Holiday Hairstyles for Seniors

Updated September 18, 2019

Holiday Hairstyles for Seniors

The parties. The family. The food. The outfits. The hairdos. As the holiday season arrives, seniors might think about rocking a new hairstyle. Maybe you just want to look unusually special for your family, or maybe you have special events to attend. No matter your reasons, there are some great hairstyles for older women available. Find your new holiday look today, like the soft updo shown that is simultaneously elegant and carefree.

Soft and Romantic

Longer locks look lovely parted down the middle. Soft waves add a touch of softness and romance, perfect for an outing with your signifiant other. This look requires shoulder-length or longer hair. Ask your hairdresser for some long layers, and style it by using a volumizing product to add volume at the crown. Blow dry hair with a diffuser, then use a large-barreled curling iron to gently turn the ends of the hair under. Brush through when cool for a look that's full of vibrant movement.

Terrifically Tousled

This slightly tousled look gives hair a bit of volume and works well for shorter hair cuts. The bangs and sides of the hair are lifted up and blown back (use your blow dryer on a low setting, lifting the hair up and out with a brush as you dry. Smooth it down with a brush, but then use a small amount on styling serum and with you fingertips give the edges a slightly tousled look. The look is more youthful than a severe hair style that is perfectly in place.

Sometimes Less Is More

You know what they say: "If you emphasize everything, you emphasize nothing." If you choose to wear heavier or brighter makeup, be subtle with your hair style. A one-length cut looks beautiful with a few soft waves. You can get light waves like this by setting damp hair with a few oversize foam rollers, using a flat iron and gently twisting through sections of hair, or lightly curling using a large curling iron. Brush or finger-comb when done. A look like this with volume at the chin also works well to off set a wider forehead.

Face-Framing Highlights

Draw attention to your beautiful eyes or high cheekbones with bangs and face-framing highlights. Ask your hairdresser to highlight light brown hair with some face-framing layers in an ash or champagne blonde. To style a short hair cut like this, apply mousse or volumizing spray, and blow dry starting with the hair underneath first, then work your way to the top. Smooth the top portion slightly, then turn the ends of the hair under with a round brush to give it shape.

Versatile Pixie

With the ability to look either elegant or flirty, the pixie cut is extremely versatile. For a polished, sophisticated look, sleek your hair back or part it to one side. Use a small amount of light-hold pomade to create the shape. This will allow it to sleek but still light and lively without being too stiff.

Beautiful Natural Curls

Elevate your natural curls by applying a product designed to help shape and enhance curls. To get volume at the top, lightly tease the hair back at one corner of the forehead, then pull some curls down towards the other side so it's a gentle arc. Many experts suggest that senior hair styles with movement and volume lend youthfulness, so look for ways to enhance the natural movement of your hair while still keeping it in a stylish shape for your holiday events.

Sleek Timeless Bob

If there's one look that looks good on everyone and that will probably never go out of style, it's the bob. This cut is universally flattering, but ask your stylist which length and finish best suits you. A chin-length bob is a good bet for many hair types and face shapes, and can be easily styled into a sleek holiday look. Part the hair on the side, and blow dry it at a downward angle (since this look is more sleek you will be less concerned with creating volume.) Gently turn hair under with a round brush at the end, and finish with a light-hold hairspray to keep it in place.

Pretty High Bun

If you are looking for an easy holiday updo, a high bun can be a great option for mature ladies. It can be done with both thin and thick hair, but it will need to be at least chin length or longer. If your hair is thin, add a volumizing product to the front and sides of the hair and gently blow dry to give it some extra fullness. Pull the back of the hair up towards the crowd, form in a soft bun shape, and secure with bobby pins. If you have longer hair, you may need to secure the bun in an elastic and then tuck edges in with bobby pins. Mist with a light-hold hair spray to set the style.

Low Bun With Headband

If you don't like high buns, or have thicker hair, a low bun could be a great choice. Create a low bun at the base of the neck and secure with a barrette or hair elastic and bobby pins. If you have bangs, curl them under slightly and place a decorative headband just behind the bangs. You can also wear it without bangs; in that case place the headband slighty behind the front of the pulled back hair so it's off your forehead.

Loose Curls With Side Part

To get a fun and festive looks with curls, create a side part, and then use a medium-barrel curling iron to create twisty curls. Alternate the direction of the curling iron as you curl pieces of hair to give it a look with lots of movement and flair. Set with a light-hold hair spray.

Partial Pull-Back Look

A simple, yet sophisticated look for special events and holidays is a partially pulled back look. This is simple to do with chin-length hair or longer. If you have straight hair, you can curl the ends under slightly to add an extra touch to the look. Then, take the top section of the hair, pulling back the front and the sides towards the crown. Secure it with a pretty clip or barrette. Softly pull out the top of the hair so it's softer and not severely pulled back. Fluff the back of the hair and finish with a mico-mist or light hold spray.

Shoulder-Length Flip

A shoulder-length cut is a versatile choice. Make it special for the holidays by applying mousse, then use a curling iron to flip up the ends slightly. If you have bangs, sweep them to the side for a pretty style.

Center Part With Full Bangs

If you have longer hair and bangs, try a center part with full bangs (use a curling iron or blown dry them under with a round brush). Instead of having the hair straight beside the face, apply a styling serum and brush hair back away from the face on either side. The result is a soft part with lots of volume that soft and stylish.

Short Style With Volume at the Crown

A short style that's a bit longer than a traditional pixie cut, a look like this can be ideal for holidays when you style it right. Blow dry the top of the hair and brush it out slightly to get some volume at the top, and apply a light hold gel to the bangs and pieces of hair framing the face for a slightly piecey style.

Blown Back Short Style

Another great way to style shorter hair for a special occasion is to blow it back and have it swoop gently to the side. Apply a root booster or amplifier prior to blow dryer, and then blow dry back away from the face, brushing up and out to give the most volume. Create a center part, and gently smooth and shape so the hair slopes down slightly on either side of the face. This is a great look for thinning hair, because it give sthe illusion of thicker, more fuller hair.

Structured Curls With Root Height

A pretty, elegant look that would be fitting for a more formal occasion, structured curls with some height at the root are not difficult to achieve. Use a gel or styling serum that has a medium hold, and apply to hair that's been blown dry but is still slightly damp. Use a medium-size curling iron to create structured curls, turning the curling iron out and away from the face rather than inward. Lightly tease the front root to create height, and gently comb through the curls. Finish with a medium to high hold hair psray to keep your style intact.

Braided Top Knot

If you have long, thick hair, an updo style could be ideal for your holiday gatherings and events. Try creating a high, braided top knot for a stunning look. Leave out a small portion of hair at one side, and braid the rest of the hair in a large braid. Twist it up and around to create a top knot securing with hair stick or pins. Use the portion of hair that has been left out to create a smaller braid, then wrap that around the base of the braided knot to add interest. Secure with hair pins. Pull a few tendrils of hair out at the nape of the neck and along the sides (curl if you wish) to keep the style from looking to severe.

Classic Updo

Another updo option is a classic updo or chignon. The main aspect of this look is that is very sleek, making it ideal for formal holiday events. The updo can either by high, near the crown, or lower near the nape of the beck (chignon). These typically have a side part and some volume at the top of the head. You can also decide how loose or tight to make the updo, put it should keep its overall sleek and clean look. Most hairdressers can easily create a classic updo, or you can create one yourself. Apply pomade or hair serum, then make a side part. Comb or brush the hair neatly along th sides of the head. The hair on the top of the head should be pulled back slightly. Decide how high or low you want your updo, then secure in either a twist or sleek knot. Finish with medium of high-hold hair spray.

Long Ombre Hair With Sideswept bangs

The ombre hair trend (hair color from dark at the root to light at the ends) is appropriate for ladies of any age and can make a big impact for the holidays. It's also great if you want to cover grey. Most stylists are familiar with the ombre look, but you'll need to let he or she know how dark and light you want your shades to be. The look shown here, with dark roots and very light ends, is dramatic, but you can get a much more subtle look if you wish. Sideswept bangs and strategically placed curls can show off a stunning ombre look on long hair.

Short, Sleek, and Wavy

Mature ladies with naturally thick, wavy hair can benefit from taming their waves. A short to medium-length style with some light layers can help control the hair (if it's too thick, you can ask you hair stylish about thinning some of the hair as well). Apply a medium-hold gel, past, or pomade, and comb through the hair. Let it air dry to avoid adding more volume and keep the look sleek. Curl the ends so they turn up slightly.

Beautiful Holiday Hair Styles for Mature Woman

No matter what your age, you can look and feel great with a special-occasion hair styles that fits your personality and hair type. From simple styles like sleep pixie cuts to more extravagant updos, there are plenty of options that will work with your holiday outfits and events. From family gatherings to formal events, get inspiration for holiday hair styles that give you confidence!

Holiday Hairstyles for Seniors