13 Beautiful Opal Jewelry Images to Inspire You

Published August 6, 2018

Finding Opal Jewelry


There are many different types of opal jewelry. Whether you're looking for diamond combinations or costume pieces, you can find opal jewelry just about anywhere. The following pictures will give you the inspiration you need to check your local jewelry stores and high street chains for lookalikes.

Gold Flower Pendant Necklace


This beautiful gold pendant sits on a gold rope chain and is undeniably striking. It features one large light opal surrounded by eight smaller opals, which have been arranged to look like an open flower bud. Showcasing blue and pink tones when it catches the light, this pendant necklace is a great everyday piece for spring/summer.

Multiple Opal Rose Gold Ring


This gorgeous ring has a rose gold setting, tapping into the rose gold jewelry trend of recent years. Just as feminine as it is bold, it contains three different hued opals in a horizontal setting. The blue tone takes center stage, with a pink-colored opal on one side and the milky white opal on the other. The diamante detail, coupled with the engraving around the opals, makes for a unique yet incredibly stylish piece.

Black Opal Bracelet


Ideal for dressing up your LBD (Little Black Dress) for a night on the town or smart casual dinner, this black opal bracelet has sparkly green tones that are sure to impress. Whether you wear it alone or combined with silver sparkly jewelry, it will instantly add a fashion-forward, contemporary twist to your outfit.

Silver Opal Ring


This stunning silver ring features a giant opal that's milky white and has a three-diamond cluster either side of it. The elaborate yet elegant aesthetic produces a breathtaking piece that's perfect for a formal occasion.

Feminine Opal Earrings


Super cute for everyday wear, these studded opal earrings contain a multitude of hues, such as pink, purple, blue, and gold. The opals are arranged in such a way that they replicate the open bud of a flower. Dainty and pretty, these earrings complement an outfit in any color palette.

Blue Opal Ring


For Harry Potter fans or those who love a bit of magic, this majestic-style ring features a large blue opal with a gold swirl detailing. Within the two swirls encasing the opal, there are also diamonds for added sparkle. Not for the faint-hearted, this ring will inject some personality and fun into a casual or semi-formal outfit.

Clear Opal Bracelet


Cool, raw, and understated, this bracelet features a few opals that are almost translucent in between jagged orange stones and silver beading. Giving off serious natural vibes, it's a great jewelry staple for everyday occasions.

Gold Chain Opal Necklace


For those who adore glitz and glamor, this should be your necklace of choice for a wedding or special occasion. Featuring numerous light round opals encased in diamonds on a gold chain, this exquisite jewelry piece makes the ultimate style statement.

Dangle Opal Earrings


These dangle opal earrings are the height of sophistication. Even though they only feature one-diamond shaped blue-toned opal surrounded by tiny diamonds in a gold casing, they're powerfully alluring. Wear them with a silk or chiffon top or dress to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Matrix Opal Choker


This simple silver choker has a matrix opal at its helm. A matrix opal is created when there have been pores or holes between grains of the host rock in which it was formed. The result is a diverse, quirky-looking aesthetic. This version has a blue tone, which perfectly complements the silver choker band to produce a fun, everyday jewelry piece.

White Opal Ring


Simple yet effective, this gold ring features a singular white opal that has been encased in a cutout pattern. The gold band has also been brushed to create a rustic, medieval-style jewelry piece that would particularly suit vintage fashionistas.

Boho-Style Opal Earrings


These dangle silver earrings have a geometric design featuring three dark blue-toned opals. Their bohemian style would look fabulous in the summer when teamed with a floaty maxi dress or a top and jeans combo with bell bottom sleeves and hems. (Hippie headband optional.)

Opal Necklace and Rings Set


If you're searching for something a little more graceful for a formal event, look no further! This standout necklace and rings set is guaranteed to turn heads. The heavenly necklace features a tear-shaped opal with flecks of blue, green, and orange surrounded by diamonds on a diamond-encrusted silver chain. Then the corresponding rings are similar in hue but differ in style to serve as a point of variation. Tres chic!

When opals feature in jewelry, they can produce a range of distinctive and attractive pieces. Opal jewelry is also versatile and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Experiment to discover what works for your personal style.

13 Beautiful Opal Jewelry Images to Inspire You