Hairstyles for Women Over 50 With Glasses

Published October 1, 2018
Black glasses and shoulder length hairstyle

If you're an eyeglasses wearer over 50 and fancy a new hairstyle, it can be difficult to decide what to go for. After all, it has to suit your face shape as well as the hue and style of your spectacles. However, there are many different haircuts available that can help you look and feel more confident in your glasses.

Sleek Blonde Bob

Smooth and undeniably chic, this sleek blonde bob is ideal for balancing out oval face shapes and oversized glasses. It features layered ends to add dimension to hair of thin or medium thicknesses. You can either blow dry it straight or tuck the ends under with straightening irons to showcase the subtle yet stylish layers in all their glory.

Woman with glasses and blonde bob

Loose Brunette Curls

If you have a diamond or heart face silhouette, you might want to counteract those angular lines with a long and loose curly hairstyle in a soft color like auburn or warm honey. Furthermore, to disguise a wide forehead that's usually associated with these face shapes, try incorporating a sweeping side fringe with small, understated frames.

Loose brunette curls and glasses

Fun Pixie Cut

If you like to wear bold statement glasses, then why not let them stand out and do the talking by opting for a shorter hairdo? However, make sure the style is just as fun as your specs to balance your look. You can achieve this with a unique pixie cut that's longer at the front than the back with an asymmetric fringe and then simply sit back and wait for the complements to roll in.

glasses with fun pixie cut

Tight Curly Lob

If you have naturally curly hair that often has a mind of its own and love to wear anything colorful, consider a vibrant red hair hue with frames that clash spectacularly. However, in terms of style, be sure to choose a lengthier cut like a lob (long bob). This is because growing your mane down instead of outwards will keep it under control in terms of voluminosity. If you do end up struggling with a bit of frizz, you can merely apply a smoothing cream or gel daily to tame your tresses and eliminate any flyaways.

Woman with curly lob and glasses

Straight and Natural

If you're searching for a natural, edgy aesthetic, then look no further! Embrace your inner nerd with Harry Potter-style round glasses complete with long grey straight hair achieved with straightening irons. This is particularly suited to heart or diamond face shapes as a way of underemphasizing any harsh lines. Avoid it if you have an oval silhouette as this combination will only make it look longer.

Woman with straight hair wearing glasses

Red Shag Crop

Ideal for round face shapes, the shag crop consists of both texture and volume that will minimize any circular lines. If it's an all-over solid hue like red, brown, or black and paired with a complementary pair of glasses? Even better--it will ensure that you will stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons. Avoid your shag hair from lying flat on your head by applying texture paste or powder before you leave the house everyday and giving it a good old ruffle.

Woman with red shaggy crop

Shaped Black Layers

If you want to add depth and lustre to a long black hairstyle that will co-ordinate with simple yet elegant spectacles, consider implementing lengthy layers on your ends. Be sure to request that your hairdresser focuses on the front section to effectively frame your facial silhouette and balance out the shape of your frames.

Eyeglasses with shaped layered hairstyle

Long and Glam Highlights

To create dimensional tone in your locks that looks ultra glamorous with glasses, consider lengthy highlights in a hue that matches your frames. Perfect for those women who like to rock different looks, the beauty of long hair is that it's so versatile. Whether you wear it smooth or choose to tousle it with curling irons, this style is youthful, feminine, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Long glam hairstyle with eyeglasses

Short Ombre

If you're looking for a neat, refined hairdo that's easy to maintain and style, try an ombre or balayage color effect. This is where your tresses consist of a natural-looking gradient from one color to another, like brunette to blonde. Keep the cut in a short, no-fuss style that skims your chin to flatter your facial silhouette. Then and add a pop of color through standout frames in an eye-catching hue or pattern.

Woman wearing ombre hairstyle and eyeglasses

Finding What Suits

Fashionable hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses can be easy to find, but they're not guaranteed to work for everyone. It's a good idea to try out different options to find out what suits you best in terms of your face shape, complexion, and personal preferences.

Hairstyles for Women Over 50 With Glasses