Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women

Flattering Short Cuts for Plus Sizes

When looking at a haircut for a plus size woman, one must look at the total person. Talk to your hair stylist to find the best styles for your specific type of hair, taking into consideration its overall appearance, as well as its condition, texture and the length you would like. Short hair cuts are very versatile, and there are may different looks that flatter plus size ladies.

Short Curly Bob

Short hair (including bobs of every length and texture) is very flattering for many plus size women. Make sure to get a good hair cut that is shaped and styled the right way, such as this short bob with unbelievable volume on top (notice that the fullness is above the fullest part of her face, not even with it).

Have your stylist walk you through the styling process during and after your cut so you're able to replicate your new look at home.

Short Curly Hair

If your hair is naturally wavy or curly and you don't like to straighten it, your options may be limited. You want to make sure your hair isn't so long that it constantly looks wind-blown. Your hairdresser may recommend a bob style right above the shoulders. Use a glossing cream to play up the waves and keep them from looking unruly.

Cropped African-American Hair

Seek the help of a stylist who has experience working with the texture of African-American hair when it's time to try a new style. Anything from a cropped style to natural micro braids may be a perfect complement for your face shape and body type, and a skilled stylist will enable you to celebrate your personal style with a flattering length.

A close-cropped look like this one is hassle-free and shows off your facial features.

Opt for High Style

This particular hair cut shows the importance of some lift at the top of the head; it creates an illusion of height and complements a round face. Finish with a glossing serum for a shiny, chic finish.

Working with Straight Hair

Plus size women with straight hair (thick or thin) should opt for a hairstyle with a little bit of volume. You don't want to go too long as it could "drag down" your face and make you look older and tired. Thin hair will especially get a boost when cut shorter, and it will instantly look fuller and healthier.

If your hair is thick, you can afford an extra inch or two of length if you'd prefer, but don't go too far past the shoulders. Subtle layering around the bottom could ensure that the shape is flattering against a round face. A blunt style on thick hair could add width.

Stylish Pixie Cut

The length of your hair should complement your face, not hide it. This short pixie cut with longer, sideswept bangs shows off the model's features beautifully, as it complements her face shape. This great-looking style can be worn straight or slightly tousled for a different effect. Dress it up with sparkling clips or extravagant headbands.

All-Over Curls

Curls aren't off-limits when you're plus-size. They look gorgeous and delicate. Just be sure to maintain your style with regular trims so the curls stay close to the sides of your face, not too far out on either side (also known as the dreaded "triangle head").

Chic Bob with Bangs

This chic bob with bangs puts all attention on your gorgeous features. The angled shape will give the illusion of a slimmer face, and the short, blunt bangs will give you an edgy look and help you stand out from all the other girls wearing angled bobs.

Elegant Updo

Get in touch with your feminine side with this soft, elegant updo with face-framing tendrils and volume on top. Waves and curls look beautiful on everyone, and the height at the top paired with the wavy sections of hair along the sides of the face are perfect for fuller cheeks.

This works best on a longer bob. To create the look:

  • Tease the hair on top, then smooth it and some hair from the sides back (as if you were doing a half-updo) and secure it with crisscrossed bobby pins similar to your hair color.
  • Then, simply curl the ends of your hair from the middle down in one- to- two-inch sections. Pull those curls toward the back, one at a time, and pin in them in place.
  • Once you've arranged the curls how you like them, use strong hold hairspray to secure the style.

The Versatile, Classic Bob

If you're craving a little drama paired with a low-maintenance style, then take a traditional bob and give it a twist with deep, dark color, then create contrast with your makeup and clothing choices. It's easy to play around with how relaxed or bold your look is when you have such a versatile hairstyle.

A chin-length bob that frames your face is often a good bet. Make sure the ends fall above or below the fullest part of your face.

Bobs Get a Lift with Face Framing Layers

A bob with face framing layers that fall right where your best features are (in this case, the shortest layer brings out the model's eyes) can really play up your natural beauty. You may find yourself needing less makeup simply because your hair does all the work. Keep the ends of the layers away from the fullest part of your face because they can add bulk and width to that area.

Swept Up, Spiky Drama

Full-figured ladies can pull off the swept up, spiky styles like no other. The softness of the face provides the contrast needed to balance the angles of this type of hairstyle. Style it up with a flexible-hold gel for shine and hold, then watch heads turn.

Platinum Curls

Who better to emulate than the most well-known, curvy vixen herself, Marilyn Monroe? Pair a curly platinum bob with bold lips and jewelry to celebrate your sensual side. You'll look great with thin headbands or clips when you want to keep stray curls out of your eyes during the day.

Layered With Bangs for All Ages

Layers and bangs can add angles to your face. Find a stylist who can cut not-so-blunt, sideswept bangs for a soft look. This cut looks beautiful on all ages, and you can dress it up with highlights, funky colors, clips, or headbands. Be sure you have a flat iron and some heat protectant spray on hand to get the most out of your layers.

Carefree and Beachy

Who doesn't love easy, beachy hair that's fun, flirty, and totally carefree? Make sure your layers are cut so that the pieces flip out above or below the fullest part of your face to avoid adding more width there. This is a wash-and-go style for the most part. You may like using a texturizing spray for the maximum effect.

Tight Ringlets

Texture is beautiful regardless of hair type or length, and tiny ringlets are one way to get head-turning style. If this is your natural texture, don't fight it. Instead, have your hair cut short enough to maximize it. Curly hair tends to be on the dry side, so keep an oil (argan, coconut, etc) around to moisturize when necessary. This type of style will work well on any face shape.

Many Great Options

A short hair cut can be very flattering to the plus size woman, so long as it flatters her face shape. Don't forget to consider your attitude and overall style. Have fun with your look! From classic bobs to trendy pixie cuts, there's an appropriate choice for everyone.

If you really are unsure about what you want, go window shopping with wigs or try a virtual makeover. You can also as your stylist for suggestions. Finally, if you decide short hair just isn't for you, there are several beautiful long plus size styles to consider.

Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women