Different Types of Perms in Pictures

Different Types of Perms for Women


Women who want a head full of curls can opt for a perm to achieve their desired look. From loose waves to cascading curls, perms can create styles that will appeal to women of all ages. Once a perm is applied and complete, the hair stays in form for a minimum of eight weeks before it begins to relax, though the perm itself lasts until the hair grows out. Browse various perm pictures to find the type of curls you desire.

Natural Looking Curls


Don't let a head full of curls fool you. While plenty of people are blessed with curly locks, others have to achieve the texture by way of a chemical permanent. To get the look of natural curls, stylists can use rods in different shapes and sizes.

Finger Waves


This classic perm looks vintage and wavy. This curly look can be achieved with a speciality perm style such as a finger wave. It is best to let this style dry naturally. Excessive drying and using a comb or brush will make this type of perm look frizzy. Using a serum with argon oil will keep your waves looking soft and defined.

Pin Curl Perm


The classic curl perm is a retro-style, often referred to as a pin curl, and Hollywood beauties ranging from young Shirley Temple to Geena Davis have sported this style throughout the 1900s. It's a perfect solution for adding volume to thin, lank hair, and it's easy to style on the go by simply running the fingers through the curls to separate them. This type of perm results in bouncy, loose curls with lots of body and movement.

Spiral Curls


A spiral perm creates tons of tight, well-defined spiral curls that have both bounce and movement. This type of perm works best with long hair and uses longer rods. Remember that hair shrinks a bit with a perm, so let it grow to below your desired length prior to perming.

Spot Perm


Transforming an individual's image instantly is easy to do with a spot perm. Stylists perm targeted sections of the hair to create a specific look such as curls on top of the head. These perms add lift to the roots and make the hair look thicker and more luxurious.

Modern Style


Perms don't have to be old fashioned. Adding texture to the bottom half of this style with a basic perm creates a modern and edgy shape. The hair can be blow dried smooth in the front for a sleek look and left wavy on the back and sides for a modern look and feel.

Loose Waves


A body wave can create loose waves along with volume. This style is achieved by using large perm rods. Wavy hair can be styled simply by applying some leave-in conditioner or light gel and allowing hair to dry naturally. To create a look with more volume, use a blow dryer.

Partial Perm


Partial spiral perms add curls and texture to the lower strands of the hair. The upper part of the hair is left straight to create a smooth texture. This type of perm works well for medium to long hair and adds a sexy, soft look to any style.

Short and Bouncy


Shorter styles can look great with a perm. Bouncy curls can look romantic and sexy and require very little effort. Many shorter styles can be simply washed and air dried. Add some mousse or gel and you are ready to go.

Gentle Wavy Perm


A gentle wavy perm is the route to go to create a mane of soft, natural-looking wavy curls. Large perm rollers are used to create gentle waves, adding body and volume without looking artificial. These perms look best afterwards when the hair is allowed to air dry to avoid frizzing. Because this perm reduces the emphasis on the curl and puts the focus on the hair, it's the perfect way to highlight long, flowing locks of hair.

Root Perm


Root perms are the best answer for adding lift to the roots of a person's hair because the hair appears to have more volume, height and texture. This perm is indicated for those with short, flat hair who want their hair to look fuller. Because chemicals are applied only to the roots, it is much better for the hair than some other types of perms.

Multi-Texture Perm


Multi-textured perms replicate the look of naturally curly hair and create the illusion of multiple layers and thicker, fuller hair. Stylists create this look using a combination of small and large perm rods. The result is a cascade of loose, easy-to-style curls. This perm is ideal for long hair and adds movement and buoyancy to limp, lank locks.

Classic Up-Do for Permed Hair


A classic updo is flattering for all face shapes and is easy to do at home on hair that has been partially permed to add curls to the bottom section of hair. Gather hair in hand as if to make a ponytail. Twist hair around to cover the crown and secure with pins. Gently tease out individual curls and arrange them on top of the head or cascading down the crown. Secure stray or loose hairs with a fine mist of hair spray.

Flatter Your Color


Whether you are a beautiful brunette, a vivacious redhead, or a sexy blonde, perms add an inarguable charm for just about everyone. Curls can go with basically any style and work well for women of all ages. With many different styles of perms, finding your signature curly look is easy!

Different Types of Perms in Pictures