimming and attractive to boot.


Among customers who posted reviews online, only one main con emerged when the list first launched. The buy indicated that "Delta Burke Swimwear is nice, but pricey."

Shopping for Delta Burke Swimwear

Actress Delta Burke has a goal of making other women love what they see every time they look in the mirror. Her swimwear collection features a diverse range of shapes, designs, and colors to help the wearers do just that. Simply shop around and try out different options to find what works for you both in terms of your personal style and body shape.

Delta Burke Plus Size Swimwear Fashions