14 Large Beach Bags With Cute, Coastal Styles You'll Love

Updated April 7, 2021
Bag with towel, book and sunglasses on empty beach

Summer means it's time a new wardrobe and new beach accessories, and a large beach bag is a smart choice for those who need to haul many items to the beach or pool. There are numerous options for finding a bag that will be both durable and fun to carry.

Shopping for Large Beach Bags

Check out some of the most popular types of huge bags for the beach along with where to buy them.

Mesh Beach Bags

Consider a mesh beach bag to carry all your essentials in. You can stash towels, toys, a change of clothes, and more into a giant mesh bag. Many fold away and can be stored in a pouch. A mesh design is ideal for the beach since you can just shake out all the sand post-beach fun. Mesh also makes the bag lightweight and easy to carry.

Aqua Jogger Mesh Bag

Epic Sports carries the AquaJogger Large Mesh Bag. The large, bright blue bag measures 24" x 24", has a drawstring toggle closure, and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. It is quick-drying and folds up when not in use. This bag is also affordable, retailing for under $12.

Dolphin Bags

The Dolphin Bags from Saltwater Canvas are popular mesh styles that at 13" x 12.5" are large enough to hold your beach towels and sunscreen, sand toys, and your summer reading materials. These bags are available in fun, bright colors that you can custom pick when you order. They retail for under $30.

Bulex Extra Large Mesh Tote

The Bulex Extra Large Mesh Tote, available on Amazon for under $20, is huge! It boasts tons of room, measuring 30" across and is perfect for a large family who is ready to hit the sand and surf. The mesh material makes it simple to clean and easy to store when not in use. The bag contains plenty of pockets, including a waterproof one for items that need to stay clean and dry.

Backpack Beach Bags

Another option if you have a lot of items to carry is to purchase a large backpack. While this won't look like your traditional beach bag, you can often find some with sailing and nautical themes or ones done in a bright color. There are many advantages to carrying a backpack instead of the tote style of a traditional beach bag, such as having both hands free and making it easier to carry a lot of weight without straining your back.

Woman with striped backpack by sea wearing a sunhat

Zuma Cooler Backpack

Several well-known brick and mortar stores, like Kohls, carry the Zuma Cooler Backpack. This bag is done with two sections: an insulated compartment and a mesh section. It can keep food items hot or cold and store all your beach necessities such as towels, clothing, and games. It also has a large zipper pocket to keep items safe and secure. This brand of backpack measures 19" x 11" and retails for about $40.

Vera Bradley Beachy Backpack

Vera Bradley makes a beachy backpack that acts as part cooler, part backpack. All of your drinks and snacks will be kept perfectly frosty inside this handy 10.5 x 16" bag. The material is derived from recycled plastics, it's lightweight, soft, and durable. This bag might cost $85, but it will last for years to come.

Vera Bradley Cooler Backpack

Chebeague Convertible Bucket Bag

The Chebeague Convertible Bucket Bag is a combination of a bucket purse and a backpack. The stylish bag screams nautical and can be used by men and women who need to cart their personals around seaside. It measures 11" x 7" and retails for around $150.

Straw Beach Bags

Straw bags are great for the summer since they are light and stylish to carry. This style of bag works well for the beach and can be found in a variety of looks. Some are plain and simple, while others boast more complex designs that promise to make life easier for heavy packers, mothers of little ones, and anyone who needs the extra space. Straw bags also come in a range of prices and designs.

Straw hat lies on white-sand beach beside blue straw bag

Hat Attack Staw Tote

The Hat Attack stripe straw tote is simple, yet sophisticated. It is meant to compliment just about any bathing suit style and will hold all of your personal items while you play in the sun and water. It's super roomy and retails for just over $100.

Mark & Graham

Mark & Graham know how to make a bag, and they prove this with the Ribbon Straw Beach Tote. This beautiful straw bag has 3 different selections for ribbon handle colors and can be personalized with initials. It measures 19" x 11" and retails for just under $80.

Hibala Large Straw Tote

At about 20"×12"×8", the Hibala Large Straw Tote has tons of open space for beach items. Its design is clean and classy, and the pops of bright tassel colors give the bag a bit of summer flair. This straw tote retails for just under $30 and can be found on Amazon.

Huge Totes

There are many huge tote bags on the market that aren't necessarily meant to be used as beach bags but can still serve that purpose. So long as the tote is strong and sturdy, large, and easy to clean, it can be used as a beach bag.

Beach Bag and Sandals

Bang&Carsen Extra Large Beach Tote

The Bang&Carsen extra large beach tote is a huge beach tote sold on Amazon. This bag is durable and waterproof and has long handles that can be carried on the shoulder. This 23" x 17" tote is great for the beach, pool, and outdoor events. It's available with either dark navy or bright blue stripes and retails for $28.88.

Lands End Open Top Canvas Tote

If you are in the market for an extra-large beach tote, then the Land's End Open Top Canvas Tote is a prime choice. At 27" x 10" and 17" deep, there is ample room for all of your beach needs. Buyers can choose from several colors and patterns and customize the shoulder straps to fit their preference for shorter or longer styles. This sturdy bag, which claims to have to ability to hold up to 500 pounds worth of weight, retails for about $35.

Warden Tote

Isabel Marant makes a beach tote known as the Warden Tote, and it is a boss beach bag. The colors are soft yet vibrant, the bag is made from a nylon weave, and it's plenty large, measuring nearly 19" across, 11" deep, and 13" wide. This high-end designer beach bag retails for $285, pricey for a beach tote, but likely all the beach bag that you will ever need.

Wennemole Large Tote

The Wennemole Large Tote, sold on Amazon for just under $24, is sturdy and large, measuring 14.6 x 15.4 x 4.7. Each side of the bag contains a mesh pocket for extra storage and inside. Owners will find plenty of additional storage with the bag's backside zipper pocket, two inner open pockets, and one large inner zippered pocket.

JW Anderson Anchor Tote

Go big or go home with the JW Anderson Anchor Tote. Measuring 11.75" x 18.5" x 9.5in, the stylish bag will be your go-to item for trips to the pool or the beach. This bag is definitely an investment piece, retailing at $530.

Isabella Charlotta Poppius carries a J.W Anderson bag

Perfect for Summer

Giant bags for the beach are the perfect summer accessory and easily found in just about any retail store or online handbag site once there is even a hint of warm weather. The selection is wide, so knowing what you want before you shop can save time, money, and disappointment.

14 Large Beach Bags With Cute, Coastal Styles You'll Love