Hairstyles for Women With Big Noses: 7 Flattering Looks

pretty woman with beautiful hair and larger nose

If you're hard pressed to find the right hairstyle, rest assured there are many styles that flatter your attributes and offer balance to your features. Hairstyles for women with big noses can be equally as hip and stylish as the rest, and you can either choose to emphasize your nose's shape or select a cut that flatters it and helps to balance it with the other features on your face.

Flattering Styles

Once you've got the list of what to avoid, it's time to move into hair style ideas that will flatter your features. Hair style magazines are a great place to find inspiration. Keep in mind that the following tips will help balance a large nose.


Layered hair style will add softness to your features while creating visual interest that distracts the eye from focusing on a prominent nose. Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles are usually layered and soft, whether wavy or straight, and take the emphasis off of her nose.

blonde layered hair

Soft Waves and Curls

Waves and curls widen the face, which in turn shrinks the nose. Set hair in rollers or opt for a loose perm to create visual softness. Think of Giselle Bundchen's waves.

Woman with wavy hair holding fan


Unique and edgy hair color makes your style, rather than your nose, the focus. Find a colorist who has some great ideas to make your hairstyle edgy, without breaking up the soft cut.

edgy blue hair


Generally medium to long hair works best on women with large noses. A longer style also allows you the freedom to play with rollers and updo styles which will add volume elsewhere when you need it.

Medium length hairstyle


Side-swept bangs will take some of the attention off of the nose and soften the facial features overall. Blunt bangs, however, could draw more attention to the nose. Lea Michele is a good example of how side-swept bangs can flatter someone with a prominent nose.

straight layered hair with side bangs

Pixie Cut

If you love your nose and want to showcase your profile, you can always choose a pixie cut. It works well for Liza Minnelli.

Woman with pixie haircut

Side Parts

In order to take some of the emphasis off of a large nose, part your hair to one side. A center part draws the eye vertically, putting the nose front and center. This works regardless of the hair's length, and even a very slight shift in the positioning of the part can make a difference.

Smiling woman with hair parted on side

What to Avoid

If you're certain you'd like a style that minimizes the appearance of a large nose, the following tips are pertinent to keep in mind.

  • Consider short hair styles carefully. Although cute, many pixie style hair cuts won't minimize the appearance of a large nose. Only choose a super-short cut if you are comfortable with fully showcasing your facial features as seen above.
  • Watch the blunt bangs. Hair styles with bangs create breaks in the face, though placing a bang strategically can work wonders on the face. Not only can an artistically placed bang lengthen the face, it can also widen it, shorten it, slenderize it, and emphasize features. Be careful what features you highlight as you create a visual break.
  • Watch sharp edges. Your haircut should be soft and blended rather than edgy and straight.
  • Avoid flat hair. While straight, sleek hair styles are a popular of the moment hair style, flat and limp locks can emphasize a large nose.

Come to Terms

No matter the cut, the success of any style - including hairstyles for women with big noses - boils down to wearability. If you feel comfortable sporting a style that may or may not enhance your nose shape, then by all means, wear it. The most beautiful feature anyone can have is acceptance. Once you've come to terms with all your unique traits, you'll find yourself able to take on any hair style with confidence.

Hairstyles for Women With Big Noses: 7 Flattering Looks