Fashion for Inverted Body Shape

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Fashion for inverted body shapes is easier to describe than to find, but when you head into the store with a few tricks, shopping won't be so bad. Take a look and get some hints that even help you shop online.

What Is an Inverted Body Type?

Inverted triangle body types are characterized by the shoulders and upper body being larger than the hips. Characteristics of the inverted body type typically include:

  • A fuller bust or a wider torso
  • Toned legs
  • Narrow hips

Get Ideas for Fashion for the Inverted Body Shape

Use these tips for your next shopping session.

Tops and Jackets

  • Play with any type of sleeve, especially three-quarter ones that will draw attention away from the shoulders right away.
  • One-button jackets are extremely flattering. Avoid jackets with bigger lapels and busy details.
  • Asymmetrical necklines can flatter a pair of wider shoulders, and even add the illusion of more proportional hips.
  • Choosing vertical stripes on a blouse or top will trim your upper section.
  • Wide-strapped tank tops complement an inverted triangle shape nicely.
  • Avoid bell sleeves or sleeves with gathered edges.
  • Add emphasis to your lower half with brighter colors and patterns, while choosing a solid up top.
  • Aim for neutral shirts, but don't get too boring. You can find shirts with design details like wraps, interesting collar touches, and neat little cuffs.

Pants and Skirts

  • Wide-leg pants are a good choice to add width and balance to the upper half. If you pick them with a higher waistband, your legs will look longer than ever.
  • Consider jeans or corduroys with a lighter color to make you look more even.
  • Slightly flared pants can match your bust perfectly if you have a fuller chest.
  • If you don't want to wear a patterned bottom, go for a lighter-colored pair of pants or a skirt instead.
  • Play around with pants, because you have an athletic bottom half to show off. Play around with different styles of trousers to see what flatters you best--you might be surprised.
  • Even when you wear monochromatic outfits, try to wear lighter colors down below.
  • Hunt down skirts with details and embellishments.
  • Go for voluminous skirts with tiers and other wide panels, which can balance out your shoulders in no time. Look for gypsy styles as well as breezy selections for spring and summer.


  • Frocks can be tough to pull off, but if you select less tailored and/or severe items, you might find that the look irons itself out a little better.
  • Tie a fabric sash loosely around your waist.
  • If you are tall enough, try a dropped waist look to de-emphasize the upper body area.

What Are Some Mistakes You Can Make as an Inverted Triangle?

If you're currently dressing with abandon, you've probably found that some pieces simply look better than others. Your first attempt at finding fashion for the inverted body shape has to come from a little research and a lot of thinking, and not wishing that your body was more shapely, firmer or differently proportioned.

When you get to the shopping part, don't let your friends convince you that you need to buy certain pieces, just because each piece is attractive or a great deal. No matter how awesome that item is, be sure to keep your shape in mind, or you'll have a wardrobe full of clothes you've never worn.

Where to Shop

Here are some stores that offer specific advice for the inverted triangle body type.

  • Shop Your Shape marketplace helps you choose your body type, and then pick selected items to flatter.
  • I Love Jeans has body fit tips for a multitude of types.
  • IGIGI offers specific fitting suggestions for sizes 12 and up.
Fashion for Inverted Body Shape