Eight Timeless Sunglasses Styles

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The eight timeless sunglasses styles are the ones that calmly slide from one season to the next, from year to year, and even from decade to decade without too much effort or tweaking. They're some of the most universally flattering shades available.

The Eight Timeless Sunglasses Styles

1. Aviators

Aviators have several variations-double bridge, single bridge, gold, silver, bright and summery colors, and more. With this style, one thing remains the same: aviators are one of the most universally flattering shade styles ever. They look great on men, women, most face shapes, and all ages. For that reason, they're not going anywhere.

2. Oversized Frames

oversize glasses

No time for makeup? Crow's feet got you down? Want to glam your t-shirt and jeans for a coffee run? Looking a little haggard after a late night? Enter oversized frames. They cover everything you don't want seen without hinting at what's behind them (unless you choose to continue wearing them indoors; then others might know something's going on).

3. Ray Ban Wayfarers

Movies of the 80s made the Ray Ban Wayfarers a mainstay in the sunglasses world. They're typically seen in all black, which is flattering on most skin tones, but there have been other variations through the years. The Wayfarer is another unisex style that doesn't look out of place on members of any age group. If you're not one to spend money on designer sunglasses, don't despair. There are replicas almost everywhere you turn.

4. Wrap styles

Wrap style sunglasses are often sporty, but sometimes glam. They hug your face and often offer more UV protection than other sunglass styles. This is because they tend to be wide at the temples, blocking the sun from coming in around the sides of the lenses.

5. Clip-on Sunglasses

Will convenience ever go out of style? Nah. Will the urge to save money ever end? Probably not. That's why clip-on sunglasses of all kinds are so timeless. Once you find a flattering eyeglass frame that comes with clip-on sunglasses, you don't have to worry about the search for the perfect pair of sunglasses. They're already there. They're also lightweight and can be conveniently slipped into a t-shirt pocket while you're out running errands and alternating between clear lenses and sunglasses.

6. Low-shine Metal Frames

aviators with metal frames

While different colors are in and out with the trends of the season, low-shine metal frames are classics. Gold, bronze, copper, silver, and pewter work well on men and women of any age. The low shine keeps them looking inconspicuous, easily transitioning with the seasons. Choose the metal that works best with your wardrobe palette and your coloring. If you frequently wear jewel tones, black, navy, or pure white, for example, you'll probably look best in silver or pewter frames. If you prefer earth tones, gold, copper, or brown may be your best pick.

7. Black, Gray, Brown, and Amber

Lenses in rainbow tones are fun to wear. Some are quite functional - even preferable - for certain sports. Some of the most versatile lenses are gray and amber, while black, brown, and tortoiseshell are among the most universally flattering frame colors. Double up and get another classic style like the Wayfarer or oversized sunglasses in black with gray lenses or aviators in muted gold with amber lenses.

8. Cat Eye

This retro style often makes females happy. Why? The shape gives an instant lift to the face and offers a sexy, exotic vibe. Pair these with bright lips and you may suddenly feel as if you can conquer the world.

Effortless Style Any Time

All eight timeless sunglasses styles may not have a place in your stash, but choosing one or two will allow you to pull off effortless style without scrambling to go shopping with the shifting seasons, or even from year to year. Choose to invest in a designer pair that won't be going anywhere for years, or pick up a replica, and you probably won't even have to think about your eyewear on an everyday basis. Slip them on and look instantly chic.

Eight Timeless Sunglasses Styles